Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Gurdaspur, Punjab. The bank has 65 branches in Gurdaspur district. The table below shows PNB Gurdaspur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Gurdaspur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Adda Bham (aulakh) PUNB0243600 PNB, Adda Bham., Po : Harchowal, Adda Bham District t Gurdaspur
Adda Bham Distt Gurdaspur , Punjab
2. PNB Adda Mathola PUNB0119200 Adda Mathola, Po : Bharath, Adda Mathola, District t Gurdaspur
Adda Mathola, Distt Gurdaspur , Punjab
3. PNB Adda Sunder Chak PUNB0745200 Adda Sunder Chak, District gurudaspur, Punjab
Adda Sunder Chak
4. PNB Aliwal PUNB0051800 Aliwal, District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Aliwal (punjab)
5. PNB Bakhriwal Bakshiwal PUNB0105600 Bhikhariwal Bakshiwal, District Gurdaspur Punjab
Bhikhariwal Bakshiwal (punjab)
6. PNB Bamial PUNB0129300 District Gurdaspur, Bamial (District t. Gurdaspur)
Bamial (distt. Gurdaspur) , Punjab
7. PNB Batala (service Branch-back Office) PUNB0645900 GT Road, District t Gurdaspur, Punjab
8. PNB Batala, Dainik Prarthana Sabha PUNB0470700 Dainik Prathna Sabha Qilla Mandi, Batala District t-gurdaspur
9. PNB Batala, G.t. Road PUNB0004600 Batala G. T. Road
Batala , Punjab
10. PNB Batala, Industrial Estate PUNB0105500 District Gurdaspur ( Punjab )
11. PNB Batala, Prem Nagar PUNB0348000 ( Punjab )
12. PNB Batala, R.r. Bawa Dav College For Girls PUNB0470300 RR Bawa Dav College For Girls, Batala District t-gurdaspur
13. PNB Batala, Simble Chowk PUNB0122700 ( Punjab )
14. PNB Behrampur - Gurdaspur PUNB0059500 District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Behrampur, Distt. Gurdaspur
15. PNB Bhatoya PUNB0348700 District Gurdaspur, Bhatoya (District t. Gurdaspur)
Bhatoya (distt. Gurdaspur) , Punjab
16. PNB Bhoa PUNB0125000 Bhoa, District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Bhoa, Punjab
17. PNB Bungal PUNB0983700 Bungal Block Dhankalan Teh Pathankot Patko Punjab - 145001
18. PNB Cc Back Office, Batala PUNB0707900 Currency Chest Branch Office, Symble Chowk, Batala
19. PNB Cc Back Office, Gurdaspur PUNB0707600 Currency Chest Branch Office, Gurdaspur
20. PNB Cc Back Office, Mohan Market, Pathankot PUNB0708000 Currency Chest Branch Office, Pathankot, Mohan Market
21. PNB Chak Bhajura PUNB0208900 Bo Chak Bijura, District t. Gurdaspur
Chak Bijura (distt. Gurdaspur) , Punjab
22. PNB Chak Sharif PUNB0119400 Chak Sharif, District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Chak Sharif
23. PNB Dadujodh PUNB0119300 Dadujodh, Via Fatehgarh Churian, District Gurdaspur Punjab
Dadujodh (dist Gurdaspur)
24. PNB Dehriwala PUNB0247100 District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Dheriwal, Distt Gurdaspur
25. PNB Dera Baba Nanak PUNB0062100 Dera Baba Nanak, District Gurdas, PB
Dera Baba Nanak (distt-gurdaspur) , Punjab
26. PNB Dhariwal, Btl Rd PUNB0013700 Dhariwal Batala Road, District , Gurdaspur
Dhariwal Batala Road, Distt. Gurdaspur , Punjab
27. PNB Dhariwal, Gurdspr Road PUNB0348100 Dhariwal Gurdaspur Road, District t. Gurdaspur
Dhariwal Gurdaspur Road , Punjab
28. PNB Dhian Pur PUNB0063400 Dhianpur, District Gurdaspur ( Pu, PB
Dhianpur (distt-gurdaspur) , Punjab
29. PNB Dinanagar PUNB0014100 Dinanagar, District Gurdaspur, Dinanagar, District t Gurdaspur
Dinanagar, Distt Gurdaspur , Punjab
30. PNB Dorangala PUNB0348200 Dorangla, District Gurdaspur ( Pun ), Dorangla (District t Gurdaspur)
Dorangla (distt Gurdaspur) , Punjab
31. PNB Fatehgarh Churian PUNB0065100 Vpo Fatehgarh Churian, District t Gurdaspur (punjab)
Fatehgarh Churian Distt Gurdaspur , Punjab
32. PNB Ghoman PUNB0348400 Region Kapurthala, Ghoman (District t-gurdaspur)
Ghoman (distt-gurdaspur) , Punjab
33. PNB GT Road Gurdaspur PUNB0160010 GT RoadDsitt, Gurdaspur - 143521
34. PNB Gurdaspur PUNB0054510 Hanuman Chowk IMP. Trust Shopping Complex, Gurdaspur - 143521
35. PNB Gurdaspur, G.t. Road PUNB0018700 G. T. Road, Gurdaspur
36. PNB Gurdaspur, Hanuman Chowk PUNB0348300 PNB, Hanuman Chowk, Gurdaspur
37. PNB Gurdaspur, New Gurdaspur Cantt PUNB0470200 New Gurdaspur Cantt, Tibri Cantt (gurdaspur) PB
38. PNB Harial PUNB0117900 Harial District Gurdaspur, Harial (District t-gurdaspur)
Harial (distt-gurdaspur) , Punjab
39. PNB Jangle Bhiwani PUNB0213100 Jangal Bhawani, Tehsil-pathankot, District t. Gurdaspur
Jangal Bhawani , Punjab
40. PNB Kahnuwan PUNB0648000 Gurdaspur
Gurdaspur , Punjab
41. PNB Kahnuwan District Gurdaspur PUNB0178710 Kahnuwan, Gurdaspur - 143528
42. PNB Kalanaur - Gurdaspur PUNB0672200 Teh & District Gurdaspur, District t- Gurdaspur
Kalanaur , Punjab
43. PNB Mamoon PUNB0348500 Gurdaspur, Mamoon Cantt
Mamoon Cantt. , Punjab
44. PNB Mari Buchian PUNB0745000 Vpo-mari Buchian, District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Mari Buchian
45. PNB Mirthal PUNB0414900 Vpo. Mirthal District Gurdaspur, Punjab
46. PNB Narot Jaimal Singh PUNB0080300 ( Punjab )
Narot Jaimal Singh, Dt Gurdaspur
47. PNB Narot Mehra PUNB0983800 Narot Mehra, Block Gharota Teh Pathankot Patko Punjab - 145025
48. PNB New Shaille PUNB0270900 New Shalle, Disst-gurdaspur
Gurdaspur , Punjab
49. PNB Pathankot, Dhangu Road (college Road) PUNB0181500 College Road, Nehru Nagar, Pathankot
50. PNB Pathankot, Model Town PUNB0291700 ( Punjab )
51. PNB Pathankot, Mohan Market PUNB0348600 ( Punjab )
52. PNB Pathankot, Railway Road PUNB0037800 Railway Road, Pathankot
53. PNB Pathankot, Soldiers' Sales Centre PUNB0470600 Soldiers Sales Centre 21 Sub Area, Pathankot (PB)
54. PNB Qadian PUNB0039600 Qadian, Opposit Post Office, Qadian
Qadian , Punjab
55. PNB Qadian Road Batala PUNB0770000 Qadian Road, Qadian Chungi, Batala District gurdaspur (pub)
56. PNB Qadian Road Batala PUNB0471200 SL Bawa Dav College For Boys ( Merged ), Khazoor Gate,batala (gurdaspur)
Batala , Punjab
57. PNB Quadian PUNB0128110 Batala Road, Quadiam, Gurdaspur - 143516
58. PNB Shahpur Kandi PUNB0310600 ( Punjab )
Shahpur Kandi (distt-gurdaspur)
59. PNB Sohal PUNB0745100 Vpo-sohal, District Gurudaspur, Punjab
60. PNB Sri Hargobindpur PUNB0084800 District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Sri Hargobindpur, Distt. Gurdaspur
61. PNB Sri Hargobindpur PUNB0147110 Amritsar Road Hargobindpur, Gurdaspur - 143515
62. PNB Sunaiya PUNB0153610 Aliwal Road, Vpo-Sunaiya, Sunaiya-punjab - 143505
Gurdaspur , Punjab
63. PNB Talwandi Bharath PUNB0745300 Talwandi Bharath, District gurudaspur,punjab
Talwandi Bharath , Punjab
64. PNB Talwandi Rama PUNB0315700 PNB, Talwandi Rama, District t. Gurdaspur
Talwandi Rama (distt. Gurdaspur) , Punjab
65. PNB Wadala Granthian PUNB0350100 Wadala Granthian, District t. Gurdaspur (PB)
Wadala Granthian (distt. Gurdaspur) , Punjab

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