Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 33 branches in Budaun district. The table below shows PNB Budaun IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Budaun

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Ambia Pur PUNB0101600 Bo : Ambiapur District Budaun, UP
Uttar Pradesh
2. PNB Asaf Pur PUNB0096700 Bo : Asafpur, District t-budaun
Asafpur, Dt Budaun, Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh
3. PNB Babrala PUNB0056800 Babrala, District t-budaun
Babrala (up) , Uttar Pradesh
4. PNB Badaun, Civil Lines PUNB0124300 Civil Lines, Badaun
Uttar Pradesh
5. PNB Badaun, Vikas Bhawan PUNB0634100 Vikas Bhawan, Budaun, District t Budaun
Budaun, Up (central) , Uttar Pradesh
6. PNB Bilsi PUNB0184000 Bo : Bilsi, District t-badaun
Bilsi (distt-budaun) , Uttar Pradesh
7. PNB Bisauli PUNB0122000 Bo : Bisauli, District t- Baudaun
Bisauli (distt-budaun) , Uttar Pradesh
8. PNB Budaun, Halwai Chowk PUNB0183900 Halwai Chowk, Badaun
Uttar Pradesh
9. PNB Cc Back Office, Civil Lines,badaun PUNB0697300 C/chest Budaun, Civil Lines, UP
Budaun, Up (central) , Uttar Pradesh
10. PNB Dahar Pur Kalan PUNB0154000 Daharpurkalan, District t-budaun
Daharpur Kalan, Dt Budaun , Uttar Pradesh
11. PNB Data Ganj PUNB0459800 Data Gunj, Dataganj, DT Budaun
Dataganj, Dt Budaun , Uttar Pradesh
12. PNB Gowan PUNB0190800 Gowan, District t-budaun
Gowan (distt. Budaun) , Uttar Pradesh
13. PNB Gunnaur PUNB0066900 Bo : Gunnaur, District t-badaun
Uttar Pradesh
14. PNB Islam Nagar - Budaun PUNB0615500 Islam Nagar ( District Budaun ), UP
Islam Nagar (distt-budaun) , Uttar Pradesh
15. PNB Junawai PUNB0221100 Bo : Junawai, District t:budaun
Badaun , Uttar Pradesh
16. PNB Kachhla PUNB0638300 Kachla ( District Budaun ) UP, Kachla (District t-budaun)
Kachla (distt-budaun) , Uttar Pradesh
17. PNB Kakrala PUNB0073400 Bo : Kakrala, District t. Buduan
Kakrala (distt. Buduan) , Uttar Pradesh
18. PNB Kotha - Budaun PUNB0246900 P. O. Kundal, District t
Kotha (bareilly) , Uttar Pradesh
19. PNB Kunwar Gaon PUNB0231800 Bo Kunwargaon District Budaun, District t Budaun
Kunwar Gaon, Distt Budaun , Uttar Pradesh
20. PNB Madkawali PUNB0108000 Bo : Madkawali, Budaun
Madakawali , Uttar Pradesh
21. PNB Miaoon PUNB0254400 Bo : Miaoon District Budaun, Miaoon, District t Budaun
Miaoon, Distt Budaun , Uttar Pradesh
22. PNB Orchhi PUNB0205900 Bo : Orchhi District Budaun, Badaun
Uttar Pradesh
23. PNB Rajpura (badaun) PUNB0093300 Bo : Budaun, Rajpura
Uttar Pradesh
24. PNB Ranet PUNB0103900 Bo : Budaun, Ranet
Uttar Pradesh
25. PNB Rudian PUNB0301200 Bo : Rudain District Budaun, Rudain (bareilly)
Uttar Pradesh
26. PNB Sahaswan PUNB0615400 Sahaswan ( District Budaun ), UP
Sahaswan (distt-budaun) , Uttar Pradesh
27. PNB Sakhanoo PUNB0311300 Bo : Sakhanoo, Sakhanoo, DT Budaun
Sakhanoo, Dt Budaun , Uttar Pradesh
28. PNB Sarahbharolia PUNB0202900 Sarai Barolia District Budaun, City For Upload
Uttar Pradesh
29. PNB Sheikhupur PUNB0314000 Bo : Sheikhupur District Budaun, Sheikhupur (bareilly)
Uttar Pradesh
30. PNB Ujhani PUNB0335100 Bo : Ujhani, District t-ujhani
Uttar Pradesh
31. PNB Usawan PUNB0335600 Bo : Usawan, Usawan (District Budaun)
Usawan (dist- Budaun) , Uttar Pradesh
32. PNB Ushait PUNB0091200 Ushait, District Badaun ( UP ), Uttar Pradesh
Ushait,distt. Badaun (up)
33. PNB Wazirganj PUNB0350300 Badaun ( UP ), Wazirganj, DT Buduan - 202526
Wazirganj, Dt Buduan , Uttar Pradesh

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