Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The bank has 60 branches in Bharatpur district. The table below shows PNB Bharatpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Bharatpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Awar PUNB0728200 Awar, Teh-kumher, District Bharatpur, Rajasthan
2. PNB Bachhamadi PUNB0261900 District Bharatpur, Bachhamandi District t Bharatpur-rajasthan
Bachhamandi Distt Bharatpur-rajasthan , Rajasthan
3. PNB Bachhren PUNB0873100 Bachhrenteh Bhusawar Rajasthan - 321407
4. PNB Baroli Chhar PUNB0130400 District Bharatpur, Barolichhar District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Barolichhar Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
5. PNB Bayana PUNB0123000 Arya Samaj Road, Bayana, District Bhara
6. PNB Bayana Gandhi Seva Sadan ( Raj ) PUNB0464800 Gandhi Seva Sadan, Bayana
7. PNB Beroo PUNB0261800 Tehshil Nagar, District t. Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Beroo Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
8. PNB Bharatpur PUNB0052420 30-ABC, New Mandi, Bharatpur
9. PNB Bharatpur Exhibition Road PUNB0041310 Exhibition Road, Kumher Gate, Bharatpur - 321001
10. PNB Bharatpur Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti PUNB0095010 Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti Campus, Bharatpur - 321001
11. PNB Bharatpur Krishna Nagar PUNB0872500 Krishna Nagar RJ Bhapu, Bharatpur
12. PNB Bharatpur Saras Chauraha PUNB0784900 Bharatpur, Saras Chauraha, District t Bharatpur
Bharatpur , Rajasthan
13. PNB Bharatpur Uit PUNB0113210 Uit Campus, Near Swagat Bhawan, Bharatpur - 321001
14. PNB Bharatpur, Brij Industrial Area PUNB0756900 Brij Industrial Area, J. M. Dharamkanta, Bharatpur , District bharatpur
15. PNB Bharatpur, Heera Das Road PUNB0981300 Heera Das Road, Heera Das Chauraha Behind Petrol Pump, Bharatpur - 321001
16. PNB Bharatpur, Kumher Road PUNB0757100 Bharat Pur, Kumher Road, Bharatpur
17. PNB Bharatpur, Lm Chowk PUNB0004900 Mandi Atal Band, Rajasthan
18. PNB Bharatpur, Mandi Station Road PUNB0358300 Station Road New Mandi, Bharatpur
19. PNB Bharatpur, Super Bazar PUNB0296700 PNB House Super Bazar, Bharatpur
20. PNB Bhusawar PUNB0728600 Hindaun Road Near Sbi Bhusawar, District t Bharatpur (rajasthan)
21. PNB Borai - Bharatpur PUNB0246200 District Bharatpur, Borai District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Borai Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
22. PNB Cc Back Office, Deeg PUNB0697900 Nai Sadak, Deeg, District Bharatpur, Deeg(rajasthan)
23. PNB Cc Back Office, Nadbai PUNB0697800 Nadbai, District Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Nadbai Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
24. PNB Cc Back Office, Rajendra Nagar PUNB0698000 Rajendra Nagar, Super Market, Bharat Pur, Raj
Bharatpur , Rajasthan
25. PNB Chiksana PUNB0144200 District Bharatpur, Chiksana District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Chiksana Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
26. PNB Circle Sastra Center Bharatpur PUNB0819800 PNB House Super Bazar Rajendra Nagar RJ Bhapu, Bharatpur - 321001
BHARATPUR , Rajasthan
27. PNB Deeg PUNB0098900 New Sadak, Deeg, Deeg(rajasthan)
28. PNB Halena PUNB0069200 District Bharatpur, Helena District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Helena Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
29. PNB Helak PUNB0201300 District Bharatpur, Helak District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Helak Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
30. PNB Jaghina PUNB0079300 District Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Jaghina Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
31. PNB Januthar PUNB0223600 Tehshil : - Deeg, District Bharatpur (rajasthan)
Januthar Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
32. PNB Jawahar Nagar Bharatpur RJ PUNB0957500 B 170 Jawahar NagarRJ Bhapu, Bharatpur - 321001
33. PNB Jurehra PUNB0079200 District Bharatpur, Jurehra District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Jurehra Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
34. PNB Kaithwara PUNB0235500 District Bharatpur, Kaithwara District t. Bharatpur -rajasthan
Kaithwara Distt. Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
35. PNB Kalsara PUNB0358700 Teh Bayana, District bharatpur Rajasthan
Kalsara Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
36. PNB Kaman PUNB0233300 Bus Stand Chouraha, Kaman, District t Bharatpur, (rajasthan)
Kaman Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
37. PNB Kathaul Pahari PUNB0267600 District Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Kathol Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
38. PNB Khanuwa PUNB0235600 Khanwa, District t Bharatpur
Khanwa Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
39. PNB Khoh PUNB0236200 District Bharatpur, Khoh District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Khoh Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
40. PNB Kumher PUNB0073800 District Bharatpur, Kumher District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Kumher Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
41. PNB Lahchora Kalan PUNB0784400 Lahchora Kalan, Near Bus Stand, Teh- Bayana, District t Bharatpur
42. PNB Lakhanpur - Bharatpur PUNB0204300 ( Jammu & Kashmir ), Lakhanpur (J&K)
Lakhanpur Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
43. PNB Ludhawai PUNB0784300 Ludhawai, NH-II, District t. Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Ludhawai, Bharatpur, Rajasthan
44. PNB MCC Bharatpur PUNB0811700 rjbhapu, Bharatpur
45. PNB Nadbai PUNB0036800 District Bharatpur, Nadbai District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Nadbai Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
46. PNB Nagar - Bharatpur PUNB0272500 District Bharatpur, Nagar District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Nagar Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
47. PNB Pahari PUNB0082700 Main Market, District Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Pahari Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
48. PNB Pathena PUNB0358900 District Bharatpur, Pathena District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Pathena Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
49. PNB PNB Loan Point Ram Bharatpur PUNB0690900 RJ Bhapu, Bharatpur
50. PNB Prabhas Patan PUNB0755800 Govind Dev Complex, Station Road, Kuchaman City
51. PNB Rarah PUNB0300100 District Bharatpur, Rarah District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Rarah Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
52. PNB Riico Bayana PUNB0981400 Riico Bayana, IN Front OF BSNL Bharatpur Road Bayana - 321401
53. PNB Roopbas PUNB0639000 District Bharatpur, Roopwas , District t - Bharatpur
Roopwas , Distt - Bharatpur , Rajasthan
54. PNB Rudawal PUNB0093100 District Bharatpur, Rudawal District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Rudawal Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
55. PNB Sabora PUNB0246300 Tehshil Kumher, District t. Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Sabora Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
56. PNB Samuka (saumka) PUNB0246100 Tehshil Pahari, District Bharatpur (rajasthan)
Somka Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
57. PNB Sikri PUNB0090000 District Bharatpur, Sikri District t Bharatpur -rajasthan
Sikri Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
58. PNB Sinsini PUNB0359000 Teh. Deeg, District Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Sinsini Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan
59. PNB Uchain PUNB0090700 Post Uchain Tehsil Rupbass, District t Bharatpur
Uchain Distt Bharatpur -rajasthan , Rajasthan
60. PNB Weir PUNB0690800 Weir, District Bharatpur, Weir-District t Bharatpur
Weir-distt Bharatpur , Rajasthan

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