Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. The bank has 56 branches in North 24 Parganas district. The table below shows BOI North 24 Parganas IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in North 24 Parganas

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Abantipur BKID0004247 Abantipur, P. O. Mondal Paravia Shyamnagar, District 24 Parganas North, Mondal Para (District 24 Parganas North)
Mondal Para (dist 24 Parganas North) , West Bengal
2. BOI Adamas Institute Of Technology Campus BKID0004156 Adamas Institute of Technology Premises Village Barasat Barrackpore Road, North 24 Parganas - 700126
Jagannathpur , West Bengal
3. BOI Ashokenagar BKID0004107 188 2 Ashokenagar Post Ashokenagar Pin743222, North 24 Parganas
Ashoknagar , West Bengal
4. BOI Badarhat BKID0004283 Badarhatp. O. Prithiba District 24 North Parganas
Badarhat , West Bengal
5. BOI Bamangachhi BKID0004383 Balaka Bhavan 1ST Floorvill & Po Bamangachhi, District North 24 Parganas, Bamangachhi (District t North 24 Parganas)
Bamangachhi (distt North 24 Parganas) , West Bengal
6. BOI Baranagore BKID0004042 Datta Villa39, Tobin Road, Kolkata
West Bengal
7. BOI Barasat BKID0004242 Colony More, Barasat, Nabapallyp. O. Barasat, District 24 Parganas ( North ), Kolkata
West Bengal
8. BOI Barrackpore BKID0004378 199, Barasat Road, P. O. Nona, Chandanpurkurbarrackpore, District North 24 Parganas, Barrackpore (west Bengal)
West Bengal
9. BOI Basirhat BKID0004132 College Para, Taki Road, Basirhat, District North 24 Parganas - 743412
West Bengal
10. BOI Basirhat Area Office BKID000A561 Area Office Basirhat College Para Taki Road, North 24 Parganas
West Bengal
11. BOI Beliaghata BKID0004022 Plot #27, C. I. T. Scheme No. IV M2, Hemchandra Naskar Road, Kolkata
West Bengal
12. BOI Bhebia BKID0004250 AT & Post Bhebiadistrict 24 Parganas North, Bhebia (District 24 Parganas North)
Bhebia (dist 24 Parganas North) , West Bengal
13. BOI Bidhan BKID0004055 Bidhannagar Branchsalt Lake City, District 24 Paraganas ( N ), Kolkata
West Bengal
14. BOI Biramnagar BKID0004326 Biramnagarp. O. Sangrampur, Biramnagar (P.O. Sangrampur)
Biramnagar (p.o. Sangrampur) , West Bengal
15. BOI Birati BKID0004064 344 MB Road 1ST Floorbirati, Kolkata
West Bengal
16. BOI Bodai BKID0004126 Dodai Panchayat Officevill & Post Bodai, District North 24 Parganas, 24parganas
West Bengal
17. BOI Bokchora BKID0004340 Bokchora Bazar, P. O. Noorpurvia Bhebia, District North 24 Pargana, Bokchora (north 24 Parganas)
West Bengal
18. BOI Bongaon BKID0004152 Bongaon Ramnagar Road Korarbagan Bongaon Post Bongaon, North 24 Parganas - 743235
Bongaon , West Bengal
19. BOI Chaital BKID0004130 AT Chaital, Po Amodpurg P Chaital, Block-minakhan, District North 24, 24parganas
West Bengal
20. BOI Chandipur BKID0004377 P. O. Chandipurp. S. Baduria, District North 24 Parganas, Chandipur (District north 24 Parganas)
Chandipur (dist.north 24 Parganas) , West Bengal
21. BOI Dumdum BKID0004141 Premises OF Shri Piyush Shaha, 17, Manujendradum Dum Cantonment, Post Office : Dum Dum, Dis, Kolkata
West Bengal
22. BOI Gandharbapur BKID0004328 P. O. Gandharbapurvia Katiahat
West Bengal
23. BOI Golabari BKID0004245 Taki Road, Post Golabari Bazazr, Via Barasat, District 24 Parganas North, Golabari (District 24 Paragans North)
Golabari (dist 24 Paragans North) , West Bengal
24. BOI Habra BKID0004059 Raja Market, Jessore Road, North 24 Parganas, Habra, West Bengal-7432
Habra (wb)
25. BOI Hishabi BKID0004279 Block Amdangap. O. Hishabi, Hishabi(District 24 North Paraganas)
Hishabi(dist 24 North Paraganas) , West Bengal
26. BOI Jhinka BKID0004375 Talra, P. O. Bhabladistrict 24 Parganas ( North ), Jhinka (District north 24 Parganas)
Jhinka (dist.north 24 Parganas) , West Bengal
27. BOI Kamarhatty BKID0004011 17/2, B. T. Road, Kolkata - 700058
West Bengal
28. BOI Kanchrapara BKID0004108 Ananda Bhavan Ground Floor 189 189 B Kabiguru Rabindranath Path Kanchrapara Pin743145, North 24 Parganas
West Bengal
29. BOI Kashimpur BKID0004276 Chandrapurp. O. Digha, Via Dattapukur, Digha ( Via Dattapukur, District 24 North Pargana
Digha ( Via Dattapukur, Dist 24 North Pargana , West Bengal
30. BOI Katiahat BKID0004275 AT & Post Katiahatdistrict 24 Parganas North, Katiahat (District 24 Parganas North)
Katiahat (dist. 24 Parganas North) , West Bengal
31. BOI Khantura BKID0004330 P. O. Khantura ( Kalitolla ) District 24 Parganas North, Khantura(District 24 Parganas North)
Khantura(district 24 Parganas North) , West Bengal
32. BOI Kholapota BKID0004229 AT & Post Kholapotadistrict 24 Parganas ( North ), Kholapota (District 24 Parganas (north))
Kholapota (district 24 Parganas (north)) , West Bengal
33. BOI Kolkata Retail Hub BKID0004058 2ND Floor, Boi Building, DD-2, Sector Isalt Lake, Kolkatta, Kolkata
West Bengal
34. BOI Madhyamgram BKID0004105 Badu Road, Madhyamgram, AT & Post : Madhyamgraparganas, Kolkata - 700129
West Bengal
35. BOI Mahispota BKID0004131 Premises OF Nabadaya Sangha, Village-mahispotapo-karnamadhabpur, District North 24 Paraganas, Mahispota (WB)
Mahispota (wb) , West Bengal
36. BOI Malancha BKID0004129 Madari Malancha, P. O. - Malancha, P. S. - Mdist-north 24 Parganas, Kolkata
West Bengal
37. BOI Maslandpur BKID0004143 Tentulia Road, Vill Post-maslandpu P. S-habra, District North 24 Parganas, Maslandpur
West Bengal
38. BOI Michael Nagar BKID0004325 AT & Post Michael Nagardistrict North 24 Parganas, Kolkata
West Bengal
39. BOI Mirhati BKID0004278 AT & Post Mirhatidistrict 24 Parganas North, Mirhati(District 24 North Parganas)
Mirhati(dist. 24 North Parganas) , West Bengal
40. BOI Murarisha Chowmatha BKID0004277 P. O. Murarishavia Bhebia, Murarisha Chowmatha(District 24 North Parganas)
Murarisha Chowmatha(dist 24 North Parganas) , West Bengal
41. BOI Naihati BKID0004151 Mahadeb Super Market Deulpara Adhata Road Naihati Post Naihati, North 24 Parganas - 743165
West Bengal
42. BOI Noldi BKID0004149 Noldi, Post Rajendrapur Block Basirhat II, North 24 Parganas - 743291
West Bengal
43. BOI Patuli BKID0004146 C/O Premises OF MRS. Indrani Halder, 1/7, Baipatuli Township, Block-H, Kolkata
West Bengal
44. BOI Pifa Bazar BKID0004338 Pifap. O. Pifa, District North 24 Parganas, Pifa Bazar (north 24 Parganas)
West Bengal
45. BOI Rajarhat BKID0004382 Atmananda Bhawan, 1ST Floornaipukur, Rajarhat Road, 24parganas
West Bengal
46. BOI Rampur - North 24 Parganas BKID0004376 AT Rampur Bazarp. O. Rampur, Via Canning Town, Rampur (WB)
Rampur (wb) , West Bengal
47. BOI Sajirhat BKID0004284 Vivekanand Nagar, Sodepur Road, P. O. Madhyamgram Bazar, Tal. Barrackpore II
West Bengal
48. BOI Salt Lake BKID0004249 Block DD-2 Sector I, 1ST Floor, Kolkata
West Bengal
49. BOI Sayesta Nagar BKID0004327 P. O. Sayestanagardistrict North 24 Parganas, Sayesta Nagar (District north 24 Parganas)
Sayesta Nagar (dist.north 24 Parganas) , West Bengal
50. BOI Sector V BKID0004071 Plot No-y6 Block-epsector-V Bidhannagar, Kolkata
West Bengal
51. BOI Shibalaya BKID0004133 Shibalaya, P. O-adi Kashimpur, P. S-barasat, District North 24 Parganas, Kolkata - 743248
West Bengal
52. BOI Shutia BKID0004155 Shutia Gram Panchayat Office Building Shutia Bazar Shutia, North 24 Parganas - 743273
Gaighata , West Bengal
53. BOI Sisirkunja BKID0004157 Jagaddhatri Bhavan Village Landmark 74 35 Jessore Road South Post Hridaypur, North 24 Parganas - 700127
Barasat , West Bengal
54. BOI Sodepur BKID0004148 Mangaldeep 7, Indraloke, Sodepur-barasat Roadnorth 24 Parganas, Kolkata
West Bengal
55. BOI Sundipukur BKID0004339 Sundipukurp. O. Sohai Kumarpur, District North 24 Parganas, Sundipukur (north 24 Parganas)
West Bengal
56. BOI Taki BKID0004158 Branch Manorama Bhawan C/O Shri Prodyut Das Post State, North 24 Parganas - 743429
Taki , West Bengal

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