Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Jhajjar, Haryana. The bank has 24 branches in Jhajjar district. The table below shows PNB Jhajjar IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Jhajjar

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Akheri Madanpur PUNB0739600 Akheri Madanpur, District jhajjar
Akheri Madanpur , Haryana
2. PNB Asudha PUNB0336700 Vpo-asaudah, District Jhajjar ( Haryana )
Asaudha (jhajjar)
3. PNB Badli PUNB0059400 Vpo-badli, District Jhajjar, Badli, District t. Jhajjar Haryana
Badli, Distt. Jhajjar Haryana
4. PNB Badsa PUNB0678300 Badsa ( District Jhajjar ), Haryana
Badsa (distt-jhajjar)
5. PNB Bahadurgarh Railway Road PUNB0003500 Railway Road, Bahadurgarh, District Jhajjar
6. PNB Beri PUNB0334600 Vpo-beri, Main Bazar, Beri (District t. Jhajjar)
Beri (distt. Jhajjar) , Haryana
7. PNB Dadri Toe PUNB0102100 Vpo-dadri Toe, District Jhajjar ( Haryana )
Dadri Toe (distt. Jhajjar, Hr)
8. PNB Dubaldhan PUNB0129310 Oriental Bank of Comm Vpo Dubaldhan, Jhajjar - 124202
9. PNB Dulehra PUNB0151200 Vpo-dulhera Teh. Bahadurgarh, Dulhera, District t Jhajjar
Dulhera, Distt Jhajjar , Haryana
10. PNB Islamgarh PUNB0739300 Islamgarh, ( Chhuchhakwas ), Jhajjar
11. PNB Jhajjar PUNB0009010 Opposite Bus Stand, Jhajjar - 124103
12. PNB Jhajjar PUNB0220200 Near Bus Stand, Jhajjar
13. PNB Jharli PUNB0224000 Vpo-jharli, Jharli (jhajjar)
14. PNB Jharli, Ntpc PUNB0651600 Jharli, NTPC ( District Jhajjar ), Jharli (jhajjar)
15. PNB Kablana Jhajjar PUNB0195810 Ganga INST of Tech & MGM Vpo-Kablana Jha, Jhajjar - 124104
16. PNB Kasni PUNB0336900 Vpo-kasni, Kasni, District t. Jhajjar(haryana)
Kasni, Distt. Jhajjar(haryana) , Haryana
17. PNB Kassar PUNB0467600 Vpo-kassar, Tehsil-bahadurgarh, Jhajjar
18. PNB Machhrauli PUNB0254600 Vpo-machhrauli, Machhrauli (District t. Jhajjar)
Machhrauli (distt. Jhajjar) , Haryana
19. PNB Majra Dubaldhan District. Jhajja PUNB0178010 Vpomajra Dubaldhan Tehsil Beri, . JH, Jhajjar - 124203
20. PNB Mattan - Jhajjar PUNB0111400 District Anantnag, Mattan, District t. Anantnag
Mattan, Distt Jhajjar , Haryana
21. PNB Mundahera PUNB0334400 Vpo-mundahera, Block-sahlawas, Mundahera,District jhajjar(haryana
Mundahera,dist.jhajjar(haryana , Haryana
22. PNB Neola . Jhajjar PUNB0200710 Vpo Neola, Jhajjar - 124146
23. PNB Sahlawas PUNB0311500 Vpo-sahlawas, District Jhajjar ( Haryana )
24. PNB Subana PUNB0315400 Vpo-subana, Subana (rohtak)

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