Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 23 branches in Barabanki district. The table below shows BOI Barabanki IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Barabanki

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Bahramghat BKID0007502 Indra Bhawan, Near Jain Templeganeshpur, P. O. Bahramghat, ( Barabanki ), Bahramghat (District Barabanki)
Bahramghat (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
2. BOI Bansgaon BKID0007522 Post-bansgaon, Block-puredalai, Barabanki
Uttar Pradesh
3. BOI Barabanki BKID0007500 Mishra Marketghanta Ghar Road, Barabanki
Uttar Pradesh
4. BOI Barauli Malik BKID0007521 Post-barauli Malikblock-sidhaur, Barabanki
Uttar Pradesh
5. BOI Barinbagh BKID0007510 Barin Bagh, Block Puredalaipost Khutauli, Via Dariabad, ( Barabanki ), Barinbagh (District Barabanki)
Barinbagh (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
6. BOI Belhara BKID0007524 Belhara Branch, Tehsil : Tehsil Fatehpur, District Barabanki, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh
7. BOI Bhelsar BKID0007519 SDM Office, Tehsil Rudaulipost Bhelsar District Faizabad, Bhelsar (UP)
Bhelsar (up) , Uttar Pradesh
8. BOI Bhikarpur BKID0007511 Deviganj Chaurahapost Surajpur, District Barabanki, Bhikarpur (District Barabanki)
Bhikarpur (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
9. BOI Dewa BKID0007520 Fatehpur Deva Roadvill & Post Deva, District Barabanki, Dewa (barabanki)
Uttar Pradesh
10. BOI Dharauli BKID0007513 Post & Tehsil-ram Sanehi Ghatbhitharia Chauraha, District Barabanki, Dharauli (District Barabanki)
Dharauli (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
11. BOI Dullapur BKID0007515 Dullapur, P. O. Manjanpurblock Mawai, Mawai Chauraha, ( Barabanki ), Dullapur (District Barabanki)
Dullapur (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
12. BOI Fatehpur - Barabanki BKID0004768 P. O. Fatehpur, Jamtara
Uttar Pradesh
13. BOI Fatehpur Chowk BKID0006965 Near Saraswati Shishu Mandirchowk Bazar, Fatehpur
Uttar Pradesh
14. BOI Haidergarh BKID0007501 Agarwal Marketsubeha Tiraha Market, Haidergarh
Uttar Pradesh
15. BOI Lalpur Karauta BKID0007523 RS& Post : Lalpur Karauta, Block : Suratganj, Barabanki
Uttar Pradesh
16. BOI Panchayat Bhavan BKID0007518 Zila Panchayat Bhavan, Civil Lineslucknow Faizabad Road, Barabanki
Uttar Pradesh
17. BOI Rasauli BKID0007508 AT & Post Rasaulidistrict Barabanki, Rasauli (District Barabanki)
Rasauli (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
18. BOI Safedabad BKID0007509 Lucknow-barabanki Road, Barabanki, Safedabad
Uttar Pradesh
19. BOI Subeha Bazar BKID0007525 Haidergarh Subeha Road, Subeha Bazar, Tehsil : Haidergarh, Barabanki
Uttar Pradesh
20. BOI Suratganj BKID0007517 Suratganjdistrict Barabanki, Suratganj (District Barabanki)
Suratganj (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
21. BOI Tehsil Fatehpur BKID0007506 Post Tehsil Fatehpurdistrict Barabanki, Tehsil Fatehpur (District Barabanki)
Tehsil Fatehpur (dist Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
22. BOI Tekaitganj BKID0007514 P. O. Tekaitganjblock Nindura, District Barabanki, Tekaitganj (District Barabanki)
Tekaitganj (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh
23. BOI Tikaitnagar BKID0007504 Tikaitnagardistrict Barabanki, Tikaitnagar (District Barabanki)
Tikaitnagar (dist. Barabanki) , Uttar Pradesh

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