Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. The bank has 39 branches in Hazaribagh district. The table below shows BOI Hazaribagh IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Hazaribagh

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Amrit Nagar BKID0005965 Near Amrit Nagar High School, Amrit Nagar, P. O. Korra H, Hazaribag - 825301
Hazaribagh , Jharkhand
2. BOI Badam BKID0004844 AT & Post Badamdistrict Hazaribagh, Badam (District Hazaribagh)
Badam (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
3. BOI Bantara BKID0004897 D. V. C. Chowk, Gola Roadp. O. Gola, District Hazaribagh, Bantara (District Hazaribagh)
Bantara (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
4. BOI Barhi BKID0004857 Dhanbad Roadbarhi, District Hazaribagh, Barhi (District Hazaribagh)
Barhi (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
5. BOI Barkagaon BKID0004821 AT & Post Barkagaondistrict Hazaribagh, Barkagaon (District Hazaribagh)
Barkagaon (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
6. BOI Bishnugarh BKID0004813 Post Bishnugarhdistrict Hazaribagh, Bishnugarh (District Hazaribagh)
Bishnugarh (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
7. BOI Central Processing Cell Hazaribagh BKID000CP44 Central Processing Celhazaribagh
Hazaribagh , Jharkhand
8. BOI Chandwara BKID0005881 AT Ranchi Patna Main Road, District Koderma, Chandwara
9. BOI Charhi BKID0004835 AT & Post Charhidistrict Hazaribagh, Charhi (District hazaribagh)
Charhi (dist.hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
10. BOI Chati Bazar Ramgarh BKID0005889 Bhanu Complex, Gola Road Chati Bazar Ramgarpo : Ramgarh Canttdist-ramgarh, Ramgarh (JD)
Ramgarh (jd) , Jharkhand
11. BOI Chauparan BKID0004803 G. T. Roadp. O. Chauparan, District Hazaribagh, Chauparan (District hazaribagh)
Chauparan (dist.hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
12. BOI Chitarpur BKID0005880 AT Po Chitarpurdist Ramgarh, Chittaranjan
13. BOI Chope BKID0004987 AT & P. O. Choupe, Choupe, Hazaribagh-825315, Jharkhand
14. BOI Dadpur - Hazaribagh BKID0004848 AT Maharajganjp. O. Dadpur, District Hazaribagh, Dadpur (District hazaribagh)
Dadpur (dist.hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
15. BOI Daru BKID0004979 AT & Po-darups Muffasil, District Hazaribag, Daru (District t Hazaribag) JD
Daru (distt Hazaribag) Jd , Jharkhand
16. BOI Demotand BKID0005876 AT & Po-demotanddist-hazaribag, Hazaribagh
17. BOI Gari Kalan BKID0004877 P. O. Gari Kalanvia Barkagaon, Gari Kalan (District Hazaribagh)
Gari Kalan (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
18. BOI Gidi BKID0004823 AT & Post Gidi-adistrict Hazaribagh, Gidi (District Hazaribagh)
Gidi (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
19. BOI Hazaribag Bazar BKID0004874 Bodam Bazar, Near Bara Akhara Chowkdist : Hazaribag, Hazaribagh - 825301
20. BOI Hazaribagh BKID0004810 New Zila Parishad Bhawanzila Parishad Mode, Hazaribagh
21. BOI Hurhuru BKID0005893 Hurhuru, Near Kali Mandirpo : Hazaribag, District Hazaribag, Hazaribagh
22. BOI Ichak More BKID0004938 AT & Po Ichak Moredistrict Hazaribag, Jharkhand. Tel. 06548 - 285004
Ichak More (jd)
23. BOI Kariatpur BKID0004884 Post Nagar Barsautvia Barhi, Kariatpur (District hazaribagh)
Kariatpur (dist.hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
24. BOI Keredari BKID0005969 Near Keredari Police Station, Post-keredari, Taluka/tehsil-keredar, Hazaribagh - 825311
25. BOI Korra BKID0004699 AT & Post Korra, Matwari Roaddistt Hazaribagh, Jharkhand Tel. 06546 - 222913
Korra (jd)
26. BOI Kuju BKID0004820 Kujudistrict Hazaribagh, Kuju (District Ramgarh Cantt)
Kuju (dist Ramgarh Cantt) , Jharkhand
27. BOI LDM Office Hazaribagh BKID000L044 LDM Office Hazaribag, Hazaribagh
28. BOI Mandu BKID0004831 AT & Post Mandudistrict Hazaribagh, Mandu (District Hazaribagh)
Mandu (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
29. BOI Mangura BKID0004980 Mangurap. O. Kariyatpur, Via Ichak, District Hazaribagh, Mangura (District Hazaribagh)
Mangura (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
30. BOI Marar BKID0004978 AT Ranchi Road Near Brindavan Hotelhn 33, Po Marar, District Ramgarh, Marar (District t Ramgarh) JD
Marar (distt Ramgarh) Jd , Jharkhand
31. BOI Padma BKID0004832 AT & Post Padmadistrict Hazaribagh, Padma (District Hazaribagh)
Padma (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
32. BOI Pugmil BKID0004866 Plaza Market, Kallu Chowk, Pugmil, Hazaribagh
33. BOI Ramgarh Cantt BKID0004819 Narayani Complexmain Road, Ramgarh Cantt
34. BOI Religara BKID0004856 Central Coal Fields Limited Religara Project Office, District Hazaribagh, Religara (District Hazaribagh)
Religara (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
35. BOI Romi BKID0005888 AT-romi, Po-surajpura, Hazaribagh
36. BOI Rseti Koderma Hazaribagh BKID000R144 Rseti Koderma Hazar, Hazaribagh
37. BOI Saketpuri BKID0005890 Saketpuri, Near Whales Ground, Po-hazaribag District Hazaribag, Saketpuri (jharkhand)
38. BOI Sayal BKID0004864 Nala Paar Road, Jumria Market, Near Sayal Hospital ( CCL ) District Ramgarh Cantt, Sayal (District Ramgarh Cannt)
Sayal (dist Ramgarh Cannt) , Jharkhand
39. BOI Vinoba Bhave University BKID0005883 Law College Buildingpo-reformatory, Hazaribagh

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