Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Buxar, Bihar. The bank has 18 branches in Buxar district. The table below shows PNB Buxar IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Buxar

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. PNB Arakh PUNB0101200 P. O. Arakh, Block Chakki, District t Buxar Bihar
Arakh Distt Buxar
2. PNB Balihar PUNB0131100 Po Dulhapur, Block Simri, District Buxar, Balihar Po-dullah Pur Bihar
3. PNB Barkagaon PUNB0269200 Po : Barkagaon, District t. Buxor (bihar)
Buxar (bihar) , Bihar
4. PNB Barkasinghpura PUNB0648100 P. O. OFF Barkasinghanpura, Buxar (bihar)
5. PNB Bhojpur Jadid (naya Bhojpur) PUNB0723700 Vpo. Naya Bhojpur, Dumri Road, Dumraon, District buxar
Dumraon (distt-bhojpur) , Bihar
6. PNB Brahmpur PUNB0600500 Brahmpur ( Bihar )
Buxar (bihar)
7. PNB Buxar PUNB0387700 Main Road, Buxar, Buxar (bihar)
8. PNB Chaugain PUNB0600600 P. O. Chaugain, Buxar (bihar)
9. PNB Chausa PUNB0878400 Chausa Akhoripur Gola, Buxar
Chousa , Bihar
10. PNB Dumraon PUNB0015200 District Buxar, Dumraon (District t-bhojpur)
Dumraon (distt-bhojpur) , Bihar
11. PNB Dumri - Buxar PUNB0154700 Po-simri, District Buxar, Bihar
Dumri (buxar)
12. PNB Ekrasi PUNB0648300 P. O. - Ekrasi, Po-bagengola, Block Brahmpur
Ekrasi, Block Brahmpur , Bihar
13. PNB Itarhi PUNB0723900 Vpo-itarhi, District Buxar
Arrah , Bihar , Bihar
14. PNB Kukurha PUNB0237000 Kukurha, District Buxor ( Bihar )
Kukurha (arrah)-bihar (south)
15. PNB Nawanagar PUNB0270300 Po Nawanagar, District t. Buxor (bihar)
Nawanagar, Distt. Buxor (bihar) , Bihar
16. PNB Pandeypatti PUNB0693500 Vpo-pandeypatti Nai Bazar, Buxar
Pandeypatti , Bihar
17. PNB Rampur (buxar) PUNB0300500 Rampur, Via Chausa, District t. Buxar, Bihar
Rampur (distt. Buxar, Bihar)
18. PNB Sarimpur PUNB0793000 Vpo Sarimpur, District t Buxar
Sarimpur, Buxar , Bihar

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