Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The bank has 38 branches in Ujjain district. The table below shows BOI Ujjain IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Ujjain

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Arvind Nagar BKID0009107 66, Lala Lajpatrai Margfajalpur, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
2. BOI Baledi BKID0009118 Baleditehsil Barnagar, District Ujjain, Baledi (ujjain)
Madhya Pradesh
3. BOI Barnagar BKID0009119 M. G. Roadbarnagar, District Ujjain, Barnagar (District Ujjain)
Barnagar (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
4. BOI Bhat Pachlana BKID0009114 Bhat Pachlanatehsil Badnagar, District Ujjain, Bhat Pachlana (District Ujjain)
Bhat Pachlana (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
5. BOI Chandukhedi BKID0009134 Survey #200/1, Ujjain Barnagar Roadat & Post Chandukhedi
Madhya Pradesh
6. BOI Dashehra Maidan BKID0009103 Plot #1 Supplementary, Dashehra Maidan, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
7. BOI Dhabla Hardu BKID0009124 AT & Post Dhabla Harduvia Ghatia, District Ujjain, Dhabla Hardu (District Ujjain)
Dhabla Hardu (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
8. BOI Freeganj BKID0009101 Narang Complex25, Varavadi Marg, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
9. BOI Ghatia BKID0009123 AT & Post Ghatiadistrict Ujjain, Ghatia (District Ujjain)
Ghatia (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
10. BOI Indira Nagar - Ujjain BKID0009126 Lig Ii 9/10, Indira Nagar Colony,Dewas Gate, Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain
11. BOI Jharda BKID0009116 AT & P. O. Jhardatehsil Mahidpur, District Ujjain, Jharda (District Ujjain)
Jharda (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
12. BOI Kayatha BKID0009121 Kayathatehsil Tarana, District Ujjain, Kayatha (District Ujjain)
Kayatha (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
13. BOI Khachraud BKID0009112 Jawahar Margkhachraud, District Ujjain
Khachraud , Madhya Pradesh
14. BOI Khatamba BKID0009145 Khatamba Branch Ho of Shri Sarpanch AT & Post Khatamba Dewas Bhopal Road, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
15. BOI Kheda Khajuria BKID0009104 AT & Post Kheda Khajuriatehsil Mahidpur, District Ujjain, Kheda Khajuria (District Ujjain)
Kheda Khajuria (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
16. BOI LDM Office Rajgarh BKID000L374 LDM Office RajgarhZo, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
17. BOI LDM Office Ujjain BKID000L174 LDM Office, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
18. BOI Lekoda BKID0009144 Lekoda, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
19. BOI Mahakaal Mandir BKID0009146 Madhav Sewa Nyas Bharat Mata Mandir Mahakaal Maidan, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
20. BOI Mahananda Nagar BKID0009109 B/5 Sai Nikunj, Bhartiya Gyanpeeth, Mahananda Nagar, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
21. BOI Mahidpur BKID0009113 Gandhi Margmahidpur, District Ujjain
Mahidpur , Madhya Pradesh
22. BOI Mahidpur Road BKID0009115 Sadar Bazarmahidpur Road, District Ujjain, Mahidpur Road(District Ujjain)
Mahidpur Road(dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
23. BOI Maxi Road BKID0009102 Maxi Road Industrial Estateujjain
Ujjain , Madhya Pradesh
24. BOI Moulana BKID0009128 Panchayat Bhavanmoulana, District Ujjain, Moulana (District Ujjain)
Moulana (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
25. BOI Nagda BKID0009122 244, Jawahar Marg, 1ST Floor Nagda, District Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
26. BOI Nagda ( Dhar ) BKID0009820 Sankhla Complex, Mandi Road, Nagda, District Dhar, Nagda (dhar)
Madhya Pradesh
27. BOI Nagziri - Ujjain BKID0009136 Ward #45, Infront OF Oilfed Gatenagziri, Dewas Road, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
28. BOI Nainavad BKID0009105 Amin Manzil& Post Nainavad, District Ujjain, Nainavad (District Ujjain)
Nainavad (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
29. BOI Panbihar BKID0009127 AT & Post Panbihartehsil Ghatia, District Ujjain, Panbihar (District Ujjain)
Panbihar (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
30. BOI Panth Piplai BKID0009125 AT & Post Panth Piplaitehsil Ujjain, District Ujjain, Panth Piplai (District Ujjain)
Panth Piplai (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
31. BOI Sethi Nagar BKID0009108 216, A, Shethi Nagar, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
32. BOI Surasa BKID0009138 C/O Bhavana Restaurant, Near R. D. Gardicollege Agar Road The. Ghatia, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
33. BOI Tarana BKID0009120 74, Khanderao Bazartarana, District Ujjain, Tarana (District Ujjain)
Tarana (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
34. BOI Ujjain BKID0009100 144, Gopal Mandir Roadpost Box #119, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
35. BOI Ujjain Service BKID0009135 7/2 Shree Pal Margnaipeth, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
36. BOI Ujjain Zonal Office BKID000ZO74 PB #10 C2 Shipra Vihar, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh
37. BOI Unhel BKID0009111 Main Roadunhel, District Ujjain, Unhel (District Ujjain)
Unhel (dist. Ujjain) , Madhya Pradesh
38. BOI Vednagar BKID0009110 A-1/5 Ved Nagarnana Kheda, Ujjain
Madhya Pradesh

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