Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Bardhaman, West Bengal. The bank has 34 branches in Bardhaman district. The table below shows BOI Bardhaman IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Bardhaman

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Andal BKID0004306 Raghunath Bhawan 1ST Floorandal More Ukhra Road, Po Andal, District Burdw, Andal (District Burdwan)
Andal (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
2. BOI Apcar Garden BKID0004186 Adrija Residency, Apcar Garden, Ward #2 Asansol - 713304
West Bengal
3. BOI Asansol BKID0004200 203, G. T. Road ( East ) Post Box #101, Asansol
West Bengal
4. BOI Bhatar BKID0004391 Bhatar Bus Stand, Bhatar Bazar, P. O-bhatardist-burdwan, Burdwan, West Bengal - 713125
5. BOI Bulchandrapur BKID0004207 Bulchandrapur, Po Painta, P. S. Raina, District Burdwan
Bulchandrapur , West Bengal
6. BOI Burdwan BKID0004201 Raniganj Bazar, B. C. Roadburdwan, Howrah
West Bengal
7. BOI Burnpur BKID0004234 32, Station Roadp. O. Burnpur, Burdwan, West Bengal
8. BOI Charkhi BKID0004219 Charkhip. O. Billeswar, Via Srikhanda, District Burdwan, Billeswar (District Burdwan)
Billeswar (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
9. BOI Chittaranjan BKID0004205 Near Gate #3 AT & P. O. Chittaranjandist Burdwan, Burdwan, West Bengal
10. BOI Dhatrigram BKID0004202 AT & Post Dhatrigramdistrict Burdwan, Dhatrigram (District Burdwan)
Dhatrigram (dist Burdwan) , West Bengal
11. BOI Domohani BKID0004235 P. O. Domohani Bazardistrict Burdwan, Domohani Bazar (District Burdwan)
Domohani Bazar (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
12. BOI Durgapur BKID0004230 Nachan Roaddurgapur
Durgapur , West Bengal
13. BOI Gopalmatt BKID0004369 Gopalmatt High School, Gopalmattdurgapur-17, Gopalmatt (durgapur )WB
Gopalmatt (durgapur )wb , West Bengal
14. BOI Gramkulti BKID0004238 AT & Post Gramkultivia Ilsobamondalai, District Burdwan, Gramkulti (via Ilsobamondalai,District burdwan)
Gramkulti (via Ilsobamondalai,dist.burdwan) , West Bengal
15. BOI Jamuria BKID0004231 Main Bazarpost Jamuria Bazar, District Burdwan, Jamuria Bazar (District Burdwan)
Jamuria Bazar (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
16. BOI Jaugram BKID0004204 Dogachiap. O. Jaugram, District Burdwan, Jaugram (District Burdwan)
Jaugram (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
17. BOI Jhapandanga BKID0004266 Jhapandangap. O. Abujhati, District Burdwan, Jhapandanga(po Abujhati,District Burdwan)
Jhapandanga(po Abujhati,dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
18. BOI Kalna BKID0004199 Madhuban, Near Bharat Sebhasram Sangh, Kalnadistt : - Burwan, Pin713409, Burdwan, West Bengal
19. BOI Katwa BKID0004397 City Palace, Circus Maidan, Station Roadpo-katwa, District Burdwan - 713130
Katwa , West Bengal
20. BOI Kenda BKID0004237 Raniganj Suri Roadkhas Kenda, P. O. Bahuia, District Burdwan, Bahuia (District Burdwan)
Bahuia (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
21. BOI Mithani BKID0004239 AT & Post Mithanidistrict Burdwan, Mithani (District Burdwan)
Mithani (dist Burdwan) , West Bengal
22. BOI Nandai BKID0004193 Nandai ( Natungram ), Near H. S School, District Burdwan - 713405
Nandai , West Bengal
23. BOI Nawabhat BKID0004209 G. T. Road, Nawabhatp. O. Fagupur, P. S. Sadar, District Burdwan, Fagupur (P. S. Sadar, District Burdwan)
Fagupur (p. S. Sadar, District Burdwan) , West Bengal
24. BOI Neamatpur BKID0004232 G. T. Roadneamatpur
Neamatpur , West Bengal
25. BOI Nepakuli BKID0004206 Nepakulip. O. Godaannada, P. S. Kalna, District Burdwa, Godaannada (P. S. Kalna, District Burdwan)
Godaannada (p. S. Kalna, District Burdwan) , West Bengal
26. BOI Palsit BKID0004267 Palsitp. O. Bhaita, Palsit (po Bhaita, District Burdwan)
Palsit (po Bhaita, Dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
27. BOI Rajbandh BKID0004274 Diatm Campus G. T. Roadrajbandh P. O Kanksa, Rajbandh ( WB)
Rajbandh ( Wb) , West Bengal
28. BOI Rayan BKID0004305 Rayan High School Premisesat & P. O-rayan, District Burdwan, Rayan (WB)
Rayan (wb) , West Bengal
29. BOI Sanktia BKID0004226 P. O. Sanktiadistrict Burdwan, Sanktia (District Burdwan)
Sanktia (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
30. BOI Satgachia BKID0004236 P. O. Satgachiadistrict Burdwan, Satgachia (District Burdwan)
Satgachia (dist. Burdwan) , West Bengal
31. BOI Satgram BKID0004240 P. O. Bogravia Devchandnagar, District Burdwan, Bogra (District Burdwan)
Bogra (dist Burdwan) , West Bengal
32. BOI Shyamsundar BKID0004203 AT & Post Shyamsunderdistrict Burdwan, Shyamsundar ( WB)
Shyamsundar ( Wb) , West Bengal
33. BOI Ukhra BKID0004389 Ananta Bhawan, Ananda Moreukhra Bus Stand, Burdwan, West Bengal
34. BOI Vivekananda College More BKID0004184 Bongpur Morepo-sreepally, District Burdwan, Burdwan, West Bengal

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