Possession of a credit card immediately transfers you to an elite society! One is looked down upon if one does not have a credit card.

Credit cards are increasingly being used in buying and selling online as well as offline. This is an age of e-commerce. Along with this increasing use of the card comes the valid fear of theft. Large amounts of money have been stolen from various people's bank accounts because of this undercover illegal activity.

Guarding the details of our credit card is more important than that required for our debit card. Theft of credit cards/their information not only deprives us of our money but at times even of our own identity. Out there are not just money thieves but identity thieves as well!

We may be making purchases offline with a credit card at a grocery store or paying up at a restaurant. At the counter our credit card needs to be swiped to deduct the payment from the bank. That is the time one has to be very alert. We should make sure that there is no magnetic reader connected behind the scenes which can read the card's full details within seconds. Immediately inform the company/the bank in case the credit card/its details are stolen.

Maintain great precautions with your credit card. Ensure to keep it on you all the time. Do not ever give away any of its information to strangers or even friends. Keep one copy of the card details like its number, expiry date and the security number safely somewhere e.g. in the house, and another on your person but never keep with the credit card or in the wallet.

Online use of the credit card is just as important as its use offline since either way, it is the details of the card the thieves are after.

When making online purchases, ensure to send your credit card details on an encrypted connection. This can be checked on the address bar of the web browser. A website with the link 'https' is secure, as the link is using Secure Sockets Layer protocol, a powerful encryption system. If it is without the 's' i.e. just 'http' it is not an encrypted connection and therefore unsafe for credit card transactions.

At the same time make sure that the person on the other side of the 'https' is not a thief himself! You will be confidently sending all your credit card details right into his lap! Actually, such vendors give themselves away because they themselves are selling illegal things like drugs without prescriptions, pornography etc... So beware.

Ensure that the website domain is proper and not an imitation e.g. 'paypal.com' and not 'paypals.com'. Another worthwhile precaution is never to click on any link sent by an unknown person through email.

Because of the fragility in use of permanent credit cards, nowadays, disposable, single use credit cards are increasingly being used ensuring enhanced safety and peace of mind while making online money transactions.

Credit Card - Useful Tips, Information

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