Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The bank has 77 branches in Nagpur district. The table below shows BOI Nagpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Nagpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Ajni Square BKID0008707 House #765, Plot #1 Hindustan Colony, Nagpur
2. BOI Anant Nagar BKID0008768 Farhat Manzil, Plot #11, Ahbab Colony Chowkbehind Police Line Takli, Anant Nagar, Nagpur
3. BOI Badegaon BKID0008739 AT & Post Badegaon, Main Roadtaluka Saoner, District Nagpur, Badegaon (District Nagpur)
Badegaon (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
4. BOI Bazargaon BKID0008736 AT Bazargaontehsil & District Nagpur, Bazargaon (District Nagpur)
Bazargaon (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
5. BOI Besa BKID0008755 Konark Plazaplot #99 Besa, Nagpur
6. BOI Bharsinghi BKID0008733 AT & Post Bharsinghitah Narkhed, District Nagpur, Bharsinghi (District Nagpur)
Bharsinghi (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
7. BOI Bhilgaon BKID0008765 Plot #2 & 3, Dharmavijay Co-operative Hounear Yashodhara Lawns, Khasra #152, Patwari, Bhilgaon (MH)
Bhilgaon (mh) , Maharashtra
8. BOI Bhiwapur BKID0008714 Bhiwapur, Tah Bhiwapurdistrict Nagpur, Bhiwapur (District Nagpur)
Bhiwapur (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
9. BOI Butibori BKID0008715 Main Road, Butibori, Nagpur
10. BOI CentralisedPensionProcessingCentre BKID0008759 2nd Floor, Building, Kingsway, Station Road
Nagpur , Maharashtra
11. BOI Chacher BKID0008726 AT & Post Chachertaluka Ramtek, District Nagpur, Chacher District Nagpur
Chacher Dist Nagpur , Maharashtra
12. BOI Davala Mati BKID0008723 Davala Matipost Wad Dhamna, Nagpur
13. BOI Deolapar BKID0008720 AT & Post Deolapartehsil Ramtek, District Nagpur, Deolapar (District Nagpur)
Deolapar (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
14. BOI Dhapewada BKID0008724 AT & Post Dhapewada, Tah : Kalmeshwardistrict Nagpur, Dhapewada (District Nagpur)
Dhapewada (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
15. BOI Dharampeth BKID0008702 #2, North Ambazari Roadpost Box #266, Nagpur
16. BOI Dighori BKID0008771 Plot #9, Adarsh Nagar, Umred Road, Dighori, Nagpur - 440009
17. BOI Dongargaon BKID0008756 House #6 Ward #1 Wardha Road, Dongargaon (MH)
Dongargaon (mh) , Maharashtra
18. BOI Fetri BKID0008745 AT & Post Fetritah &, Nagpur
19. BOI Gandhi Baug BKID0008703 87-A, Gandhi Baugnagpur
Nagpur , Maharashtra
20. BOI Godhani BKID0008773 H/O MRS. Pushpatai Ganpatrao Gomase, House No Plot #02, Godhani, Nagpur
21. BOI Hingna BKID0008766 House #1179-1180, Main Road, Hingana, MH, Nagpur
22. BOI Hiwara Bazar BKID0008738 AT & Post Hiwara Bazarvia : Kanhan Pipri, District Nagpur, Hiwara Bazar (District nagpur)
Hiwara Bazar (dist.nagpur) , Maharashtra
23. BOI Hudkeshwar BKID0008753 Plot #1, Near Bus Stop, Kadu Nagar, Hudkeshwar Road, Nagpur
24. BOI Indo Rama BKID0008748 Indo Rama Synthetics ( I ) Limited A-31, Midc Complex, Nagpur
25. BOI Itwari BKID0008701 Opposite Daji Dispensarybhandara Road, Post Box #305, Nagpur
26. BOI Kadbi Chowk BKID0008746 Rawal Plaza, First Floorkadbi Chowk, Nagpur
27. BOI Kalameshwar BKID0008713 5, Mudey Leyout, Ward #1 Kalameshwar, Nagpur
28. BOI Kalamna BKID0008754 Pritam Goodwillnit Plot #1 Ward #23, Nagpur
29. BOI Kamptee BKID0008718 Kawa Sadan, Kirana Oli, Kamptee, Nagpur
30. BOI Kandri BKID0008721 Main Road, Kandritehsil Ramtek, District Nagpur, Kandri Tal. Ramtek District Nagpur
Kandri Tal. Ramtek Dist Nagpur , Maharashtra
31. BOI Kargaon BKID0008743 AT & P. O. Kargaontahsil Bhiwapur, District Nagpur, Kargaon (District nagpur)
Kargaon (dist.nagpur) , Maharashtra
32. BOI Katol BKID0008716 Orange Plaza, B Wing, Station Road, Katol, Tah Nagpur
33. BOI Kelwad BKID0008732 AT & Post Kelwadtaluka Saoner, District Nagpur, Kelwad (District Nagpur)
Kelwad (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
34. BOI Khamla BKID0008769 Plot #58, Agne Layout, Agne College, New Jaitala Ring Road, Khamla, Nagpur - 440022
35. BOI Khaparkheda BKID0008772 Plot #8 & 9, Vitthal Prasad Shoppingcomplexatand Po-khaparkheda, Tahsil-saoner, District Nagpu
Khaparkheda , Maharashtra
36. BOI Khapri BKID0008729 AT & Post Khapritaluka &, Nagpur
37. BOI Khat BKID0008735 AT & Post Khattaluka Ramtek, District Nagpur, Khat (District Nagpur)
Khat (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
38. BOI Kodamendhi BKID0008728 AT & Post Kodamendhitaluka Mouda, District Nagpur, Kodamendhi (District nagpur)
Kodamendhi (dist.nagpur) , Maharashtra
39. BOI Kondhali BKID0008711 Kondhalidistrict Nagpur, Kondhali (District Nagpur)
Kondhali (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
40. BOI LDM Office Bhandara BKID000L363 LDM Office BhandaraZo, Nagpur
41. BOI LDM Office Gadchiroli BKID000L263 LDM Office Gadchirol, Nagpur
42. BOI LDM Office Nagpur BKID000L063 LDM Office, Nagpur
43. BOI Mahal BKID0008704 Budhwar Bazarmahal, Nagpur
44. BOI Mandhal BKID0008767 Plot #1231, Ward #2 Khasra #69, Ambhora Road, Mandhal(MH)
Mandhal(mh) , Maharashtra
45. BOI Manewada BKID0008775 Manewada Branch, 8, Newdnyaneshwar Nagar, Manewada Road, Nagpur
46. BOI Mankapur BKID0008757 Plot #4/A, House #1315/AS B Rohankar Layout, Ward #61, Mankapur
47. BOI Mansar BKID0008770 Mansar Branch, AT Mansarta. Ramtek, District Nagpur
Mansar , Maharashtra
48. BOI Medical College Square BKID0008708 ' Bapurao Ganpathrao Mude '' S Building, Hanuman Nagarplot #73, Medical College Layout ', Nagpur
49. BOI Mouda BKID0008764 Plot #2640/2641, Ward #5 Mouda, Mouda (MH)
Mouda (mh) , Maharashtra
50. BOI Mowar BKID0008712 House #597 AT & Post Mowar, Tah : Narkhed, District Nagpur, Mowar (District Nagpur)
Mowar (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
51. BOI Nagpur BKID0008700 Kingswaypost Box #9, Nagpur
52. BOI Nagpur Government Business BKID0008749 1ST Floor, Building 87-A Gandhibagh, Nagpur
53. BOI Nagpur Mcb BKID0008747 5TH Floor, Building Kingsway, Nagpur
54. BOI Nagpur Retail Hub BKID0008752 1ST Floor, Dharampeth Branch Buildingshankarnagar Square, Nagpur
55. BOI Nagpur Service BKID0008750 Building, 1ST Floors. V. Patel Road, P. B. #18, Nagpur
56. BOI Nagpur Zonal Office BKID000ZO63 Boi Building 3rd Floor Sardar Vallabh Bhai, Nagpur
57. BOI Nanda Gomukh BKID0008734 AT & Post Nanda Gomukhtaluka Saoner, District Nagapur, Nanda Gomukh (District Nagpur)
Nanda Gomukh (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
58. BOI Narkhed BKID0008763 Plot #16, Bazar Chowknarkhed, Narkhed (nagpur)
59. BOI Panchgaon BKID0008725 AT & Post Panchgaontaluka Umred, District Nagpur, Panchgaon (District Nagpur)
Panchgaon (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
60. BOI Rabindranath Tagore Road BKID0008709 Rabindranath Tagore Roadcivil Lines, Nagpur
61. BOI Rana Pratapnagar BKID0008722 Plot #24 Ganesh Layout, Nagpur
62. BOI Ranala BKID0008774 Ranala Branch, Plot #9, Profat Post Ranala, Tah Kamptee, District Nagpur
Ranala , Maharashtra
63. BOI Reshimbag BKID0008705 Plot #528/A, Juni Shukrawari Road, Gajanan Maharaj Chowk, Sakkardara, Nagpur
64. BOI Rtm University BKID0008762 RTM Nagpur Univ Campusamravati Road
65. BOI Saoner BKID0008717 Main Roadsaoner, District Nagpur
Saoner , Maharashtra
66. BOI Sawargaon BKID0008727 AT & Post Sawargaontehsil Narkhed, District Nagpur, Sawargaon (District Nagpur)
Sawargaon (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
67. BOI Shitalwadi BKID0008744 Suvidha Complexat/post Shitalwadi, District Nagpur, Shitalwadi (District nagpur)
Shitalwadi (dist.nagpur) , Maharashtra
68. BOI Sitabuldi BKID0008706 Near Rani Jhansi Squaresitabuldi, Nagpur
69. BOI Sme City Centre Nagpur BKID000SM63 Sme City Centrenagpur
Nagpur , Maharashtra
70. BOI Somalwada BKID0008740 Plot #9, Mayasmrutiwardha Road, Somalwada, Nagpur
71. BOI Takalghat BKID0008731 AT & Post Takalghattaluka Nagpur, Takalghat (District Nagpur)
Takalghat (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
72. BOI Telkamptee BKID0008730 AT & Post Telkampteetaluka Kalmeshwar, District Nagpur, Telkamptee (District Nagpur)
Telkamptee (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
73. BOI Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur BKID0008758 Plot #43, 44 Opposite Nit Garden Ring Road, Nagpur
74. BOI Umred BKID0008761 43/2, 46/2, Nagpur Chandrapur Highway By Pass, Chowk, Umred
75. BOI Vaishali Nagar - Nagpur BKID0008776 Plot #1074 Shree Arvind Bhavan Vaishali Nagar Nagpur
76. BOI Yenwa BKID0008742 AT & Post Yenwatehsil Katol, District Nagpur, Yenwa (District Nagpur)
Yenwa (dist. Nagpur) , Maharashtra
77. BOI Zilpa BKID0008710 AT & Post Zilpatehsil Kalol, Nagpur

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