Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Murshidabad, West Bengal. The bank has 22 branches in Murshidabad district. The table below shows BOI Murshidabad IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Murshidabad

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Ahiran BKID0004351 AT & Post-ahirandistt Murshidabad
West Bengal
2. BOI Andulberia BKID0004214 Andulberia I, Gram Panchayat& P. O. Andulberia, District Murshidabad, Andulberia (District Murshidabad)
Andulberia (district Murshidabad) , West Bengal
3. BOI Arazi Ramkantpur BKID0004113 Chandni Chowk, Near Chandni Chowk, B. S. F. Camp, P. O. Chandni Chowk Hat, P. S. Suti, Chandni Chowk Hat (District Murshidabad)
Chandni Chowk Hat (dist Murshidabad) , West Bengal
4. BOI Bagan Dadpur BKID0004227 AT & P. O. Dadpurdistrict Murshidabad, District 24 Parganas ( South, Bagan-dadpur (WB)
Bagan-dadpur (wb) , West Bengal
5. BOI Bahutali BKID0004112 P. O. Bahutalivia Rajgaon, ( Birbhum ), District Murshidabad, Bahutali (District Murshidabad)
Bahutali (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal
6. BOI Berhampore BKID0004210 14, Bimal Singh Sarani, ( Samabayika Building ), 1 Stlaldighi, P. O. Berhampore, District Murshidabad, Berhampur
West Bengal
7. BOI Debaipur BKID0004216 P. O. Debaipurp. S. Bhagwangola, District Murshidabad, Debaipur (District Murshidabad)
Debaipur (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal
8. BOI Domkal BKID0005017 AT & Post Domkal, Near B. T. High School, District Murshidabad
West Bengal
9. BOI Gorabazar BKID0004308 46, K. P. Chhattoraj Road, Gorabazarberhampore, Berhampur
West Bengal
10. BOI Gudhia BKID0004220 P. O. Gudhiadistrict Murshidabad, Gudhia (District Murshidabad)
Gudhia (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal
11. BOI Hasanpur BKID0004215 6, Dangapara Gram Panchayat& P. O. Hasanpur, District Murshidabad, Hasanpur (District Murshidabad)
Hasanpur (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal
12. BOI Jhilli BKID0005080 Jhilli Grampanchayat Building PS Khargram, Murshidabad
West Bengal
13. BOI Jibanti BKID0004212 AT & Post Jibantip. S. Kandi, Jibanti (P. S. Kandi,District Murshidabad)
Jibanti (p. S. Kandi,dist Murshidabad) , West Bengal
14. BOI Kandi BKID0005015 Petrol Pump ( Jatadhari Saw Mill ) Post. Kandi, W. B, Murshidabad
West Bengal
15. BOI Khagra BKID0005016 7 A, Ratan Saha Road, Khagra, P. O-khagra, District Murshidabad, Berhampur
West Bengal
16. BOI Khargram BKID0004211 P. O. Khargramdistrict Murshidabad, Khargram (District Murshidabad)
Khargram (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal
17. BOI Kharibona BKID0004213 P. O. Nashipur Balagachhidistrict Murshidabad, Nashipur Balagachh (District Murshidabad)
Nashipur Balagachh (dist Murshidabad) , West Bengal
18. BOI Rajanagar BKID0004111 P. O. Rajanagarbagan Para, District Murshidabad, Rajanagar (District Murshidabad)
Rajanagar (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal
19. BOI Salar BKID0004115 Block Development Office ( Bharatpur II ) Po : Salar, PS : Salar, Murshidabad
West Bengal
20. BOI Sherpur - Murshidabad BKID0004110 Sherpurp. O. Sahi Sherpur, District Murshidabad, Sahi Sherpur (District Murshidabad)
Sahi Sherpur (dist Murshidabad) , West Bengal
21. BOI Suparigola BKID0004218 Near Raninagar-II Block Officep. O. Raninagar, District Murshidabad, Raninagar (District Murshidabad)
Raninagar (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal
22. BOI Tentulia, Murshidabad BKID0004217 P. O. Tentuliadistrict Murshidabad, Tentulia (District Murshidabad)
Tentulia (dist. Murshidabad) , West Bengal

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