Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Madhubani, Bihar. The bank has 25 branches in Madhubani district. The table below shows PNB Madhubani IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Madhubani

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Andhra Tharhi PUNB0098800 Andhrathari, District t: Madhubani
Andhrathari (darbhanga) , Bihar
2. PNB Babu Barhi PUNB0126900 Bo Babubarhi, District t. Madhubani, Bihar
Babubarhi (distt. Madhubani, Bihar)
3. PNB Balaunja PUNB0239800 Bo Belaunja, District Madhubani, Bihar
Belaunja, Dt Madhubani, Bihar
4. PNB Benipatti PUNB0058600 Bo Benipatti, District Madhubani, Bihar (north)
Benipatti (distt. Madhubani, Bihar)
5. PNB Bisfi PUNB0128200 District Madhubani, Bisfi, DT Madhubani, Bihar
Bisfi, Dt Madhubani, Bihar
6. PNB Gangour PUNB0175200 District Madhubani, Gangaur, DT Madhubani, Bihar
Gangaur, Dt Madhubani, Bihar
7. PNB Jai Nagar PUNB0151310 Sonthalia Bhawan, Main Road, Po Jai Nagar, Jainagar-madhubani - 847226
Madhubani , Bihar
8. PNB Jaynagar (na) PUNB0023700 District Madhubani, Jaynagar (District t-madhubani)
Jaynagar (distt-madhubani) , Bihar
9. PNB Jhanjharpur Bazar PUNB0222800 District Madhubani ( Bihar )
Jhanjharpur Bazar (distt-madhubani)
10. PNB Kaluahi PUNB0640100 Kaluahi ( District Madhubani ), Bihar
Kaluahi (distt-madhubani)
11. PNB Khojpur PUNB0304700 Block Babu Behri, District Madhubani ( Bihar )
Khojpur, Dt Madhubani, Bihar
12. PNB Kulharia PUNB0239900 Bo Kulharia, District t. Madhubani, Bihar
Kulharia (distt. Madhubani, Bihar)
13. PNB Ladania PUNB0241500 District Madhubani, Bihar
Ladania, Dt Madhubani, Bihar
14. PNB Madhawa Pur PUNB0253900 Madhwapur, District Madhubani, Bihar
Madhwapur, Bihar
15. PNB Madhepur PUNB0253500 Madhepur, Via Jhanjharpur, District t. Madhubani, Bihar
Madhepur, Dt Madhubani, Bihar
16. PNB Madhopur PUNB0177800 Madhopur, Bo Shivnagar, District t. Madhubani, Bihar
Madhopur (shivnagar, Distt. Madhubani, Bh)
17. PNB Madhubani PUNB0163420 Gaga Sagar Chawk, Kali Mandir, Madhubani
18. PNB Madhubani PUNB0164110 Sri MBP Plaza, Bata Chowk, Madhubani - 847211
19. PNB Madhubani PUNB0251500 Station Road, Madhubani
20. PNB Madhubani, R.k. College PUNB0474300 RK College, Madhubani
21. PNB Mangrauni PUNB0691500 Mangrauni, District Madhubani, Mangrauni (darbhanga)
22. PNB Raj Nagar PUNB0093500 Raj Nagar, Gandhi Chowk, Madhubani
Rajnagar (darbhanga) , Bihar
23. PNB Ranti PUNB0751300 Mohan Sheela Complex, Ranti Chowk, Rajnagar Road, District t-madhubani
Ranti , Distt-madhubani , Bihar
24. PNB Sakuri PUNB0788900 Bo ; Sakuri, District t Madhubani
25. PNB Umgaon PUNB0335900 Office Basopatti, District Madhubani, Umgaon (District t-madhubani)
Umgaon (distt-madhubani) , Bihar

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