Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 75 branches in Bulandshahr district. The table below shows PNB Bulandshahr IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Bulandshahr

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Ahmedgarh PUNB0101500 Bo : Ahmadgarh District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
Ahmedgarh,distt Bulandshahr(up)
2. PNB Amarpur PUNB0365100 P. O. : Amarpur, District t: Bulandshahr
Amarpur (bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
3. PNB Anoopshahr, Anglo Vedic Educational Association PUNB0473500 L. D. A. V Inter College, Anoopshahr, Bulandshahar
Anoopshahr(up) , Uttar Pradesh
4. PNB Anupshahr, Subzimandi PUNB0003100 Subzi Mandi Anoopshahr, Anoopshahr(UP)
Anoopshahr(up) , Uttar Pradesh
5. PNB Arnia Khurd PUNB0096500 Arnis Khurd, District Bulandshahr, Arniakhurd (District t. Bulandshahr)
Arniakhurd (distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
6. PNB Aurangabad - Uttar Pradesh PUNB0161900 District Bulandshahr, UP, Aurangabad,District bulandshahr(UP)
Aurangabad,dist.bulandshahr(up) , Uttar Pradesh
7. PNB Awas Vikas Colony, Bulandshahr PUNB0656400 DM Road Near Awas Vikas Colony, Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
8. PNB Balka (jamunather) PUNB0365200 Balka Jamnather, District Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh
Balka Jamnather(bulandshahr)up
9. PNB Baral PUNB0112300 Vpo Baral, District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
10. PNB Baroli Basdeopur PUNB0163400 Vpo Baroli Basdevpur, District t. Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
11. PNB Bhainsroli PUNB0205000 Vpo Bhains0 Rli, District Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
12. PNB Bhawan Bhadur Nagar PUNB0058800 District Bulandshahar, UP
Bhawan Bahadur Nagar, Distt Bulandshahr , Uttar Pradesh
13. PNB Bhimpur Doraha (sab) PUNB0495000 Saf BR Bhimpur Doraha Debai, District t-bulandshahr UP
Debai (distt-bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
14. PNB Bhoor Chauraha PUNB0289900 Bhoor, Bulandshahar
Uttar Pradesh
15. PNB Bibiyana PUNB0365300 Vpo Bibiyana, District t. Bulandshahr (UP)
Bibiyana (distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
16. PNB Bulandshahar (rab) PUNB0666100 Bhoor, Delhi Road, Bulandshahr UP
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
17. PNB Bulandshahar, Amargarh PUNB0112400 Vpo Amargarh, District t. Bulandshahr
Amargarh (distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
18. PNB Bulandshahar, Civil Lines PUNB0006900 Civil Lines, Bulandshahar
Uttar Pradesh
19. PNB Bulandshahar, Motibagh PUNB0365400 Moti Bagh, Bulandhahar, Bulandshahar
Uttar Pradesh
20. PNB Bulandshahar, Near Kshetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram PUNB0619800 Near, Kshetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram, Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
21. PNB Bulandshahr PUNB0685800 Civil Lines, Opposite Sharma Inter Col Bulandshahr - 203001
Uttar Pradesh
22. PNB Bulandshahr R. M. Office PUNB0383000 Regional Office, Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
23. PNB Bulandshar, Deputy Ganj PUNB0182400 Bulandshahar, Deputy Ganj, District t. Bulandshahr (UP)
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
24. PNB Bullandshahr Back Office PUNB0458400 Civil Lines, Opposite Sharma Inter College, Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
25. PNB Cc Back Office, Civil Lines Bulandshahar PUNB0699500 Civil Lines Bulandshahr Under, Bo Civil Lines Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
26. PNB Cc Back Office, Yamuna Puram Bulandshahr PUNB0699600 PNB House Yamunapuram Under, Bo Yamunapuram Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
27. PNB Chhatari PUNB0750600 Chhatari Vill District Bulandshahr
Chhatari , Uttar Pradesh
28. PNB Chundera PUNB0365500 Bo : Chaundhera, District t Bulandshahr
Uttar Pradesh
29. PNB Circle Sastra Center Bulandshahr PUNB0821200 PNB Housenear Rto Office Yamunapuram UP Bulan, Bulandshahr - 203001
BULANDSHAHR , Uttar Pradesh
30. PNB CLPC Bulandshahr PUNB0621000 Bhoor Road Bulandsharhr, Bulandshahr
Uttar Pradesh
31. PNB Dan Pur PUNB0151100 Bo : Danpur, District t-bulandshahr
Danpur, Distt. Bulandshahr (up , Uttar Pradesh
32. PNB Dashera PUNB0365600 Bo : Dushehra, District t. Bulandshahr, UP
Dushehra (distt. Bulandshahr, Up) , Uttar Pradesh
33. PNB Daulatpur Kalan PUNB0112500 Vpo Daulatpur Kalan, District t Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
34. PNB Debai PUNB0063300 Bo : Dibai District Bulandshahr, Dibai(District Bulandshahr)
Dibai(dist Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
35. PNB Dharampur - Bulandshahr PUNB0203900 Dharmpur, District t. Bulandshahr
Dharampur (distt. Bulandshahr, Up) , Uttar Pradesh
36. PNB Gulaothi PUNB0067000 Gulaothi, Gulaothi, District t. Bulandshahr (
Gulaothi(dist Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
37. PNB Indorekhera PUNB0164000 Bo : Indore Khera, District t-bulandshahr
Indorekhera , Uttar Pradesh
38. PNB Jahangirabad PUNB0220400 Bo : Jahangirabad District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
39. PNB Jaketha PUNB0365700 P. O. : Jakheta, District Bulandshahr, Jakheta (bulandshahr)
Uttar Pradesh
40. PNB Jatpura Mukhimpur PUNB0203800 Bo : Jatpura Mukimpur District Bulandshahr, Jatpura Mukimpur (District t.bulandshar)
Jatpura Mukimpur (distt.bulandshar) , Uttar Pradesh
41. PNB Jokhabad PUNB0750500 Jokhabad Vill District Bulandshahr
Jokhabad , Uttar Pradesh
42. PNB Kakore PUNB0649300 Main Bazar, Kakod, (District t. Bulandshahr)
Kakod(distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
43. PNB Kali (chandpur) Bulandshar PUNB0656500 Bulandshahr, Kali Nadi Road ( Chandpur ), UP
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
44. PNB Karora PUNB0234800 Bo : Bulandshahr, Karora
Uttar Pradesh
45. PNB Khalaur PUNB0366100 Bo :: Khalaur District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
Khalaur, Distt. Bulandshahr(up)
46. PNB Khanpur - Bulandshahr PUNB0235000 District Hooghtly, West Bengal
Khanpur,dist.bulandshahr (up) , Uttar Pradesh
47. PNB Khurja Rural PUNB0682100 City Station Road, Khurja, Khurja Rural (bulandshahar)
Khurja Rural (bulandshahar) , Uttar Pradesh
48. PNB Khurja, Subhash Road PUNB0026700 ( Uttar Pradesh )
49. PNB Khurza Junction PUNB0366000 Bo : Khuraj Junction District Bulandshahr ( UP ), Uttar Pradesh
Khurja Junction(bulandshahr)up
50. PNB Kutubpur PUNB0365800 Kutubpur, Po : Sahakari Nagar, District t: Bulandshahr
Kutubpur (distt. Muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
51. PNB Lakhaoti PUNB0240200 Bo : Lakhaoti District Bulandshahr, Lakhaoti, District t Bulandshahr
Lakhaoti, Distt Bulandshahr , Uttar Pradesh
52. PNB Madona Jafrabad PUNB0777300 Block BB Nagar, Tehsil Siyana District t Bulandshahr
Siyana (distt Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
53. PNB Malakpur PUNB0366200 Vpo Malakpur, District t. Bulandshahr
Malakpur( Distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
54. PNB Maujpur (khurja) PUNB0732900 Maujpur Village, Khurja, District t Bulandshahr
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
55. PNB Moharsa PUNB0366300 Vpo Moharsa, District t. Bulandshahr
Moharsa (distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
56. PNB Muni PUNB0366400 Bo : Muni, Teh : Khurja, District t. Bulandshahr
Muni (distt. Bulandshahr, Up) , Uttar Pradesh
57. PNB Narora PUNB0270200 Bo : Narora District Bulandshahr, Narora (District t-bulandshahr)
Narora (distt-bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
58. PNB Nethla Hasanpur PUNB0366500 District Bulandshahr ( UP ), Naithla Hasanpur, District t Bulandshahr
Naithla Hasanpur, Distt Bulandshahr , Uttar Pradesh
59. PNB Pahasu PUNB0295600 Bo : Pahasu, District Bulandshahr
Uttar Pradesh
60. PNB Palrajhal PUNB0366600 Bo : Palrajhal District Bulandshahr, Palrajhal (District t. Bulandshahr)
Palrajhal (distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
61. PNB Ramghat PUNB0164100 Bo : Ramghat, District t. Bulandshahr, UP
Ramghat (distt. Bulandshahr, Up) , Uttar Pradesh
62. PNB Rapc Bulandshahr PUNB0911000 Bhoor Patel NagarBulsa, Bulandshahr - 203001
Uttar Pradesh
63. PNB Salempur - Bulandshahr PUNB0315000 Near Kotwali Salempur Po : Salempur, District t. Deoria
Uttar Pradesh
64. PNB Samaspur PUNB0366700 Vpo Samaspur, District t. Bulandshahr (UP)
Bulandshahar , Uttar Pradesh
65. PNB Sanautha PUNB0116200 Bo : Bulandshahr, Sanautha
Uttar Pradesh
66. PNB Sarawa PUNB0138000 Bo : Sarawa, District t. Bulandshahr, UP
Sarawa (distt. Bulandshahr, Up) , Uttar Pradesh
67. PNB Sathala PUNB0317700 P. O. : Sathla, District t: Bulandshahr
Sathla (up) , Uttar Pradesh
68. PNB Satwara PUNB0138100 Bo : Satwara District Bulandshahr, Satwara (District t. Bulandshahr)
Satwara (distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
69. PNB Shikarpur PUNB0312500 Bo : Shikarpur District Bulandshahr, Shikarpur (District t-bulandshahr)
Shikarpur (distt-bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
70. PNB Siana PUNB0047900 Bo : Siyana District Bulandshahar, Siyana (District t Bulandshahr)
Siyana (distt Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
71. PNB Sikandrabad, Gandhi Ganj PUNB0044100 Station Road, Sikandarabad, Sikandrabad
Uttar Pradesh
72. PNB Surajpur Makhena PUNB0366900 Bo : Surajpur Makhena District Bulandshahr, Surajpur Makhena, District t Bulandshahr
Surajpur Makhena, Distt Bulandshahr , Uttar Pradesh
73. PNB Tiyana PUNB0367000 P. O. : Akapur, Tiyana, District t-bulandshahr
Tiyana (bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
74. PNB Unchagaon PUNB0335700 Vpo Unchagaon, District t. Bulandshahr
Unchagaon (distt. Bulandshahr) , Uttar Pradesh
75. PNB Yamunapuram PUNB0456800 PNB House, Yamuna Puram, Near Rto, Bulandshahar
Uttar Pradesh

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