Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Kendujhar, Odisha. The bank has 38 branches in Kendujhar district. The table below shows BOI Kendujhar IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Kendujhar

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Alati BKID0005422 AT & P. O. Alativia Sainkul, District Keonjhar, Alati (District keonjhar)
Alati (dist.keonjhar) , Odisha
2. BOI Anandapur BKID0005429 AT & Post Anandapurdistt Keonjhar
3. BOI Badahal BKID0005438 AT-N. H. - 6, Badahalpo/, Keonjhar
4. BOI Bancho BKID0005425 AT & P. O. Banchovia Fakirpur, District Keonjhar, Bancho (District Keonjhar)
Bancho (dist Keonjhar) , Odisha
5. BOI Banspal BKID0005439 AT/po-banspal, District Keonjhar, Banspal(odisha)
6. BOI Barabila ( Draupadi Hill ) BKID0005420 Barabilap. O. Tavasarua, Via Saharpara, District Keonjhar, Barabila (District keonjhar)
Barabila (dist.keonjhar) , Odisha
7. BOI Barbil BKID0005403 Main Road, Post Box #15 Barbil, District Keonjhar
8. BOI Basudeopur Kandara BKID0005427 AT & Post Kandrajoda Block Barbil Thesil, Keonjhar
9. BOI Belabahali BKID0005514 AT/po-belabahali Via-salapadakeonjhar
Keonjhar , Odisha
10. BOI Bhadrasahi BKID0005435 AT Po. Bhadrasahi, Via Barbil, Keonjhar
11. BOI Boula BKID0005421 AT/po : Bangorevia : Hadagarh, District Keonjhar, Boula ( District Keonjhar)
Boula ( Dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
12. BOI Champua BKID0005301 P. O. Champuadistrict Keonjhar, Champua (District Keonjhar)
Champua (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
13. BOI Chilida BKID0005428 AT & Po Chilidavia Turumunga, Chilida (OR)
Chilida (or) , Odisha
14. BOI Daitari BKID0005418 AT Daitaripost Talapada, District Keonjhar, Daitari (District Keonjhar)
Daitari (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
15. BOI Dhenkikote BKID0005410 AT & Post Dhenkikotedistrict Keonjhar, Dhenkikote (District Keonjhar)
Dhenkikote (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
16. BOI Ghasipura BKID0005402 AT & Post Ghasipuradistrict Keonjhar, Ghasipura (District Keonjhar)
Ghasipura (district Keonjhar) , Odisha
17. BOI Harichandanpur BKID0005406 AT & Post Harichandanpurdireict Keonjhar, Harichandanpur (direict Keonjhar)
18. BOI Hatadihi BKID0005408 AT & Post Hatadihidistrict Keonjhar, Hatadihi (District Keonjhar)
Hatadihi (district Keonjhar) , Odisha
19. BOI Jhumpura BKID0005404 Jhumpuradistrict Keonjhar, Jhumpura (District Keonjhar)
Jhumpura (district Keonjhar) , Odisha
20. BOI Joda BKID0005401 P. O. Joda, Keonjhar
21. BOI Keonjhar BKID0005400 Shishu Bhavan Market Complexn. H. #6, Keonjhar
22. BOI Kodapada BKID0005419 AT & P. O. Kodapadavia Anandpur, District Keonjhar, Kodapada (District Keonjhar)
Kodapada (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
23. BOI Naranpur BKID0005436 AT & Post Naranpurdistt Keonjhar, Naranpur (District t Keonjhar)
Naranpur (distt Keonjhar) , Odisha
24. BOI Old Town BKID0005417 AT & Post OLD Townkeonjhar
Keonjhar , Odisha
25. BOI Osil ( Palaspanga ) BKID0005426 Osil Campusat/P. O. Palaspanga, District Keonjhar, Palaspanga (District keonjhar)
Palaspanga (dist.keonjhar) , Odisha
26. BOI Raisuan BKID0005434 NH-215, Po-raisuan, Keonjhar
27. BOI Ramchandrapur BKID0005414 AT & Post Ramchandrapurdistrict Keonjhar, Ramchandrapur (District keonjhar)
Ramchandrapur (dist.keonjhar) , Odisha
28. BOI Ravanapalaspal BKID0005423 AT & P. O. Ravanapalaspalvia Bhagamunda, District Keonjhar, Ravanapalaspal (District Keonjhar)
Ravanapalaspal (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
29. BOI Remuli BKID0005302 AT/po-remulidist-keonjhar
Keonjhar , Odisha
30. BOI Saharpada BKID0005412 AT & Post Saharpadadistrict Keonjhar, Saharpada (District Keonjhar)
Saharpada (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
31. BOI Salabani BKID0005515 AT/po-salabani, District Keonjhar
Salabani , Odisha
32. BOI Sirigida BKID0005424 AT & P. O. Sirigidadistrict Keonjhar, Sirigida (District Keojhar)
Sirigida (dist. Keojhar) , Odisha
33. BOI Suakati BKID0005413 AT & Post Suakatidistrict Keonjhar, Suakati (District Keonjhar)
Suakati (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
34. BOI Swam Patna BKID0005409 AT & Post Swam Patnadistrict Keonjhar, Swam Patna (District Keonjhar)
Swam Patna (dist Keonjhar) , Odisha
35. BOI Tarini Temple BKID0005405 AT & Post Ghatgaondistrict Keonjhar, Ghatgaon (District Keonjhar)
Ghatgaon (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
36. BOI Telkoi BKID0005407 AT & Post Telkoidistrict Keonjhar, Telkoi (District Keonjhar)
Telkoi (district Keonjhar) , Odisha
37. BOI Turumunga BKID0005416 National Highway #6 ( Main Road ) AT & Post Turumunga, Turumunga (District Keonjhar)
Turumunga (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha
38. BOI Udaypur ( Keonjhar ) BKID0005415 AT & Post Udaypurdistrict Keonjhar, Udaypur (District Keonjhar)
Udaypur (dist. Keonjhar) , Odisha

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