Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The bank has 51 branches in Mandi district. The table below shows PNB Mandi IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Mandi

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Aut, Mandi PUNB0096100 National Highway 21 V. Po Aut, District t Mandi
Aut Distt Mandi -himachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh
2. PNB Badhu PUNB0257600 District Mandi ( HP ), Himachal Pradesh
Badhu, Distt. Mandi (hp)
3. PNB Baggi PUNB0120600 Baggi, District t. Mandi
Baggi , Himachal Pradesh
4. PNB Barchhwar PUNB0601700 Vpo Barchhwar, Teshil Sarkaghat, District t. Mandi
Barchhwar, Distt. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh
5. PNB Baroti PUNB0245400 Baroti Teshil Sarkaghat District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Baroti (distt-mandi)
6. PNB Bassa PUNB0982600 Bassa Teh Chachiot Chach Himachal Pradesh - 175029
7. PNB Bassi, Bassi Power House Complex PUNB0630700 Vpo Bassi, Tehsil Joginder Nagar, District t Mandi Himachal Pradesh
Bassi, Tehsil Joginder Nagar, Distt Mandi
8. PNB Bhangrotu PUNB0986200 Bhangrotu Bhngr Himachal Pradesh - 175008
9. PNB Bharol PUNB0489800 Vpo Bharol Teshil Lad Bharol District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Bharol (distt-mandi)
10. PNB Cc Back Office, Ner Chowk, Mandi PUNB0710100 Vpo Nerchowk, Mandi
Mandi Himachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh
11. PNB Chailchowk PUNB0058000 Vpo Chail Chowk Teshil Gohar, District t. Mandi (HP)
Chail Chowk (h.p.) , Himachal Pradesh
12. PNB Chanol HP PUNB0867100 Chanol Taleli Block & Tehsil Sundernagar HP, Mandi
Himachal Pradesh
13. PNB Chauntra PUNB0140800 Vpo : Chauntra, District Mandi ( HP )
Himachal Pradesh
14. PNB Dalah PUNB0577000 Dalah Padher Po Block Darang Himachel Pradesh, Mandi - 175012
Himachal Pradesh
15. PNB Gutkar PUNB0878600 Gutkar Vpo Gutkar Tehsil Balh HP Mandi - 175021
Himachal Pradesh
16. PNB Jachh PUNB0245000 V. P. O Jachh District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Jachh (distt-mandi)
17. PNB Jarol PUNB0203200 NH-21 Jarol Teshil Sunder Nagar, District t Mandi
Jarol Distt Mandi (hp) , Himachal Pradesh
18. PNB Jhanjheli PUNB0222400 Mandi ( HP ), Janjheli
Himachal Pradesh
19. PNB Jhungi PUNB0245100 V. P. O Jhungi Teshil Karsog District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Jhungi, Distt Mandi
20. PNB Joginder Nagar PUNB0024300 Joginder Nagar, District Mandi ( HP )
Joginder Nagar , Himachal Pradesh
21. PNB Kamand Iit Complex PUNB0731500 Opposite Admin Block Iit Campus Vill & Post, Kamand Mandi
Mandi Himachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh
22. PNB Kanwal PUNB0219200 V. P. O Tilli Teshil Sadar District Mandi ( HP ), Himachal Pradesh
Khenwal Distt. Mandi
23. PNB Karsog PUNB0074300 Main Market Karsog District Mandi, Karsog- Mandi(HP)
Karsog- Mandi(hp) , Himachal Pradesh
24. PNB Kotlu PUNB0299800 V. P. O Kotlu Teshil Karsog District Mandi ( HP ), Kotlu, District t Mandi
Kotlu, Distt Mandi , Himachal Pradesh
25. PNB Kufri PUNB0264400 Kufri Teshil Padher District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Kufri Distt Mandi (hp)
26. PNB Kummi PUNB0731200 Kummi ( District Mandi ), HP
Kummi (distt-mandi) , Himachal Pradesh
27. PNB Majhwar PUNB0201800 Teshil & District Mandi ( HP ), Himachal Pradesh
Majhwar Distt. Mandi
28. PNB Mandi Moti Bazar PUNB0031100 Moti Bazar Mandi, District t. Mandi (HP)
Mandi Himachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh
29. PNB Mandi School Bazar PUNB0337700 School Bazar Mandi, District t. Mandi (HP)
Mandi Himachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh
30. PNB Mether PUNB0245700 Mether ( Pandol ) Teshil Jogindernagar, Mether(HP)
Mether(hp) , Himachal Pradesh
31. PNB Nauhali PUNB0969700 Village & Po Nauhali Tehsil JogindernagarHP, Mandi - 175015
Himachal Pradesh
32. PNB Neft Nodal Hpgb Rrb PUNB0HPGB04 Neft Centralized Processing Centre For Himachal Gramin Bank, Jawaharnagar Mandi - 175001
Himachal Pradesh
33. PNB Nerchowk PUNB0091100 District Mandi ( HP ), Mandi Himachal Pradesh
34. PNB Neri Langna PUNB0274700 V. P. O. Nerilangna Teshil Joginder Nagar, District t. Mandi (HP)
Neri Langna , Himachal Pradesh
35. PNB Pairi Mandi PUNB0970300 Pairi, Village & Po Pairi Tesil-Balh HP, Mandi - 175008
Himachal Pradesh
36. PNB Pandoh PUNB0049700 Jaral Colony Pandoh District Mandi HP, Pandoh (H.P) - 175124
Pandoh (h.p) , Himachal Pradesh
37. PNB Panjain Mandi PUNB0917400 Vpo Panjain Tehsil Bali Chowli HP Mandi - 175106
Himachal Pradesh
38. PNB Rapc Mandi PUNB0679700 Retail Processing Center PNB, Near Hotal Raj Mahal HP, Mandi - 175001
Himachal Pradesh
39. PNB Rawalsar PUNB0092100 Rewalsar District Mandi ( HP ), Himachal Pradesh
Rewalsar Distt Mandi (hp)
40. PNB Sai, Kotli PUNB0878700 PNB Sai Bhagat Ram S/O LT Saran Singh Vpo Saigalu Teh Kotli HP Mandi - 175052
Himachal Pradesh
41. PNB Sandhol PUNB0209900 Vpo Sandhol, District Mandi ( HP ), Himachal Pradesh
Sandhol, Dist. Mandi (hp)
42. PNB Sarkaghat PUNB0179410 Sarkaghat . - Mandi, Sarkaghat ,distt Mandi - 175024
Himachal Pradesh
43. PNB Sarkaghat PUNB0086700 Sarkaghat, District Mandi, HP
Sarkaghat , Himachal Pradesh
44. PNB Sianj PUNB0245200 V. P. O. Sianj Teshil Gohar District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Sainj (distt-mandi)
45. PNB Sidhpur - Mandi PUNB0245300 Kunal Bhawan, Bihta Chowk, Bihta, Bihta-bihar
Sidhpur ( Distt. Mandi) , Himachal Pradesh
46. PNB Sunder Nagar Naresh Chowk PUNB0749000 Sunder Nagar, Naresh Chowk, HP
Sunder Nagar , Himachal Pradesh
47. PNB Sundernagar PUNB0303400 NH-21, Bhojpur Sunder Nagar, District t. Mandi (himachal Pradesh)
Himachal Pradesh
48. PNB Takoli PUNB0756000 Takoli, Po. Panarsa NH-21, Opposite Subzi Mandi, Tehsil.aut.District t.mandi.(H.P.)
Aut Distt Mandi -himachal Pradesh , Himachal Pradesh
49. PNB Thona PUNB0299500 V. P. O. Thona Teshil Sarkaghat District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Thona (distt Mandi, H P)
50. PNB Tikkan PUNB0299600 V. P. O. Tikken Teshil Jogindernagar, District t. Mandi (HP)
Tikken (distt. Mandi) , Himachal Pradesh
51. PNB Tullah PUNB0274800 V. P. O. Tullah Teshil Jogindernagar, District t. Mandi (HP)
Tullah (distt. Mandi) , Himachal Pradesh

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