Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Jind, Haryana. The bank has 42 branches in Jind district. The table below shows PNB Jind IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Jind

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Ahirika PUNB0739700 Vpo Ahirika District Jind, Haryana
2. PNB Amargarh Jind PUNB0327500 Vpo Amargarh, District t. Jind
Amargarh (haryana) , Haryana
3. PNB Baroda Uchana PUNB0219300 Vpo Baroda, Tehsil : Narwana, District t. Jind
Baroda (distt. Jind) , Haryana
4. PNB Budain PUNB0725900 Budain ( District Jind ), Haryana
Budain (distt-jind)
5. PNB Cc Back Office, Jind PUNB0709100 SCF, 17-18, Huda Complex, Jind City
6. PNB Chaundhary Ranbir Singh University, Rohtak Toad PUNB0994100 Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Jind - 126102
7. PNB Chhattar PUNB0143600 Vpo Chhattar, Tehsil Narwana, District t. Jind
8. PNB Danoda Kalan PUNB0150800 Vpo Danoda Kalan, District t. Jind
9. PNB Dhamtan Jind PUNB0327700 Dhamtan Teh Narwana, District Ji, HR
Dhamtan (distt-jind) , Haryana
10. PNB Dharodhi Jind PUNB0327600 Vpo Dharodhi, District t Jind
Dharodhi (distt-jind) , Haryana
11. PNB Didwara (anta) PUNB0210000 Anta, District Jind, Anta (didwara) District t. Jind
Anta (didwara) Distt. Jind , Haryana
12. PNB Durjan Pur PUNB0155800 Vpodurjanpur, District t Jind
Durjanpur (distt-jind) , Haryana
13. PNB Gatauli Jind PUNB0327800 Vpo Gatauli, District t Jind
Gatauli (haryana) , Haryana
14. PNB Jind PUNB0044810 Near Rani Talab, Jind - 126102
15. PNB Jind Bank Road PUNB0327900 Bank Road Jind, Jind City
16. PNB Jind City PUNB0023100 SCF, 17-18, Huda Complex, Jind City
17. PNB Julana PUNB0726100 Julana ( District Jind ), Haryana
Julana (distt-jind)
18. PNB Julani PUNB0224500 Vpo Julani, District t. Jind
Julani (distt-jind) , Haryana
19. PNB Kakrod PUNB0219400 Vpo Kakrod, District t. Jind
Kakrod (distt-jind) , Haryana
20. PNB Kandela PUNB0119600 Vpokandela, District t. Jind
Kandela, Distt Jind Haryana , Haryana
21. PNB Karela PUNB0111000 Vpo Karela, District t.jind
Karela (distt. Jind) , Haryana
22. PNB Kharal Jind PUNB0153110 Kharal, Tehsil-Narwana . - Jind, 126116, Kharal- Jind
23. PNB Khetkar Jind PUNB0328000 Vpo Khatkar, Tehsil : Narwana, District t. Jind
Khatkar (distt. Jind) , Haryana
24. PNB Lajwana Kalan PUNB0119500 Vpo Lajwanakalan, District t. Jind
Lajkalan , Haryana
25. PNB Ludana PUNB0241900 Vpo Ludana, District t. Jind
Ludana (haryana) , Haryana
26. PNB Manoharpur PUNB0203600 Vpo Manmohanpur, District t. Jind
Manoharpur , Haryana
27. PNB Morkhi PUNB0739800 Vpo Morkhi District Jind, Haryana
Morkhi (haryana)
28. PNB Nagura PUNB0270400 Nagura, District Jind, Haryana
Nagura Distt Jind Haryana
29. PNB Nagura Jind PUNB0199210 Nagura Near Bus Stand Vpo-Nagura, Jind - 126125
30. PNB Nand Garh PUNB0739900 Vpo Nand Garh District Jind, Haryana
Nand Garh (haryana)
31. PNB Narwana PUNB0036100 Court Road Narwana
32. PNB Patiala Chowk Jind PUNB0915200 Patiala Chowkhr, Jind - 126102
33. PNB Pillukhera PUNB0411600 Pillukhera, District Jind, Haryana
Pillukhera, Distt Jind
34. PNB Popran PUNB0328200 Vpo Popran, District t. Karnal
Popran (distt-karnal) , Haryana
35. PNB Ram Rai PUNB0105200 Vpo Ramraj, District t. Jind
Ramrai, Distt Jind , Haryana
36. PNB Sacha Khera PUNB0726000 Sacha Khera ( District Jind ), Haryana
Sacha Khera (distt-jind)
37. PNB Safidon Mandi PUNB0085100 Railway Road, Safidon
38. PNB Sangroli PUNB0740000 Vpo Sangroli District Jind, Haryana
Sangroli (haryana)
39. PNB Shamlo Kalan PUNB0311900 Vpo Shamloklan, District t Jind
Shamloklan (haryana) , Haryana
40. PNB Uchana Mandi PUNB0336000 Uchana Mandi, District t. Jind, Haryana
41. PNB Uchana, Haryana Tourism Oasis Tourist Resort PUNB0492700 Oasis Tourist Resort Haryana Tourism
42. PNB Ujhana PUNB0088000 Vpo Ujhana, Tehsil Narwana, District t. Jind

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