Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Fatehabad, Haryana. The bank has 20 branches in Fatehabad district. The table below shows PNB Fatehabad IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Fatehabad

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Alika PUNB0134500 Vpo Alika, District t Fatehabad Haryana
Alika, Dist.fatehabad (haryana
2. PNB Ayalki PUNB0779700 Vpo Ayalki, District Fatehabad, Haryana
3. PNB Bhattu Kalan PUNB0056500 Bhattu Mandi, Fatehbad
4. PNB Bhodia Khera PUNB0650400 Bhodia Khera ( District Fatehabad, Haryana
Bhoria Khera (distt-fatehabad)
5. PNB Bhuna PUNB0054700 Main Road, Bhuna, Haryana
Bhuna (haryana)
6. PNB Bhuna PUNB0158810 Near Anaj Mandi, Uklana Road, Bhuna - Distt. Fatehabad - 125111
7. PNB Dharsul Kalan PUNB0769800 Vpo Dharsul Kalan, District Fatehabad, Haryana
8. PNB Fatehabad PUNB0014610 Fatehabad - 125050
Fatehabad , Haryana
9. PNB Fatehabad Mmc PUNB0446000 Fathebad, Fatehbad
10. PNB Fatehabad New Mandi PUNB0065300 C/O New Mandi, Fatehbad
11. PNB Fatehabad, New Anaj Mandi PUNB0982200 New Anaj Mandi, Fatehabad - 125050
12. PNB Gorakhpur PUNB0135400 Gorakhpur, District Fatehabad, Haryana
Gorakhpur,(fatehabad) Haryana
13. PNB Hijranwan Kalan PUNB0249700 Hizrawan Khurd, District Fatehabad, Haryana
Hizrawan Khurd (haryana)
14. PNB Jakhal PUNB0221400 Jakhal Mandi, Teh. Tohana, Fatehbad
15. PNB Lehrian PUNB0586200 Vpo Lehrian HR Fated, Fatehabad - 125106
16. PNB Nagpur (fatehabad) PUNB0731600 Vpo Nagpur, Fatehabad
17. PNB Nehla PUNB0106800 Vpo Nehla, District t.fathehabad
Nehla (distt. Fatehabad) , Haryana
18. PNB Pabra PUNB0290300 Pabra, District Hissar, Pabra (District t. Hissar)
Pabra (distt. Hissar) , Haryana
19. PNB Rattia PUNB0092700 Tohana Road, Ratia, District t. Fathehabad
Ratia, Haryana , Haryana
20. PNB Tohana PUNB0045200 Vpo Tohana, District t. Fathehabad
Tohana (distt-fatehabad) , Haryana

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