Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. The bank has 21 branches in Khandwa district. The table below shows BOI Khandwa IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Khandwa

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Ahmedpur Khaigaon BKID0009516 AT & Post Ahmedpur Khaigaontehsil Khandwa, Ahmedpur Khaigaon(District Khandwa)
Ahmedpur Khaigaon(dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
2. BOI Anakwadi BKID0009913 AT Anakwadipost Bisthan, District Khargone, Anakwadi (District Khargone)
Anakwadi (dist. Khargone) , Madhya Pradesh
3. BOI Ashapur BKID0009524 P. O. Ashapurtehsil Harsud, District Khandwa, Ashapur (District Khandwa)
Ashapur (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
4. BOI Atudkhas BKID0009975 P. O. Atudkhasvia Nimar Khedi, District Khandwa, Atudkhas (District Khandwa)
Atudkhas (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
5. BOI Bangarda BKID0009924 AT & Post Bangardavia Nimarkhedi, Tehsil Barwaha, District Khargone, Bangarda (District Khargone)
Bangarda (dist. Khargone) , Madhya Pradesh
6. BOI Barud BKID0009507 AT & Post Barudblock Chhegaon Makhan, District Khandwa, Barud (District Khandwa)
Barud (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
7. BOI Borgaon Buzurg BKID0009511 AT & Post Borgaon Buzurgdistrict Khandwa, Borgaon Buzurg (District Khandwa)
Borgaon Buzurg (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
8. BOI Chhaigaon Makhan BKID0009534 Post-chhaigaon Makhantehsil District Khandwa, 450771 ( M. P ), Chhaigaon Makhan
Chhaigaon Makhan , Madhya Pradesh
9. BOI Chhanera BKID0009520 AT & Post Chhaneradistrict Khandwa, Chhanera (District Khandwa)
Chhanera (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
10. BOI Dhangaon BKID0009514 AT & Post Dhangaondistrict Khandwa, Dhangaon (District Khandwa)
Dhangaon (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
11. BOI Khalwa BKID0009539 Khalwa Branch, Main Road, AT & Post Khalwatehsil Khalwa, District Khanwa ( MP ) - 450 117, Khandwa
Madhya Pradesh
12. BOI Khandwa Zonal Office BKID000ZO54 1st Floor Anand Nagar, Khandwa
East Nimar , Madhya Pradesh
13. BOI Khar Kalan BKID0009525 AT & Post Khar Kalantehsil Harsud, District Khandwa, Khar Kalan (District Khandwa)
Khar Kalan (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
14. BOI Khedi BKID0009530 AT & P. O. Khedi, Block Khalwadistrict Khandwa, Khedi (District Khandwa)
Khedi (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
15. BOI Lal Chowki BKID0009535 Moghat Road( MP ), Khandwa - 450001
Madhya Pradesh
16. BOI Mundi BKID0009503 Jaiswal Bhavanthane Road, Mundi, District Khandwa, Mundi (District Khandwa)
Mundi (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
17. BOI Omkareshwar BKID0009538 Motakka Road, Opposite Omkareshwar Policestation, Omkareshwar-450 554 ( MP ), Omkareshwar(M.P.)
Omkareshwar(m.p.) , Madhya Pradesh
18. BOI Padawa BKID0009533 Plot #65 Dudtalai, Opposite To Main Hospitalindore Road, Khandwa
Madhya Pradesh
19. BOI Punasa BKID0009546 Punasa Branch, AT & Post Punasa, Tehsil Pundistrict Khandwa-450 114 ( MP )
Punasa , Madhya Pradesh
20. BOI Rustampur BKID0009522 AT & Post Rustampurdistrict Khandwa, Rustampur (District Khandwa)
Rustampur (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh
21. BOI Singot BKID0009513 AT & Post Singottehsil & District Khandwa, Singot (District Khandwa)
Singot (dist. Khandwa) , Madhya Pradesh

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