Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Alwar, Rajasthan. The bank has 77 branches in Alwar district. The table below shows PNB Alwar IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Alwar

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Alawara PUNB0101100 District Alwar, Rehsil Ramgarh
Alawara Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
2. PNB Alwar PUNB0051220 Ramkrishna Market, Ramganj, Alwar
3. PNB Alwar Basant Vihar PUNB0995700 Basant Vihar, Near Ambedker Circle Alwar - 301001
4. PNB Alwar Tej Mandi PUNB0025810 16, Tej Mandi, Alwar - 301001
5. PNB Alwar Uit PUNB0073710 Uit Campus, Bhagat Singh Circle, Alwar - 301001
6. PNB Alwar, Delhi Road PUNB0606700 Chamber Bhawan Delhi Road, Alwar
7. PNB Alwar, Manu Marg PUNB0001300 Manu Marg, Alwar
8. PNB Alwar, Matsya PUNB0097700 ( Rajasthan )
9. PNB Alwar, Shivaji Park PUNB0297500 Shivaji Park Alwar
10. PNB Bahadurpur PUNB0120800 Tehsil-alwar, District Alwar, Raj
Bahadurpur Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
11. PNB Baroda Meo PUNB0124200 District Alwar, Baroda Meo (District t-alwar)
Baroda Meo (distt-alwar) , Rajasthan
12. PNB Barrod PUNB0052900 District Alwar, Barod District t.alwar -rajasthan
Barod Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
13. PNB Behror PUNB0152410 Opposite Senior Sec. School Hostel Road, Behror, Behror,district Alwar - 301701
14. PNB Behror Ganga Bishan PUNB0129100 Kund Road Behror, Behror Ganganbishan
15. PNB Bhanokhar PUNB0129700 Tehshil : Kathumar, District t. Alwar, Rajasthan
Bhanokar Distt.alwar -rajasthan
16. PNB Bhiwadi PUNB0399300 K-159 Ghatal Industrial Area, Bhiwadi District t
17. PNB Bhiwadi Bhagat Singh Colony PUNB0974600 C-4, Bhagat Singh Colony Bhiwadi . RJ, Alwar - 301019
18. PNB Burhibawal PUNB0354300 Tehsil : Kotkasim, District t. Alwar (rajasthan)
Burhi Bawal Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
19. PNB Cac Alwar PUNB0836400 RJ, Alwar
ALWAR , Rajasthan
20. PNB Cc Back Office, Alwar PUNB0696200 Manu Marg Alwar
21. PNB Chandoli PUNB0143900 Tehsil : Alwar, District t: Alwar
Chandoli, Dist Alwar, Rajasthan , Rajasthan
22. PNB Chopanki PUNB0190910 Plot #H1-920 A, Industrial Area CHOPANKI, TIJARA, Alwar - 301019
23. PNB Chopanki PUNB0782700 Plot #1 Bcci Office, Chamber Chowk, Choupanki, Rajasthan
Choupanki, Alwar, Rajasthan
24. PNB Circle Sastra Center Alwar PUNB0818400 29 Harshil Tower Station Road Naru MargRJ, Alwar - 301001
ALWAR , Rajasthan
25. PNB CLPC Alwar PUNB0645800 Manu Marg, Alwar
26. PNB Dantaramgarh PUNB0677900 Dataramgarh, Rajasthan
Dataramgarh (distt Sikar)
27. PNB Diwakari PUNB0719800 Near Surya Nagar Main Road, VP Diwakari Alwar
28. PNB Gandala PUNB0354600 District Alwar ( Rajasthan )
Gandala Distt.alwar -rajasthan
29. PNB Garhi Swairam PUNB0356700 District Alwar, Garhi Sawairam District t.alwar -rajasthan
Garhi Sawairam Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
30. PNB Giglana PUNB0755100 Bus Stand Main Chowk, Giglana, District t Alwar
Giglana , Alwar , Rajasthan
31. PNB Gola Ka Bas PUNB0106900 District Alwar, Gola Ka Bas District t.alwar -rajasthan
Gola Ka Bas Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
32. PNB Googal Kota PUNB0809300 Googal Kota Shyam Singh Chauhan Sarpanch House Alwar - 301706
33. PNB Govindgarh Alwar PUNB0874800 Govindgarhopp Khedapati Market Main Bazar Govindgarh, RAJASTHAN Alwar - 301604
Govindgarh , Rajasthan
34. PNB Hamirpur - Rajasthan PUNB0354700 District Alwar, Hamirpur District t.alwar -rajasthan
Hamirpur Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
35. PNB Harsoli - Alwar PUNB0069100 District Alwar, Rajasthan
Harsauli Distt.alwar -rajasthan
36. PNB Harsora PUNB0201100 District Alwar, Teh Bansur, District t.alwar Rajasthan
Harsora Distt.alwar -rajasthan
37. PNB Ishroda (shekhupur) PUNB0355000 Shekpur, Tehsil Tijara District Alwar, Rajasthan - 301411
Isroda Distt.alwar -rajasthan
38. PNB Ismalpur PUNB0746000 Main Chowk Vpo Ismalpur Alwar
39. PNB Jakhrana Kalan PUNB0355100 District Alwar, Jakhrana District t.alwar -rajasthan
Jakhrana Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
40. PNB Jat Behror PUNB0224100 District Alwar, Jat Behror District t.alwar -rajasthan
Jat Behror Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
41. PNB Jawali PUNB0223800 Jaluki Road, Laxmangarh, District t. Alwar Rajasthan
Jawali Distt.alwar -rajasthan
42. PNB Jonaicha Khurd PUNB0719900 Panchayat Bhawan, V/P-jonaicha Khurd, District t.alwar (rajasthan)
Alwar , Rajasthan
43. PNB Kamalpur, Alwar, I.e.t. PUNB0626600 Alwar, Iet College Mia, Rajasthan
44. PNB Kasba Bansur PUNB0694200 Narainpur Road Bansoor, The. Bansoor District Alwar , Rajasthan
Kasba Bansoor (alwar)
45. PNB Kathumar PUNB0233100 District Alwar, Kathumar District t.alwar -rajasthan
Kathumar Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
46. PNB Khairthal Mandi PUNB0236900 District Alwar, Khairthal District t.alwar -rajasthan
Khairthal Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
47. PNB Khanpur Mewan PUNB0236400 Tehsil : Kishangarh Bas, District t Alwar (rajasthan)
Khanpur Mewan Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
48. PNB Kherli - Alwar PUNB0231500 District Alwar, Kherli District t.alwar -rajasthan
Kherli Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
49. PNB Kishangarh Bas PUNB0981800 Near Axis Bank, Tijara Road, Kishangarh Alwar Rajasthan - 301405
50. PNB Kishangarh Bas Alwar PUNB0170510 Road, Opposite Lakhyani Beej Bhandar, Kishanga, Alwar - 301405
51. PNB Kotkasim PUNB0775100 Near OLD Bus Stand, Kotkasim, District t Alwar
Kotkasim, Distt Alwar , Rajasthan
52. PNB Kuteena PUNB0355600 Tehsil : Behror, District t Alwar (rajasthan)
Kuteena Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
53. PNB Macheri PUNB0254700 District Alwar, Macheri District t.alwar -rajasthan
Macheri Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
54. PNB Malakhera Alwar PUNB0871700 PNB Malakhera Infront of Old Petrol Pump Near Old Bus Stand Malakhera RJ Alwar
55. PNB Maujpur PUNB0355800 Teh. Laxmangarh, District Alwar, Rajasthan
Maujpur Distt.alwar -rajasthan
56. PNB Milkpur Gujar PUNB0357200 V & P, Milakpur Gujjar, Teh Tijara, District t Alwar
Milakpur Gujjar Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
57. PNB Mubarikpur PUNB0694300 Mubarikpur The. Ramgarh, District Alwar, Rajasthan
58. PNB Mundawar PUNB0981900 C By O Mange Ram S By O Panna Lal Chaudhary Ajaraka Wale, Shanti Market, Mundawar Rajasthan - 301024
59. PNB Neemrana PUNB0270700 Neemrana, Tehsil-behror, District t. Alwar, Rajasthan
Neemrana Distt.alwar -rajasthan
60. PNB Neft Nodal Rgb Rrb PUNB0RGB002 Neft Centralized Processing Centre For Rajasthan Gramin Bank, 13 Lajpat Nagar Scheme #02 Alwar
61. PNB Pinan PUNB0356100 District Alwar, Pinan District t.alwar -rajasthan
Pinan Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
62. PNB Pur, Alwar PUNB0294600 District Alwar, Pur District t.alwar -rajasthan
Pur Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
63. PNB Rajgarh (alwar) PUNB0300400 Gol Market, District Alwar, Rajasthan
Rajgarh (alwar) Distt.alwar -rajasthan
64. PNB Rajgarh District Alwar PUNB0170410 Ganga Bagh. Mela Ka CH Rajgarh, Alwar - 301408
65. PNB Rajpur, Upadhya Niwas PUNB0356900 District Alwar ( Rajasthan )
Rajpur , Distt- Alwar
66. PNB Ramgarh - Alwar PUNB0084000 Ramgarh ( Punjab )
Ramgrah Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
67. PNB Reni PUNB0094700 Tehsil : Rajgarh, District t Alwar (rajasthan)
Reni Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
68. PNB Samoochi PUNB0745900 Near Kherli Road, Vpo-smoochi, District t- Alwar
69. PNB Shahbad - Alwar PUNB0356300 Rampur, Shahbad
Shahbad, Distt. Alwar (raj) , Rajasthan
70. PNB Shajahanpur PUNB0356400 The. Behror District Alwar, Shahjahanpur
71. PNB Tapukara PUNB0090500 V & P Tapukara, Teh Tijara, District t Alwar (raj)
Tapukara Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
72. PNB Tatarpur PUNB0356500 District Alwar, Tatarpur District t.alwar -rajasthan
Tatarpur Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
73. PNB Tehla PUNB0331600 District Alwar, Teh Rajgarh District t.alwar, Rajasthan
Tehla Distt.alwar -rajasthan
74. PNB Thanagazhi PUNB0638900 Thanagazi ( District Alwar ), Rajasthan
Thanagazi (disst-alwar)
75. PNB Thara . Alwar PUNB0214110 Near Trehan Hill View Thara, Tijara, Bhiwadi, Alwar - 301018
76. PNB Tijara PUNB0331900 District Alwar, Tijara District t.alwar -rajasthan
Tijara Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan
77. PNB Umrain PUNB0336100 Umrain Teh. Alwar, District t. Alwar
Umrain Distt.alwar -rajasthan , Rajasthan

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