Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. The bank has 53 branches in Mayurbhanj district. The table below shows BOI Mayurbhanj IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Mayurbhanj

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Bachhuripal BKID0005475 AT Bachhuripal, Post Debsolevia Rasgovindpur, District Mayurbhanj, Bachhuripal (District Mayurbhanj)
Bachhuripal (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
2. BOI Bada Dalima BKID0005483 AT/po-bada Dalimadist-mayurbhanj, Bada Dalima (odisha)
3. BOI Badabramhanmara BKID0005507 Indapahip. O. - Laxmiposhi, District , Mayurbhanj, Badabramhanmara (District Mayurbhanj)
Badabramhanmara (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
4. BOI Badampahar BKID0005505 P. O. Badampahardistrict Mayurbhanj, Badampahar (District Mayurbhanj)
Badampahar (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
5. BOI Bahalda BKID0005504 AT & Post Bahaldadistrict Mayurbhanj, Bahalda (District Mayurbhanj)
Bahalda (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
6. BOI Baisinga BKID0005466 AT & Post Baisingadistrict Mayurbhanj, Baisinga (District Mayurbhanj)
Baisinga (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
7. BOI Baitarani Gb Baripada Br BKID0BAITGB Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Orissa
8. BOI Bangriposi BKID0005453 P. O. Bangriposidistrict Mayurbhanj, Bangriposi (District Mayurbhanj)
Bangriposi (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
9. BOI Baripada BKID0005501 Lal Bazarp. O. Baripada, District Mayurbhanj
10. BOI Baripada Retail Hub BKID0005511 Building, Opposite M. K. C. High School, Baripada, Orissa
11. BOI Barsahi BKID0005452 AT & Post Barsahidistrict Mayurbhanj, Barsahi (District Mayurbhanj)
Barsahi (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
12. BOI Betnoti BKID0005467 AT & P. O. Betnotidistrict Mayurbhanj, Betnoti (District Mayurbhanj)
Betnoti (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
13. BOI Bijatala BKID0005459 AT & Post Bijataladistrict Mayurbhanj, Bijatala (District Mayurbhanj)
Bijatala (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
14. BOI Bisoi BKID0005456 AT & Post Bisoidistrict Mayurbanj, Bisoi (District Mayurbhanj)
Bisoi (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
15. BOI Brundabanchandrapur BKID0005469 AT & P. O. Brundabanchandrapurdistrict Mayurbhanj, Brundabanchandrapur (District Mayurbhanj)
Brundabanchandrapur (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
16. BOI Chatani BKID0005476 AT Chatani, P. O. Bautibedadistrict Mayurbhanj, Chatani (District Mayurbhanj)
Chatani (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
17. BOI Chinchalgadia BKID0005478 AT & Po Chinchalgadia, Via Amarda Roaddistt Mayurbhanj
18. BOI Chitrada BKID0005506 AT & Post Chitradadistrict Mayurbhanj, Chitrada (District Mayurbhanj)
Chitrada (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
19. BOI Dighi BKID0005470 AT & P. O. Dighivia Bangriposi, District Mayurbhanj, Dighi (District Mayurbhanj)
Dighi (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
20. BOI Dukura BKID0005487 AT/po Mayurbhanjdukura
Dukura , Odisha
21. BOI Gorumahisani BKID0005486 AT/po-gorumahisani, District Mayurbhanjgorumahisani
Gorumahisani , Odisha
22. BOI Ichinda BKID0005508 AT Ichinda, Ward #14 P. O. Rairangapur, District Mayurbhanj, Ichinda (District Mayurbhanj)
Ichinda (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
23. BOI Jamda BKID0005460 AT & Post Jamdadistrict Mayurbhanj, Jamda (District Mayurbhanj)
Jamda (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
24. BOI Jamsola BKID0005513 AT & Post-jamsoladistt Mayurbhanj, Jajsola (District t Mayurbhanj)
Jajsola (distt Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
25. BOI Jashipur BKID0005502 P. O. Jashipurdistrict Mayurbhanj, Jashipur (District Mayurbhanj)
Jashipur (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
26. BOI Jharia ( Keonjhar ) BKID0005489 AT/po-jharia, District Mayurbhanj
Jharia , Odisha
27. BOI Jhinkiria BKID0005474 AT & P. O. Jhinkiriavia-morada, District Mayurbhanj, Jhinkiria (District Mayurbhanj)
Jhinkiria (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
28. BOI Kalama BKID0005481 AT/po-kalamadist-mayurbhanj
Mayurbhanj , Odisha
29. BOI Kaptipada BKID0005480 AT/po-kaptipadadist-mayurbhanj
Mayurbhanj , Odisha
30. BOI Karanjia BKID0005454 P. O. Karanjiadistrict Mayurbhanj, Karanjia (District Mayurbhanj)
Karanjia (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
31. BOI Khunta BKID0005451 Khuntadistrict Mayurbhanj, Khunta Idist. Mayurbhanj)
32. BOI Kostha BKID0005488 AT/po-kostha, District Mayurbhanjkostha
Kostha , Odisha
33. BOI Krushnachandrapur BKID0005490 AT Po Krushnachandrapur State Odisha - 757029
K Chandrapur
34. BOI Kuliana BKID0005479 AT & Post Kulianadistt Mayurbhanj
35. BOI LDM Mayurbhanj BKID000L052 LDM Office Mayurghan, Mayurbhanj
36. BOI Manatri BKID0005485 AT/po-manatri, District Mayurbhanj
Manatri , Odisha
37. BOI Murgabadi BKID0005450 AT-murgabadi Golei, Ward #21 Baripada, Po Mayurbhanj
38. BOI North Orissa University BKID0005510 University Administration Building, Universityroad, Village-takatpur, Block-baripada, Mayurbhanj
39. BOI Padhia BKID0005472 AT & P. O. Padhiavia Badampahar, District Mayurbhanj, Padhia (District Mayurbhanj)
Padhia (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
40. BOI Poda Astia BKID0005512 AT & Po-poda Astiadistt Mayurbhanj, Poda Astia (District t Mayurbhanj)
Poda Astia (distt Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
41. BOI Puruna Baripada BKID0005473 AT & P. O. Puruna Baripadavia Khunta, District Mayurbhanj, Puruna Baripada (District Mayurbhanj)
Puruna Baripada (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
42. BOI Rairangpur BKID0005503 Ward #5 P. O. Rairangpur, District Mayurbhanj, Rairangpur (District Mayurbhanj)
Rairangpur (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
43. BOI Rangamatia BKID0005468 Rangamatiavia & Post Samakhunta, District Mayurbhanj, Rangamatia (District Mayurbhanj)
Rangamatia (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
44. BOI Raruan BKID0005455 AT & Post Raruandistrict Mayurbhanj, Raruan (District Mayurbhanj)
Raruan (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
45. BOI Similipal BKID0005471 AT & P. O. Durduravia Jashipur, District Mayurbhanj, Similipal (District Mayurbhanj)
Similipal (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
46. BOI Sips Campus BKID0005509 Mayurbhanja, AT & P. O. - Jharpokharia
Mayurbhanj , Odisha
47. BOI Sirsa BKID0005457 AT & Post Mayurbhanj, Sirsa
48. BOI Station Bazar ( Baripada ) BKID0005484 AT-station Bazar, Po-baripada, District Mayurbhanjbaripada
Baripada , Odisha
49. BOI Sukruli BKID0005463 AT & Post Sukrulidistrict Mayurbhanj, Sukruli (District Mayurbhanj)
Sukruli (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
50. BOI Suliapada BKID0005462 AT & Post Suliapadadistrict Mayurbhanj, Suliapada (District Mayurbhanj)
Suliapada (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
51. BOI Tambakhuri BKID0005482 AT Tambakhuri, Po-MD Nagar, Mayurbhanj
52. BOI Thakurmunda BKID0005465 AT & Post Thakurmundadistrict Mayurbhanj, Thakurmunda (District Mayurbhanj)
Thakurmunda (dist. Mayurbhanj) , Odisha
53. BOI Udala BKID0005477 Ananda Market Complex, AT & Post Udala, District Mayurbhanj, Udala District Mayurbhanj
Udala Dist. Mayurbhanj , Odisha

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