Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. The bank has 44 branches in Hamirpur district. The table below shows PNB Hamirpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Hamirpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Amroh PUNB0265600 Amroh District Hamirpur HP, Amroha
Himachal Pradesh
2. PNB Bachat Bhawan Hamirpur PUNB0870000 Bachat Bhawan Near DC Office Hamirpur - 177001
Himachal Pradesh
3. PNB Bhareri PUNB0118000 Bhareri, District Hamirpur ( HP ), Bhareri-hamirpur
Himachal Pradesh
4. PNB Bhota Main Bazar PUNB0337600 District Hamirpur HP
Bhota Distt Hamirpur (h.p) , Himachal Pradesh
5. PNB Bhumpal PUNB0114300 Bhumpal District Hamirpur ( HP ), Bhumpal (District t Hamirpur) HP
Bhumpal (distt Hamirpur) Hp , Himachal Pradesh
6. PNB Bijhari PUNB0641400 Bijhri, District t Hamirpur
Bijhri, Distt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
7. PNB Cc Back Office, Hamirpur PUNB0703700 PNB New Road Hamirpur, HP
Himachal Pradesh
8. PNB Chabutra PUNB0171900 Chabutra
Chabutra , Himachal Pradesh
9. PNB Chakmoh PUNB0870200 Above BSNL Exchange Tehsil Barsar , HIMACHAL PRADESH HP Hampu - 176039
Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
10. PNB Circle Sastra Centre Hamirpur PUNB0823500 P.O.HP Hampu, Hamirpur - 177001
HAMIRPUR , Himachal Pradesh
11. PNB Daruhi (gopal Nagar) PUNB0998800 Vpo Daruhi Tehsil & , Himachal Pradesh Hampu - 174001
12. PNB Dera Parol PUNB0172000 Deraparol, Dera Parol
Himachal Pradesh
13. PNB Dhaned PUNB0172800 Dhaned District Hamirpur ( R ) 01972, Dhaned, District t. Hamirpur - 269016
Dhaned, Distt. Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
14. PNB Doh (dhoh) PUNB0244800 Doh District Hamirpur HP, Doh, District t Hamirpur, HP
Doh, Distt Hamirpur, Hp , Himachal Pradesh
15. PNB Dosarka PUNB0641300 Dosarka, District t Hamirpur
Dosarka, Distt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
16. PNB Gahli PUNB0281400 Gahli District Hamirpur HP, Gahli, DT Hamirpur
Gahli, Dt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
17. PNB Galore PUNB0111700 Galore District Hamirrpur, Galore District t-hamirpur (HP)
Galore Distt-hamirpur (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
18. PNB Garli PUNB0224800 Hamirpur HP, Garli
Himachal Pradesh
19. PNB Hamirpur PUNB0092710 Dev Paul Chowk New Road, Hamirpur - 177001
Himachal Pradesh
20. PNB Hamirpur - Himachal Pradesh PUNB0021100 Hamirpur, ( HP )
Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
21. PNB Hamirpur, Sujanpur Tira PUNB0667000 Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, H.P
Himachal Pradesh
22. PNB Har Saur PUNB0265700 Harsaur District Hamirpur HP, Harsaur, DT Hamirpur
Harsaur, Dt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
23. PNB Jahu PUNB0222200 Jahu District Hamirpur HP, Jahu District t. Hamirpur
Jahu Distt. Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
24. PNB Jaure Amb PUNB0220000 Jaure AMB District Hamirpur, Jaure AMB, District t. Hamirpur
Jaure Amb, Distt. Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
25. PNB Jungle Beri PUNB0172600 Jangal Beri, District Hamirpur
Jangal Beri , Himachal Pradesh
26. PNB Karot Khas PUNB0993600 Vpo Karot Khas Tehsil Sujanpur Himachal Pradesh - 176108
Sujanpur Tira
27. PNB Karur Gauna PUNB0173100 Hamirpur, Karur Gauna
Himachal Pradesh
28. PNB Kharwad PUNB0299300 Hamirpur HP, Kharwar (District t. Hamirpur)
Kharwar (distt. Hamirpur) , Himachal Pradesh
29. PNB Kot, Hamirpur PUNB0219900 Kot District Hamirpur, Kot (District t. Hamirpur)
Kot (distt. Hamirpur) , Himachal Pradesh
30. PNB Ladraur PUNB0242300 District Hamirpur, Ladraur
Himachal Pradesh
31. PNB Lambloo PUNB0172100 Lambloo District Hamirpur, Lambloo, District t Hamirpur
Lambloo, Distt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
32. PNB Maharal PUNB0211200 Maharal, Hamirpur
Himachal Pradesh
33. PNB Mair PUNB0138800 Mair District Hamirpur ( HP ), Mair, District t Hamirpur
Mair, Distt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
34. PNB Malag (kangoo) PUNB0993700 Malag Po Kangoo Tehsil Nadaun Himachal Pradesh - 177040
35. PNB Mehre PUNB0252800 Mehre, District Hamirpur ( HP )
Mehre , Himachal Pradesh
36. PNB Nadaun PUNB0641500 Nadaun, District t Hamirpur
Nadaun, Distt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
37. PNB Nalti PUNB0208300 Nalti District Hamirpur, Nalti, District t Hamirpur
Nalti, Distt Hamirpur , Himachal Pradesh
38. PNB Patlandar PUNB0219800 Patlandar HP ( M ) 9418363700, Hamirpur
Himachal Pradesh
39. PNB Rapc Hamirpur PUNB0686500 Village & Po-Hamirpur HP Hampu - 177001
Himachal Pradesh
40. PNB Salauni PUNB0173200 Salauni District Hamirpur, Salauni (himachal Pradesh)
Himachal Pradesh
41. PNB Samirpur PUNB0681100 Samir Pur, District t. Hamir Pur HP
Samirpur , Himachal Pradesh
42. PNB Sujanpur Tira PUNB0089000 Sujanpur Tira, District Hamirpur
Sujanpur Tira , Himachal Pradesh
43. PNB Tal, Hamirpur PUNB0205600 Tal District Hamirpur, Tal (District t-hamirpur)
Tal (distt-hamirpur) , Himachal Pradesh
44. PNB Tauni Devi PUNB0331000 Tauni Devi District Hamirpur HP, Tauni Devi (District t-hamirpur)
Tauni Devi (distt-hamirpur) , Himachal Pradesh

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