Branch names and IFSC of all Co-operative Banks branches in Idukki, Kerala. The bank has 57 branches in Idukki district. The table below shows Co-operative Banks Idukki IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Co-operative Banks branches in Idukki

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Co-operative Banks Adimaly IDUK0000004 Adimali Main Branch, Adimali P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685561
2. Co-operative Banks Adimaly Evening IDUK0000044 Adimali Evening Branch, Adimali P. O, Idukki - 685561
Adimaly Evening , Kerala
3. Co-operative Banks Anakkara IDUK0000029 Anakkara Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685512
4. Co-operative Banks Chemmannar IDUK0000028 Chemmannar Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685554
5. Co-operative Banks Cheruthony IDUK0000034 Cheruthony Extension Counter Colony P. O, Idukki - 685602
Cheruthony , Kerala
6. Co-operative Banks Elappara IDUK0000024 Elappara Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685501
7. Co-operative Banks Head Office IDUK0000055 P. B. #2 Colony P. O, Idukki - 685602
Head Office , Kerala
8. Co-operative Banks Idukki Cooperative Bank UTIB0SIDB99 Idukki Colony P O, 685602
Idikki , Kerala
9. Co-operative Banks Irumpupalam IDUK0000051 Irumpupalam Branch, Valara P. O, Idukki - 685561
Irumpupalam , Kerala
10. Co-operative Banks Kaliyar IDUK0000010 Kaliyar Branch, Vannappuram P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685582
11. Co-operative Banks Kambilikandam IDUK0000026 Kambilikandom Branch, Kambilikandom P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685571
12. Co-operative Banks Kanjar IDUK0000036 Kanjar Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685592
Kanjar , Kerala
13. Co-operative Banks Kanjikuzhi IDUK0000027 Kanjikuzhy BranchKanjikuzhy P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685606
14. Co-operative Banks Karimannoor IDUK0000033 Karimannoor Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685581
Karimannoor , Kerala
15. Co-operative Banks Karimkunnam IDUK0000021 Karikkunnam Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685586
16. Co-operative Banks Kattappana EVG IDUK0000019 Kattappana Evening Branch, Kattappana P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685508
Kattappana Evg
17. Co-operative Banks Kattappana Main IDUK0000003 Kattappana Main, Kattappana P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685508
Kattappana Main
18. Co-operative Banks Kattappana Town IDUK0000053 Kattappana Town, Idukki, Kerala
Kattappana Town
19. Co-operative Banks Kattappana Urbancoop Bank Kattappana INDB0KUCB01 KSHB Complex Kattappana-685508, Idukki District Kerala
20. Co-operative Banks Kumily IDUK0000015 Kumily Main Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685509
21. Co-operative Banks Kumily EVG IDUK0000030 Kumily Evening Branch, Kumily P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685509
Kumily Evg
22. Co-operative Banks Kunchithanni IDUK0000012 Kunchithanny Branch, Kunchithanny P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685565
23. Co-operative Banks Kuttikkanam IDUK0000037 Kuttikkanam Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685531
Kuttikkanam , Kerala
24. Co-operative Banks Labbakkada IDUK0000048 Labbakada Branch, Kalthotty P. O, Idukki - 685507
Labbakkada , Kerala
25. Co-operative Banks Mangattukavala IDUK0000043 Branch, Thodupuzha East P. O, Idukki - 685585
Mangattukavala , Kerala
26. Co-operative Banks Mankulam IDUK0000038 Mankulam Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685565
Mankulam , Kerala
27. Co-operative Banks Marayoor IDUK0000054 Marayoor Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685620
Marayoor , Kerala
28. Co-operative Banks Mundakayam East IDUK0000009 Mundakkayam East Branch, Mundakkayam East P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 686513
Mundakayam East
29. Co-operative Banks Mundiyeruma IDUK0000008 Mundiyeruma Branch, Thookkupalam, K. P. Colony P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685552
30. Co-operative Banks Munnar IDUK0000005 Munnar Main Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685612
31. Co-operative Banks Munnar EVG IDUK0000041 Munnar Evening Branch, Munnar P. O, Idukki - 685612
Munnar Evg , Kerala
32. Co-operative Banks Murickassery IDUK0000016 Vazhithala Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685604
33. Co-operative Banks Muttom IDUK0000025 Muttom Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685587
34. Co-operative Banks Nedumkandam IDUK0000014 Nedumkandom Branch, Nedumkandom P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685553
35. Co-operative Banks Nedumkandam Town IDUK0000052 Nedumkandom Town Branch, Nedumkandom P. O, Idukki - 685553
Nedumkandam Town , Kerala
36. Co-operative Banks Neyyassery IDUK0000046 Neyyassery Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685581
Neyyassery , Kerala
37. Co-operative Banks Pattayamkavala IDUK0000050 Pattayamkavala Branch, Muthalakodam P. O, Idukki - 685605
Pattayamkavala , Kerala
38. Co-operative Banks Pooppara IDUK0000039 Pooppara Extension Counter, P. O, Idukki - 685619
Pooppara , Kerala
39. Co-operative Banks Rajakkad IDUK0000022 Rajakkad Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685566
40. Co-operative Banks Rajakumary IDUK0000035 Rajakumary Branch, South P. O, Idukki - 685619
Rajakumary , Kerala
41. Co-operative Banks Santhapara IDUK0000013 Santhanpara Branch, Santhanpara P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685619
42. Co-operative Banks Thankamany IDUK0000031 Thankamany Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685609
43. Co-operative Banks The State Co Operative Bank IBKL046KS18 Cheruthoni Junction, Cheruthoni, Idukki Colony Po - 685602
Idikki , Kerala
44. Co-operative Banks Thodupuzha M & E IDUK0000002 Thodupuzha M & E Branch, Thodupuzha P. O, Idukki - 685584
Thodupuzha M And E , Kerala
45. Co-operative Banks Thodupuzha Main IDUK0000011 Thodupuzha Main Branch, Thodupuzha P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685584
Thodupuzha Main
46. Co-operative Banks Thodupuzha Town IDUK0000032 Thodupuzha Town Branch, Thodupuzha P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685584
Thodupuzha Town
47. Co-operative Banks Thopramkudy IDUK0000047 Thopramkudy Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685515
Thopramkudy , Kerala
48. Co-operative Banks Udumbanoor IDUK0000018 Udumbannoor Branch, Udumbannoor P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685595
49. Co-operative Banks Upputhara IDUK0000020 Karikkunnam Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685505
50. Co-operative Banks Vandanmedu IDUK0000023 Vandanmedu Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685551
51. Co-operative Banks Vandiperiyar IDUK0000006 Vandiperiyar Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685533
52. Co-operative Banks Vattavada IDUK0000040 Vattavada Branch, Koviloor P. O, Idukki - 685615
Vattavada , Kerala
53. Co-operative Banks Vazhathope IDUK0000007 Vazhathope Branch, Thadiyampadu P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685602
54. Co-operative Banks Vazhithala IDUK0000017 Vazhithala Branch, P. O, Idukki, Kerala - 685583
55. Co-operative Banks Velliamattom IDUK0000045 Velliamattom Branch, Pannimattam P. O, Idukki - 685588
Velliamattom , Kerala
56. Co-operative Banks Vengalloor IDUK0000049 Vengalloor Branch, P. O, Idukki - 685608
Vengalloor , Kerala
57. Co-operative Banks West Kodikulam IDUK0000042 West Kodikkulam Branch, Kodikulam P. O, Idukki - 685582
West Kodikulam , Kerala

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