Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Bhojpur, Bihar. The bank has 33 branches in Bhojpur district. The table below shows PNB Bhojpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Bhojpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB 291, Ara, Station Road PUNB0149400 Station Road, Ara, Arrah , Bihar
2. PNB Anaith PUNB0600100 Budhiya Lodge, Anaith Arrah, Bihar
Bhojpur, Bihar
3. PNB Ara Chowk PUNB0002200 Chowk Ara, Arrah , Bihar
4. PNB Arah PUNB0121610 South of Ramna Maidan Hari Ji Ka Hata, Arrah , Bihar - 802301
5. PNB Bagar PUNB0171700 Block Tarari, District Bhojpour, Bihar
Bagar (bihar)
6. PNB Barhara PUNB0122800 06186, Barahara, Bihar - 244101
7. PNB Baruana PUNB0214100 Po Narayanpur, ( Via-agidon ), Block-sa, District bhojpur
Bhojpur, Bihar , Bihar
8. PNB Bihiya PUNB0600200 Po : Bihiya, Bihar
Bhojpur, Bihar
9. PNB Cc Back Office, Ara Chowk PUNB0696700 Ara Chowk Vir Complex Jailroad, Arrah , Bihar
10. PNB Cc Back Office, Piro PUNB0696800 Main Bazar Pior, Piro
11. PNB Charpokhari PUNB0140300 Po Garhani, District Bhojpur, Bihar
12. PNB Dhandiha PUNB0793100 Vpo-dhandiha, District Bhojpur
Arrah , Bihar , Bihar
13. PNB Ekauna PUNB0751900 P. O. Ekauna, PS- Udwant Nagar, Arrah, District t-bhojpur
Ekauna (distt-bhojpur) , Bihar
14. PNB Gajraj Ganj PUNB0191700 Block Udvant Nagar, Gajraj Ganj, District bhojpur
Gajrajganj (distt-bhojpur) , Bihar
15. PNB Gaura PUNB0192900 Block Shahpur, District bhojpur
Bhojpur, Bihar , Bihar
16. PNB Gauss Ganj PUNB0745500 Gausganj, Vijaynagar, Arrah
Arrah , Bihar , Bihar
17. PNB Ghagha Bazar PUNB0192800 Po Nawadaben, Block Behia, District bhojpur
Ghagha Bazar (distt-bhojpur) , Bihar
18. PNB Gidha PUNB0974800 Village & Post Gidha, Bhojpur - 802314
19. PNB Haswadih PUNB0201000 Block Piromain, Po Dolipur, District bhojpur
Bhojpur, Bihar , Bihar
20. PNB Jagdishpur PUNB0600300 P. O. Jagdishpur, Bhojpur, Bihar
21. PNB Koilwar PUNB0072500 District Bhojpur, Bihar
Koilwar, Distt Bhojpur
22. PNB Krishnagarh PUNB0161700 District Bhojpur, Krishna Garh DT Bhojpur
Krishna Garh Dt Bhojpur , Bihar
23. PNB Pasaur PUNB0217200 Via-char Pokhri, Pasaur, District bhojpur
Pasaur (distt-bhojpur) , Bihar
24. PNB Piania PUNB0214200 Vpo Udwantnagar, Piania, Bihar
Piania (bihar)
25. PNB Piraunta PUNB0269100 V & Po Pirauta, District t.bhojpur
Arrah , Bihar , Bihar
26. PNB Piro PUNB0049300 District Bhojpur, Arrah, Bihar
Arrah , Bihar
27. PNB Sahar PUNB0310300 Thana Road, District Bhojpur, Sahar, District t. Bhojpur (bihar)
Sahar, Distt. Bhojpur (bihar) , Bihar
28. PNB Sandesh PUNB0600400 Sandesh ( Bihar )
Bhojpur, Bihar
29. PNB Shahpur Bhojpur PUNB0089900 District Bhojpur, Bhojpur, Bihar
30. PNB Sikarhatta PUNB0175100 District Bhojpur, Arrah
Sikarhata, Distt. Bhojpur , Bihar
31. PNB Sirpalpur PUNB0215300 District Bhojpur, Bhojpur, Bihar
32. PNB Tarari PUNB0331500 District Bhojpur, Bhojpur, Bihar
33. PNB Udwantnagar PUNB0335200 District Bhojpur, Arrah , Bihar

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