Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The bank has 74 branches in Kangra district. The table below shows PNB Kangra IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Kangra

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Adde De Hatti PUNB0302100 Vpo Adhe-di-hatti
Himachal Pradesh
2. PNB Baijnath PUNB0337100 Bo : Baijnath, District Kangra
Himachal Pradesh
3. PNB Balah (kotla) PUNB0678200 Village-balah, Post-kotla, Tehsil-jwali
Kangra (himachal Pradesh) , Himachal Pradesh
4. PNB Balakrupi PUNB0264600 Vpo : Balakrupi, District Kangra, Balakrupi, District Kangra, HP
Balakrupi, Dist Kangra, Hp , Himachal Pradesh
5. PNB Balugloa PUNB0244000 Balugloa, District Kangra ( HP ), Balugaloa (District t-kangra)
Balugaloa (distt-kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
6. PNB Bankhandi PUNB0199000 Vpo Bankhandi, Dehra, District Kangra, Bankhandi (District t Kangra)
Bankhandi (distt Kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
7. PNB Birta PUNB0938500 BO Birta TehHP Kangr, Kangra - 176001
Himachal Pradesh
8. PNB Cc Back Office, Chhatroli, Dharamshala PUNB0701900 Jassur, District Kangra HP, Chhattroli
Himachal Pradesh
9. PNB Cc Back Office, Nagrota, Bagwan PUNB0701800 Nagrota Baghwan District Kangra HP, Nagrota (jammu)
Himachal Pradesh
10. PNB Dada Siba PUNB0063000 Vpo Dadasiba, Teh Dehra, District Kangra, Dadasiba(HP)
Dadasiba(hp) , Himachal Pradesh
11. PNB Dadh PUNB0983200 Dadh, Post Office Dadh Tehsil Palampur Himachal Predesh, Kangra - 176052
Himachal Pradesh
12. PNB Damtal PUNB0064500 Damtal District Kangara, HP, Pathankot
Himachal Pradesh
13. PNB Darini PUNB0199800 Vpo Darini Teh. Shahpur, Darini, District t Kangra, HP
Darini, Distt Kangra, Hp , Himachal Pradesh
14. PNB Daroh PUNB0154100 Vpo Daroh, Teh Palampur, Daroh District Kangra (HP)
Daroh Dist Kangra (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
15. PNB Daulatpur Khas PUNB0983500 Bo Daulatpur, Post Office Daulatpur Tehsil Kangra Daula Himachal Pradesh - 176038
16. PNB Dehra PUNB0406700 Vpo Dehra Tech. Kangra
Himachal Pradesh
17. PNB Dhaliara PUNB0983400 Dhaliara Tehsil Dehra Dhlia Himachal Pradesh - 177103
18. PNB Dhameta PUNB0063100 Vpo Dhameta, District Kangra, Dhameta, District Kangra (HP)
Dhameta, Dist Kangra (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
19. PNB Dharamsala, Kotwali Bazar PUNB0013600 Kotwali Bazar, Dharamshala
Himachal Pradesh
20. PNB Dharmshala Kangra Road PUNB0337300 ( HP ) M ( O ) - 9418306596, Dharamshala
Himachal Pradesh
21. PNB Dhroon PUNB0225300 Vpo : Dharoon, Teh Noorpur, Dharoon, DT Kangra, HP
Dharoon, Dt Kangra, Hp , Himachal Pradesh
22. PNB Gaggal PUNB0067800 Gaggal, District Kangra, H. P, Gaggal District t. Kangra
Gaggal Distt. Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
23. PNB Gagwan PUNB0249200 District Kangra, Gagwan, District t Kangra
Gagwan, Distt Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
24. PNB Ganoh PUNB0302700 Vpo Ganoh Teh. Noorpur, Ganoh, DT Kangra, HP
Ganoh, Dt Kangra, Hp , Himachal Pradesh
25. PNB Garh Jamula PUNB0257900 Garh Jamula, District Kangra ( HP, Garhjamula (H.P.)
Garhjamula (h.p.) , Himachal Pradesh
26. PNB Ghallour PUNB0213700 Vpo Ghallour, Teh. Jawala Mukhi, Ghallour, District t. Kangra (HP)
Ghallour, Distt. Kangra (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
27. PNB Haripur - Himachal Pradesh PUNB0068600 Vpo-haripur, Haripur (District t-kangra)
Haripur (distt-kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
28. PNB Indora PUNB0069700 Main Bazar Indora District Kangra HP, Indora, District t, Kangra
Indora, Distt, Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
29. PNB Jaisinghpur PUNB0641100 Vpo : Jaisingh Pur District Kangra ( HP ), Jaisingh Pur (HP)
Jaisingh Pur (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
30. PNB Jassur PUNB0337200 Vpo : Chhattroli, Tehsil : Noorpur
Himachal Pradesh
31. PNB Jawalamukhi PUNB0071700 Teh. Dehra, District Kangra ( HP ), Jawalamukhi, Teh. Dehra. District t.kangra (HP)
Jawalamukhi, Teh. Dehra. Distt.kangra (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
32. PNB Kaloha PUNB0139600 Vpo : Kaloha, Teh : Rakkar, District Kangra ( HP )
Himachal Pradesh
33. PNB Kandbari PUNB0258100 Vpo Kandwari, Teh. Palampur, District Kangra, Kandwari(H.P.)
Kandwari(h.p.) , Himachal Pradesh
34. PNB Kandrori HP PUNB0871600 Vpo Kandrori Tehsil Nurpur HP, Kangra - 176402
Himachal Pradesh
35. PNB Kangra PUNB0025000 Kangra District Kangra HP, Kangra (himachal Pradesh)
Himachal Pradesh
36. PNB Kangra HP PUNB0123410 Hotel Raj Near Bus Stand Kangra, Kangra - H.p. - 176001
Himachal Pradesh
37. PNB Kathog PUNB0265800 Vpo : Kathog, Teh : Dehra, District Kangra
Himachal Pradesh
38. PNB Khanyara PUNB0233800 Khanyara District Kangra, Khanyara (HP)
Khanyara (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
39. PNB Lubh PUNB0076800 Lubh District Kangra ( M ) 9418093542, Lubh District t. Kangra
Lubh Distt. Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
40. PNB Mahakal PUNB0257800 Mahakal, District Kangra ( HP ), Mahakal District t. Kangra (HP)
Mahakal Distt. Kangra (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
41. PNB Mant Khas (syam Nagar) PUNB0744900 Mant Khas ( District Kangra ), HP
Mant Khas (distt-kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
42. PNB Maranda PUNB0474800 Vpo Maranda, Teh Palampur, District Kangra, Maranda (himachal Pradesh)
Himachal Pradesh
43. PNB Masroor PUNB0265900 Vpo Kangra, Masroor
Himachal Pradesh
44. PNB Mcleodganj PUNB0251700 Main Market Meclodganj, Dharamshala
Himachal Pradesh
45. PNB Multhan PUNB0245800 Vpo Multhan ( District Kangra ), Multhan (District t-kangra)
Multhan (distt-kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
46. PNB Nagrota Bagwan PUNB0080200 Lower Market Nagrota Bagwan, Nagrota Bhagwa (himachal Pradesh)
Himachal Pradesh
47. PNB Nagrota Bagwan. Kangra PUNB0212610 P. O. Hatwas Tehsil-Nagrota Bagwa, Kangra - H.p. - 176047
Himachal Pradesh
48. PNB Nagrota Surian PUNB0080800 Vpo Nagrota Surian, Teh. Jawali, Nagrota Surian Teh. Jawali District t Kangre
Nagrota Surian Teh. Jawali Distt Kangre , Himachal Pradesh
49. PNB Nahlian PUNB0264500 Vpo Nahlian Teh. Dehra, Nahlian, District t, Kangra
Nahlian, Distt, Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
50. PNB Nurpur PUNB0488400 Vpo Nurpur District Kangra, Nurpur, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
51. PNB Palampur PUNB0037500 Palampur, Palamu
Himachal Pradesh
52. PNB Palampur P S Cell PUNB0293400 District Kangra ( HP ), Palamu
Himachal Pradesh
53. PNB Panchrukhi PUNB0641200 Vpo Panchrukhi Teh. Palampur, District , Panchrukhi, District t. Kangra
Panchrukhi, Distt. Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
54. PNB Paprola PUNB0082200 Vpo-paprola District Kangra, Paprola (District t-kangra, H.P.)
Paprola (distt-kangra, H.p.) , Himachal Pradesh
55. PNB PNB Gadiara PUNB0963700 Village Gadiara Po Bhawarna Teh Palampur HP Palpr, Kangra - 176083
Himachal Pradesh
56. PNB Pragpur PUNB0615300 Pragpur ( District Kangra )
Pragpur , Himachal Pradesh
57. PNB Purba PUNB0245900 Vpo Purba, Tehsil : Palampur, Purba (District t. Kangra)
Purba (distt. Kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
58. PNB Rait PUNB0670900 Rait ( District Kangra ), Rait (District t-kangra)
Rait (distt-kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
59. PNB Raja Ka Talab PUNB0092000 Vpo Raja Ka Talab Jassur District Kangra
Himachal Pradesh
60. PNB Rajhoon PUNB0756300 Rajoon , District t - Kangra, B.O. Rajhoon, Sub Teh - Dheera, District Kangra
Rajoon , Distt - Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
61. PNB Rajiana (53 Miles) PUNB0983300 Rajiana 53 Miles The Nagrota Bhagwan, Rajia Himachal Pradesh - 176056
Nagrota Bagwan
62. PNB Rajnagar PUNB0888200 PNB Bo Rajnagar Po Sansai Tehsil BaijnathHP Baijn, Kangra - 176088
Himachal Pradesh
63. PNB Rehan PUNB0084300 Vpo : Rehan Tehsil Nurpur, District Kangra
Himachal Pradesh
64. PNB Sadwan Khas PUNB0956900 PNB Bo Sadwan Khas Vpo-Sadwan Teh-Nurpur HP Nurpu, Kangra - 176202
Himachal Pradesh
65. PNB Samloti PUNB0258000 Samloti District Kangra, Samloti, District t. Kangra (HP)
Samloti, Distt. Kangra (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
66. PNB Sansarpur Terras PUNB0207500 Vpo Sansarpur Terras Dehra District Kangra, Kangra (himachal Pradesh)
Himachal Pradesh
67. PNB Shahpur - Kangra PUNB0089400 Near DR. Guptas, Shahpur (UP)
Shahpur Distt Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
68. PNB Sidhpur - Kangra PUNB0474900 Vpo Sidhpur, Teh District Kangra ( HP ), Sidhpur District t Kangra
Sidhpur Distt Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
69. PNB Sunder Nagar PUNB0530000 Dharamsala, Retail Asset BR, HP
Dharamshala , Himachal Pradesh
70. PNB Sunhi PUNB0198900 District Kangra, Sunhi, District t Kangra
Sunhi, Distt Kangra , Himachal Pradesh
71. PNB Tcv Dal PUNB0447800 Dal Dharmshala, Dharamshala
Himachal Pradesh
72. PNB Thill PUNB0144800 Vpo Thill District Kangra, Thill, District t Kangra, HP
Thill, Distt Kangra, Hp , Himachal Pradesh
73. PNB Thural PUNB0331100 Thural, District Kangra ( HP ), Thural (District t-kangra)
Thural (distt-kangra) , Himachal Pradesh
74. PNB Yol Cantt. PUNB0671000 Yol Cantt ( District Kangra ), Yol Cantt(District t-kangra)
Yol Cantt(distt-kangra) , Himachal Pradesh

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