Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The bank has 34 branches in Chandrapur district. The table below shows BOI Chandrapur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Chandrapur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Babupeth BKID0009637 Rajiv Gandhi Tech & Resh ENGG Collegebabupeth Chandrapur, Chandpur
2. BOI Bamhni BKID0009628 AT & Post Bamhanidistrict Chandrapur, Bamhni (District Chandrapur)
Bamhni (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
3. BOI Bembal BKID0009217 AT & Post Bembaltaluka Mull, District Chandrapur, Bembal (District Chandrapur)
Bembal (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
4. BOI Bhadravati BKID0009610 Bhadravatitehsil Bhadravati, District Chandrapur
Bhadravati , Maharashtra
5. BOI Bhangaram Talodhi BKID0009621 Bhangaram Taladhi, AT & Po Bhangaram Talodhi, Tehsil Gondpipari, District Chandrapur, Bhangaram Talodhi(District Chandrapur)
Bhangaram Talodhi(dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
6. BOI Chandrapur BKID0009603 ', Dr. Mudey '' S Building, Main Road, Post Box #17 ', Chandrapur
7. BOI Chargaon BKID0009639 QTR. No. B/31, Ekta Nagar Colony, Chargaontah-bhadravati, Chandrapur
8. BOI Chichala BKID0009629 AT Chichalatahsil Mul, District Chandrapur, Chichala (District Chandrapur)
Chichala (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
9. BOI Chikni BKID0009625 AT & Post Chiknitahsil Warora, District Chandrapur, Chikni (District Chandrapur)
Chikni (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
10. BOI Ghugus BKID0009609 AT & Post Chandrapur, Ghugus
11. BOI Gondpipari BKID0009605 Near Motor Standat & Post Gondpipari, Gondpipari (District Chandrapur)
Gondpipari (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
12. BOI Gunjewahi BKID0009626 AT & Post Gunjewahitahsil Sindewahi, District Chandrapur, Gunjewahi (District Chandrapur)
Gunjewahi (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
13. BOI Jatpura Gate BKID0009612 Near Railway Overbridgechandrapur, Chandpur
14. BOI Kothari BKID0009608 AT & Post Kotharidistrict Chandrapur, Kothari (District Chandrapur)
Kothari (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
15. BOI LDM Office Chandrapur BKID000L078 LDM Office Chandrapu, Chandrapur
16. BOI Madheli BKID0009618 AT & Post Madhelitaluka Warora, District Chandrapur, Madheli (District Chandrapur)
Madheli (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
17. BOI Mindala BKID0009627 AT & Post Mindalatahsil Nagbhir, District Chandrapur, Mindala (District Chandrapur)
Mindala (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
18. BOI Mul, Chandrapur BKID0009634 Opposite Adarsh Rice Millchandrapur-gadchiroli Road, Mul District Chandrapur
Mul Dist Chandrapur , Maharashtra
19. BOI Nagbhir BKID0009604 AT & Post Nagbhirdistrict Chandrapur, Nagbhir (District Chandrapur)
Nagbhir (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
20. BOI Navargaon BKID0009613 AT & Post Navargaontah. Sindewahi, District Chandrapur, Navargaon (tal.shindewadi District Chandrapur)
Navargaon (tal.shindewadi Dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
21. BOI Nawegaon ( More ) BKID0009623 AT & Post Nawegaon ( More ) Taluka Gondpipari, District Chandrapur, Nawegaon (more) (District Chandrapur)
Nawegaon (more) (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
22. BOI Neri BKID0009614 AT & Post Neritehsil Warora, District Chandrapur, Neri (District Chandrapur)
Neri (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
23. BOI Padmapur BKID0009635 Shakti Nagar, WCL Colonydurgapur, Chandrapur
24. BOI Pandhar Pauni BKID0009631 AT Pandharpaunitahsil Rajura, District Chandrapur, Pandhar Pauni (District Chandrapur)
Pandhar Pauni (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
25. BOI Rajoli BKID0009611 AT & Post Rajolidistrict Chandrapur, Rajoli (District Chandrapur)
Rajoli (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
26. BOI Rajura BKID0009615 Near Bus Standhyderabad Road, Rajura, District Chandrapur
27. BOI Thermal Power Station BKID0009617 Opposite Urjanagar Post Office, Mseb Complex, Durgapur
28. BOI Upparwahi BKID0009638 The Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited Gate, AT & Po-upparwahi Tah-korpana, District Chan, Chandrapur
29. BOI Urjagram BKID0009636 B15 Wci Central Work Shop Complexurjagram, Urjagram ( MH)
Urjagram ( Mh) , Maharashtra
30. BOI Vansadi BKID0009619 AT & Post Vansaditaluka Korpana, District Chandrapur, Vansadi (District Chandrapur)
Vansadi (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
31. BOI Vilam ( Virum ) BKID0009632 AT & Post Vilamtaluka Nagbhir, District Chandrapur, Vilam (virum) (District Chandrapur)
Vilam (virum) (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
32. BOI Wadholi BKID0009633 AT & Post Wadholitehsil Gondpipari, District Chandrapur, Wadholi (District Chandrapur)
Wadholi (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra
33. BOI Warora BKID0009607 Main Road, Chandrapur, Warora
34. BOI Wirur BKID0009616 AT & Post Wirur, Gram Panchayat Buildingwirur., Taluka Rajura, District Chandrapur, Wirur (District Chandrapur)
Wirur (dist. Chandrapur) , Maharashtra

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