Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Wardha, Maharashtra. The bank has 31 branches in Wardha district. The table below shows BOI Wardha IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Wardha

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Antora BKID0009719 AT & Post Antoratahsil Ashti, District Wardha, Antora (District Wardha)
Antora (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
2. BOI Arvi BKID0009723 Plot #1028, Ward #5, Jajoo Wadi, Behind Civil Court, AT & Po Arvi, DT. Wardha, Arvi (wardha)
3. BOI Arvi Naka BKID0009720 Gajanan Naagar Arvi Road Arvinaka, Wardha
4. BOI Ashti BKID0009704 AT & Post Ashti, Tah Ashtidstt. Wardha, Ashti (District Wardha)
Ashti (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
5. BOI Ashti ( Narveer Bapu Gokhale ) BKID0000744 AT & Post Ashtitaluka Mohol, District Solapur, Ashti (District t. Solapur)
Ashti (distt. Solapur) , Maharashtra
6. BOI Borgaon Meghe BKID0009726 H/O MRS. Hemlata Anandrao Meghe, House #2447 Ward #76, Borgaon ( Meghe ), Wardha
7. BOI Deoli BKID0009722 House OF Shri DP Dafre, Ward #8 Deoli, AT & Po Deoli, District Wardha, Deoli (District t Wardha) MH
Deoli (distt Wardha) Mh , Maharashtra
8. BOI Hindi Vishwa Vidyalaya BKID0009721 Mahatma Gandhi Atarrastryavishwa Vidyalaya Campus, Panchtila, Wardha
9. BOI Hinganghat BKID0009706 Near Karanja Chowkhinganghat, District Wardha, Hinganghat ( MH)
Hinganghat ( Mh) , Maharashtra
10. BOI Hingani BKID0009707 AT & Post Hinganitehsil Seloo, District Wardha, Hingani (District Wardha)
Hingani (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
11. BOI Jam, Wardha BKID0009708 Jam Branch, Tahsil Samudrapurdist-wardha, Jam (District wardha) - 442305
Jam (dist-wardha) , Maharashtra
12. BOI Kandhali BKID0009716 AT & Post Kandhalitehsil Samudrapur, District Wardha, Kandhali (District Wardha)
Kandhali (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
13. BOI Kangaon BKID0009711 AT & Post Kangaontaluka-hinganghat, District Wardha, Kangaon (District Wardha)
Kangaon (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
14. BOI Karanja Ghatge BKID0009725 Plot #36, Ward #1, Near Kalambe Hospitalkaranja Ghatge District Wardha, Karanja Ghadge (District t Wardha)
Karanja Ghadge (distt Wardha) , Maharashtra
15. BOI Mandgaon BKID0009715 AT & Post Mandgaontehsil Samudrapur, District Wardha, Mandgaon (District Wardha)
Mandgaon (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
16. BOI Morangana BKID0009702 AT Moranganap. O. Kharangana, Taluka Arvi, District Wardha, Morangana (District Wardha)
Morangana (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
17. BOI Nachangaon BKID0009709 AT & Post Nachangaondistrict Wardha, Nachangaon (District Wardha)
Nachangaon (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
18. BOI Pohana BKID0009717 AT & Post Pohanataluka Hinganghat, District Wardha, Pohana (District Wardha)
Pohana (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
19. BOI Pulgaon BKID0009703 Camp Roadpulgaon, District Wardha
Pulgaon , Maharashtra
20. BOI Ram Nagar BKID0009730 Plot #2072 Municipal House #101 137 Sumati Palace Opposite Ranjan Sabhagruha, Wardha - 442001
21. BOI Rohana BKID0009705 Rohanadistrict Wardha, Rohana (District Wardha)
Rohana (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
22. BOI Sahoor BKID0009713 AT & Post Sahoortehsil Ashti, District Wardha, Sahoor (District Wardha)
Sahoor (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
23. BOI Samudrapur BKID0009724 Nikhade Bhawan, Plot #5, Survey #43/2 Samudrapur, District Wardha, Samudrapur (District t Wardha)
Samudrapur (distt Wardha) , Maharashtra
24. BOI Seloo BKID0009701 Navalchand Choudhary Bhavanswami Vivekanand Marg, Seloo, District Wardha, Seloo (mharashtra)
25. BOI Sindi Railway BKID0009728 H/O MR. Dilip Gopaldas Agrawal Mahalaxmi Bhavasindi Railway Tahsilselu, . Ma, Wardha
26. BOI Sukli ( Bai ) BKID0009718 AT & Post Sukli ( Bai ) Tahsil Seloo, District Wardha, Sukli (bai) (District Wardha)
Sukli (bai) (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
27. BOI Talegaon BKID0009727 Plot #8, Ward #31, Ramdara, AT-talegaon, Tahsil-ashti, District Wardha
Talegaon , Maharashtra
28. BOI Thanegaon BKID0009714 AT & Post Thanegaontaluka Karanja ( Ghadge ), District Wardha, Thanegaon (District Wardha)
Thanegaon (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
29. BOI Vidharbha Zonal Office BKID000ZO78 Plot #2072 Near Mahavir Udyan Ram NGR, Wardha
30. BOI Wadner BKID0009712 AT & Post Wadnertaluka Hinganghat, District Wardha, Wadner (District Wardha)
Wadner (dist. Wardha) , Maharashtra
31. BOI Wardha BKID0009700 Bajaj Building, Hospital Roadpost Box #7, Wardha

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