Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of Maharashtra branches in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The bank has 64 branches in Kolhapur district. The table below shows Bank Of Maharashtra Kolhapur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Bank Of Maharashtra branches in Kolhapur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. Bank Of Maharashtra Adkur MAHB0000886 Adkur, Tal Chandgad, Kolhapur
Adkur , Maharashtra
2. Bank Of Maharashtra Ajra MAHB0000150 Shri B. Desai Complex Main Road Ajra Kolhapur - 416505
3. Bank Of Maharashtra Ashta MAHB0000231 Ashta, Sangli
Ashta , Maharashtra
4. Bank Of Maharashtra Atpadi MAHB0001171 Atpadi, Sangli
Atpadi , Maharashtra
5. Bank Of Maharashtra Balinge MAHB0000483 Balinge, Tal Karveer District Kolhapuer, Kolhapur
Balinge , Maharashtra
6. Bank Of Maharashtra Bambavade MAHB0000445 Bambavade, Tal Shahuwadi, Kolhapur
Bambavade , Maharashtra
7. Bank Of Maharashtra Bhedasgaon MAHB0000804 Bhedasgaon, Tal Shahuwadi, Kolhapur
Bhedasgaon , Maharashtra
8. Bank Of Maharashtra Bidri MAHB0000504 Bidri, Taluka : Kagal, Kolhapur
Bidri , Maharashtra
9. Bank Of Maharashtra Charan MAHB0000924 Charan Tal Shirala, Sangli
Charan , Maharashtra
10. Bank Of Maharashtra Dafalapur MAHB0000595 Dafalapur Tal Jath, Sangli
Dafalapur , Maharashtra
11. Bank Of Maharashtra Deorashtre MAHB0000650 Deorashtre, Tal Khanapur, Sangli
Deorashtre , Maharashtra
12. Bank Of Maharashtra Gadhinglaj MAHB0000395 Ghugare Building, 1086 Sankeshwar-ajara Road, Bazar Peth, Kolhapur - 416502
Gadhinglaj , Maharashtra
13. Bank Of Maharashtra Gadmudshingi MAHB0000478 Vasant Plaza Main Road, Gadmudshingi, Taluka Karveer, Kolhapur - 416119
14. Bank Of Maharashtra Gandhinagar MAHB0001681 190/5 A, Shop No B-15-17, Mahalaxmi Plaza, Main Road, Gandhi Nagar Tal Karveer, Kolhapur - 416119
Gandhinagar , Maharashtra
15. Bank Of Maharashtra Gangavesh MAHB0000585 505/D, Sudhakar Chambers, Gangavesh, Kolhapur - 416002
16. Bank Of Maharashtra Gargoti MAHB0001622 2365/1, First Floor, Raviraj Complex, Near Bus Stand, Kolahapur, Kolhapur - 416209
Gargoti , Maharashtra
17. Bank Of Maharashtra Gavase MAHB0001066 Gavase, Tlaajra, Kolhapur
Gavase , Maharashtra
18. Bank Of Maharashtra Ghunki MAHB0000295 Ghunki, Tal Hatkanangle, Kolhapur
Ghunki , Maharashtra
19. Bank Of Maharashtra Hatkangale MAHB0001680 H #727/2, BAZAAR PETH, NEAR GRAMPANCHAYAT OFFICE, HATHKANANGLE-416109, Kolhapur
Hatkanangale , Maharashtra
20. Bank Of Maharashtra Hupari MAHB0001476 Prathamesh Complex, Opposite Hutatma Smarak Main Road, Bus Stand Hupari, Kolhapur - 416203
21. Bank Of Maharashtra Ichalkaranji MAHB0000085 Sultanpure Building, 364 Main Road, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur - 416115
Ichalkarnji , Maharashtra
22. Bank Of Maharashtra Jasingpur MAHB0001383 9TH Lane Near Ram Mandir Jaysingpur Taluka Shirol, Kolhapur - 416101
23. Bank Of Maharashtra Kadgaon MAHB0000749 Kadgaon, Tal Bhudargad, Kolhapur
Kadgaon , Maharashtra
24. Bank Of Maharashtra Kagal MAHB0000412 Tal Kagal, Kolhapur
25. Bank Of Maharashtra Kasbanool MAHB0001041 Kasba Nool, Tal Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur
Kasaba Nool , Maharashtra
26. Bank Of Maharashtra Khadakewada MAHB0000875 Khadakewada, Tal Kagal, Kolhapur
Khadkewada , Maharashtra
27. Bank Of Maharashtra Kodoli MAHB0001960 Adishakti Building, C. S. #1599 B, Kibile Galli, Main Road, Kodoli, Tal-Panhala, Kolhapur
28. Bank Of Maharashtra Kolhapur Khasbaug MAHB0000748 2544 B Ward Mangalwar Peth Khasbag Kolhapur - 416012
29. Bank Of Maharashtra Kolhapur Tararani Vidyapeeth MAHB0001219 Tararani Vidyapeeth, Rajarampuri, 1ST Lane Kolhapur - 416008
30. Bank Of Maharashtra Kowad MAHB0000989 Kowad, Tal Chandgad, Kolhapur
Kowad , Maharashtra
31. Bank Of Maharashtra Kundal MAHB0000361 Kundal, Tal Tasgaon, Sangli
Kundal , Maharashtra
32. Bank Of Maharashtra Kur, Koor MAHB0000818 Kur, Tal Bhudargad, Kolhapur
Koor , Maharashtra
33. Bank Of Maharashtra Laxmipuri MAHB0000018 1408-C, Khatik Samaj Building Laxmipuri, Kolhapur - 416001
34. Bank Of Maharashtra Mahadwar Road MAHB0000326 2430, Shende Building, Mahadwar Road, Kolhapur - 416002
35. Bank Of Maharashtra Malewadi MAHB0001086 Malewadi, Tal Shahuwadi, Kolhapur
Malewadi , Maharashtra
36. Bank Of Maharashtra Malkapur MAHB0000362 Malkapur, Tal Shahuwadi, Kolhapur
Malkapur , Maharashtra
37. Bank Of Maharashtra Manjarde MAHB0000819 Manjarde, Sangli
Manjarde , Maharashtra
38. Bank Of Maharashtra Mhakve MAHB0000986 Mhakve, Tal Kagal, Kolhapur
Bange , Maharashtra
39. Bank Of Maharashtra Mid Corporate MAHB0001575 517 A/1, Mahabank Building, Kawala Naka, Kolhapur
40. Bank Of Maharashtra Nandre MAHB0000156 Nandre, Sangli
Nandre , Maharashtra
41. Bank Of Maharashtra Nelkaranji MAHB0001013 Nelkaranji Tal Atpadi, Sangli
Nelkarnji , Maharashtra
42. Bank Of Maharashtra Nrusinhawadi MAHB0001872 Nrusihawadi Near S. T. Stand Taluka Shirol, Kolhapur - 416104
43. Bank Of Maharashtra Rajarampuri MAHB0000410 Mahajan Building, House #1909, Lane #11, Rajarampuri Kolhapur - 416008
44. Bank Of Maharashtra Ruikar Colony MAHB0000844 Mahadik Vasahat, OLD Pune Bangalore Road Kolhapur - 416003
45. Bank Of Maharashtra Salokhenagar MAHB0001130 Nale Colony, Salokhenagar, Kolhapur
46. Bank Of Maharashtra Salvan MAHB0000932 Salvan, Tal Gaganbawada, Kolhapur
Salwan , Maharashtra
47. Bank Of Maharashtra Sane Guruji Vasahat MAHB0001017 12, Pawar Colony, Radhanagari Road, Sane Guruji Vasahat, Kolhapur - 416012
48. Bank Of Maharashtra Sangurul MAHB0000497 Sangrul, Tal Karveer, Kolhapur
Sangrul , Maharashtra
49. Bank Of Maharashtra Sankh MAHB0000550 Sankh Tal Jath, Sangli
Sankh , Maharashtra
50. Bank Of Maharashtra Senapati Kapshi MAHB0000499 Senapati Kapshi, Tal Kagal, Kolhapur
Senapati Kapshi , Maharashtra
51. Bank Of Maharashtra Service MAHB0001386 1408-C, Khatik Samaj Building, Laxmipuri Kolhapur - 416001
52. Bank Of Maharashtra Shegaon MAHB0000993 Shegaon Tal Jath, Sangli
Shegaon , Maharashtra
53. Bank Of Maharashtra Shirdhon MAHB0000705 Shirdhon Tal Kavathe Mahankal, Sangli
Shirdhon , Maharashtra
54. Bank Of Maharashtra Shiroli Pulachi MAHB0001953 1173 Uchgaonkar Galli Main Road, Shiroli Pulachi, Maharastra, Kolhapur - 416122
Hatkanangal , Maharashtra
55. Bank Of Maharashtra Shivaji Univercity Area MAHB0000662 Parvati Building, Torananagar, Sagarmal, Kolhapur - 416008
56. Bank Of Maharashtra Tarabai Chowk MAHB0000533 Mahabank Building, 517/A/1, Plot #7, Kawla Naka, Kolhapur - 416001
57. Bank Of Maharashtra Tarabai Park MAHB0001045 Parivartan, Pawar Building, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur 416
58. Bank Of Maharashtra Tudiye MAHB0000952 Tudiye, Tal Chandgad, Kolhapur
Tudiye , Maharashtra
59. Bank Of Maharashtra Turkewadi MAHB0000856 Turkewadi, Tal Chandgad, Kolhapur
Turkewadi , Maharashtra
60. Bank Of Maharashtra Uran Islampur MAHB0000466 Uran-islampur, Sangli
Islampur , Maharashtra
61. Bank Of Maharashtra Vita MAHB0001185 Vita Tal Vita, Sangli
Vita , Maharashtra
62. Bank Of Maharashtra Waifale MAHB0000726 Waifale Tal Tasgaon, Sangli
Waifale , Maharashtra
63. Bank Of Maharashtra Warul MAHB0001107 Watul Tal Shahuwadi, Kolhapur
Varul , Maharashtra
64. Bank Of Maharashtra Yadrav MAHB0001820 474/1, Opposite Sit College, Sangli Road, Yadrav, Tal-shirol, Kolhapur - 416121

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