Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The bank has 89 branches in Hoshiarpur district. The table below shows PNB Hoshiarpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Hoshiarpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Dasuya, J.c. Dav College PUNB0470000 JC Dav College Dasuya, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Dasuya-punjab , Punjab
2. PNB Mukerian, Spn College PUNB0416300 SPN College, District t. Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Mukerian , Punjab
3. PNB Adda Cholang PUNB0342300 District Hoshiarpur ( Punjab )
Addacholang (distt. Hoshiarpur)
4. PNB Adda Kot Patoohi PUNB0050700 Adda Kot Patuhi, Adda Kot Fatuhi District t. Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Adda Kot Patuhi , Punjab
5. PNB Ahrana PUNB0988500 Vpo Ahrana Davida Punjab - 146001
6. PNB Ajnoha PUNB0051900 Vpo Ajnoha District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Ajnoha (punjab)
7. PNB Back Office, Hoshiarpur PUNB0686100 Back Office, OLD Sabzi Mandi Jalandhar, Road ,hoshiarpur
Hoshiarpur , Punjab
8. PNB Barian Kalan PUNB0124400 Vpo Barian Kalan, District t: Hoshiarpur (punjab)
9. PNB Bassi Daulat Khan PUNB0127300 Vpo Bassi Daulat Khan, District t Hoshiarpur
10. PNB Bassi Kalan PUNB0342100 Vpo Bassi Kalan, District t. Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Bassi Kalan(punjab) , Punjab
11. PNB Beh Jogan PUNB0744000 Vpo Beh Jogan ( Karari ). Po Karari, Tehsil Mokerian, District t Hoshiarpur
Beh Jogan, Karari, Hoshiarpur , Punjab
12. PNB Bham PUNB0119100 Vpo Bham, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Bham (dist. Hoshiarpur)
13. PNB Bhangala PUNB0095800 Vpo Bhangala District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
14. PNB Bhekhowal Disthoshiarpur PUNB0144910 Vpo Bhekhowal, Hoshiarpur - 146001
15. PNB Bhunga PUNB0120400 Vpo-bhunga, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
16. PNB Binjon PUNB0447200 Vpo Binjon, District t. Hoshiarpur (punjab)
17. PNB Budhabarh PUNB0342200 Vpo Budhabarh, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Budhabarh (distt-hoshiarpur)
18. PNB Bulhowal PUNB0983100 Vpo Bulhowal, Punjab Punjab - 146113
19. PNB Cc Back Office, Hoshiarpur PUNB0704300 Currency Chest Back Office Jalandhar, Road Hoshiarpur
20. PNB Chutala PUNB0143700 Vpo Chutala, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Chutala, Distt. Hoshiarpur , Punjab
21. PNB Circle Sastra Center Hoshiarpur PUNB0824100 Hoshiarpu PB Hospu, Hoshiarpur
22. PNB Dasuya G.t. Road PUNB0061500 PNB, Dasuya-G. T. Road, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Dasuya-punjab , Punjab
23. PNB Dasuya Old Grain Market PUNB0342400 OLD Grain Market, Dasuya, District t. Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Dasuya-punjab , Punjab
24. PNB Depur PUNB0753400 Vpo-depur, Tehsil-mukerian, District t-hoshiarpur
Depur, Distt-hoshiarpur , Punjab
25. PNB Dholbaha . Hoshiarpur PUNB0190410 Village Dholbaha Tehsil & . Hoshiarpu, Hoshiarpur - 144206
26. PNB Garhdiwala Main Road PUNB0342500 Garhdiwala District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Garhdiwala Distt.hoshiarpur (pb)
27. PNB Garhshankar PUNB0017800 Garhshankar Rly Road, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Garhshankar (distt. Hoshiarpur) , Punjab
28. PNB Garhshankar Main Bazar PUNB0342600 PNB, Garshankar, Main Bazar, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Garhshankar (distt. Hoshiarpur) , Punjab
29. PNB Gondpur (block Bhunga) PUNB0114900 District Hoshiarpur ( Punjab )
Gondpur(bhunga) Distt. Hoshiarpur
30. PNB Gondpur (block Mahilpur) PUNB0116800 Vpo : Gondpur, Block : Mahilpur, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Gondpur(mahilpur) , Punjab
31. PNB Hajipur PUNB0342700 Vpo Hazipur, District Hoshiarpur ( Punjab )
Hazipur (punjab)
32. PNB Hajipur Hoshiarpur PUNB0138310 Vpo-Hajipur, Hoshiarpur - 144221
33. PNB Hariana PUNB0068200 Hariana, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Hariana (dist:hoshiyarpur), Punjab
34. PNB Hariana District. Hoshiarpur PUNB0116310 G. G. D. S. Dcollege, Hoshiyarpur, Hariana-distt Hoshiarpur - 144208
35. PNB Harta Hoshiarpur PUNB0191510 Harta, Village & Po Harta, Hoshiarpur - 146112
36. PNB Hoshiarpur PUNB0152320 Lic Building, Damal Road, Hoshiarpur
Hosiarpur , Punjab
37. PNB Hoshiarpur (back Office) PUNB0530400 Back Office, Jalandhar Road, Hoshiarpur, Punjab
38. PNB Hoshiarpur Bahadurpur Chowk PUNB0393000 Bahadurpur Chowk, Hoshiarpur
39. PNB Hoshiarpur Bhangala PUNB0176610 Vpo-Bhangala, Tehsil-Mukerian, Hoshiarpur - 144306
40. PNB Hoshiarpur Gaushala Bazar PUNB0075610 Gaushala Bazar, Hoshiarpur - 146001
41. PNB Hoshiarpur Internatioanl Trac PUNB0103210 International Tractor Jalandhar Road, Hoshiarpur - 146001
42. PNB Hoshiarpur Jalandhar Road PUNB0085710 J. R. Govt. Polytechnic Jalandhar Road, Hoshiarpur - 146001
43. PNB Hoshiarpur Jaldhr Road PUNB0020500 Jalandhar Road, District t. Hoshiarpur (punjab)
44. PNB Hoshiarpur Mandiarea PUNB0069400 ( Punjab )
45. PNB Hoshiarpur N.s.mandi PUNB0177400 New Sabzi Mandi, District t. Hoshiarpur
46. PNB Hoshiarpur Parabhat Chowk PUNB0342800 ( Punjab )
47. PNB Hoshiarpur Railway Road PUNB0020600 ( Punjab )
48. PNB Hoshiarpur Roshan Road PUNB0028510 Roshan Road, Hoshiarpur - 144001
49. PNB Jaijon Doaba PUNB0221500 Vpo Jaijon Doaba, District Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Jaijon Doaba(punjab) , Punjab
50. PNB Jalalpur District. Hoshiarpur PUNB0116110 V. P. O. Jalalpur Begowal Road, Jalalpur-distt Hoshiarpur - 144204
51. PNB Janauri PUNB0119000 Vpo Janauri District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
52. PNB Kamahi Devi PUNB0343000 Vpo Kamahi Devi, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Kamahi Devi, Distt Hoshiarpur , Punjab
53. PNB Kandhala Jattan PUNB0232300 Vpo : Kandhala Jattan, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
54. PNB Khudda - Hoshiarpur PUNB0342900 Konch Gaya, Konch (bihar)
Khudda Distt Hoshiarpur (pb) , Punjab
55. PNB Mahilpur PUNB0030800 Mahilpur-main, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
56. PNB Mahilpur Phagwara Road PUNB0343100 Mahilpur, Phagwara Road, District t. Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Mahilpur , Punjab
57. PNB Manhota PUNB0247200 District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Manhota, Distt. Hoshiarpur
58. PNB MCC Hoshiarpur PUNB0810000 pbhospu, Hoshiarpur
59. PNB Meghowal Doaba PUNB0255500 Vpo Meghowal Doaba, District t Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Meghowal Doaba (distt Hoshiarpur)
60. PNB Mehlanwali (ram Colony Camp) PUNB0343200 Vpo-ram Colony Camp, District t-hoshiarpur (punjab)
Ram Colony Camp Distt-hoshiarpur , Punjab
61. PNB Miani Khas PUNB0077500 District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
62. PNB Moranwali PUNB0343300 Vpo Moranwali District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
63. PNB Mukerian PUNB0032900 Main Branch, Thana Road, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Mukerian , Punjab
64. PNB Mukerian Main Bazar PUNB0343400 Talwara Road, Mukerian District Hoshiapur, Punjab
65. PNB Muradpur Naryal, Govt. High School PUNB0469800 Govt High School, Muradpur Naryal, District t Hoshiarpur (punjab)
Muradpur Naryal(punjab) , Punjab
66. PNB Nandachaur PUNB0343500 Vpo Nandachaur, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Nandachaur (dist. Hoshiarpur)
67. PNB Nri Banga Hoshiarpur PUNB0929400 PNB Nri Branch Banga Railway Road PB Bang, Hoshiarpur - 144505
68. PNB Paddi Sura Singh PUNB0292500 Vpo : Paddi Sura Singh, District t: Hosiarpur (punjab)
69. PNB Paldi PUNB0082300 Vpo Paldi, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Paldi (distt Hoshiarpur) Punjab
70. PNB Panjaura PUNB0471500 Panjoura Via Ajnoha, District t: Hosiarpur (punjab)
Panjaura , Punjab
71. PNB Phuglana. Hoshiarpur PUNB0215310 Vpo Phuglana,, Hoshiarpur - 146001
72. PNB Ramgarh Sikri PUNB0771500 Vpo Ramgarh Sikri, Tehsil Mukerian, District t.hoshiarpur ( Punjab)
Ramgarh Sikri (punjab)
73. PNB Rapc Hoshiarpur PUNB0671200 Hoshiarpur
Hoshiarpur , Punjab
74. PNB Sahri (mandialan) PUNB0343600 Mandialan District Hosiarpur, Punjab
75. PNB Saila Khurd PUNB0343700 Saila Khurd, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Saila Khurd (dist Hoshiarpur)
76. PNB Saila Khurddisthoshiarpur PUNB0179610 Village Saila Khurd, Hoshiarpur - 144529
77. PNB Sakrala Hoshiarpur PUNB0191010 Sakrala, Village Adda Sakrala, The Bhunga, Hoshiarpur - 144212
78. PNB Samundra PUNB0599900 Vpo. Samundra The Garshankar , Punjab PB Hospu - 144532
79. PNB Sham Chaurasi PUNB0343800 Sham Chaurasi, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Shamchurasi Distt. Hoshiarpur
80. PNB Sham ChurasiDistricthoshiarpur PUNB0186810 Village Sham Churasi, Hoshiarpur - 144105
81. PNB Spl. Br. Pension & Sr. Citizen, Hoshiarpur PUNB0681700 Hoshiarpur, Pension Branch, Chandigarh Road PB
Hoshiarpur , Punjab
82. PNB Talwandi Daddian PUNB0129910 Vpo Talwandi Daddian, Hoshiarpur - 144203
83. PNB Talwandi Sallan PUNB0107500 District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Talwandi Sallan, Distt Hoshiarpur
84. PNB Talwara Township PUNB0045600 Talwara Township District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Talwara Township
85. PNB Tanda Ram Sahai PUNB0782500 Vpo Tanda Ram Sahai, Tehsil Mukerian District t-hoshiyarpur
Tanda Ram Sahai(punjab) , Punjab
86. PNB Tanda Urmar PUNB0045500 Vpo Tanda Urmar District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Tanda Urmar (punjab)
87. PNB Terkiana PUNB0266700 Terkiana, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Terkiana (dist. Hoshiarpur)
88. PNB Uchhi Bassi PUNB0344000 Unchi Bassi, Tehsil : Dasuya, District t: Hisiarpur
Unchi Bassi , Punjab
89. PNB Una Road Hoshiarpur PUNB0875900 PNB Una Road, Hoshiarpur - 146001

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