Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 46 branches in Gorakhpur district. The table below shows PNB Gorakhpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Gorakhpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. PNB Barhalganj PUNB0187600 Main Road Barhal Ganj, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
2. PNB Betia Hata, Gorakhpur PUNB0475800 Betia Hata, Gorakhpur UP
Uttar Pradesh
3. PNB Bharpahi PUNB0167500 Bharpahi, District Gorakhpur ( UP, Bharpahi, District t. Gorakhpur (UP
Bharpahi, Distt. Gorakhpur (up , Uttar Pradesh
4. PNB Bhathat PUNB0793900 PNB Bhathat Vill Post Bhathat, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
5. PNB Cc Back Office, Industrial Area PUNB0703200 Currency Chest Industrial Area, Gorakhnath Gate Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
6. PNB Cc Back Office, Urdu Bazar PUNB0703000 Gorakhpur, Urdu Bazaar Gorakhpur
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
7. PNB Chaumukha (campierganj) PUNB0794000 PNB Chaumukha ( Campierganj ), Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
8. PNB Chauri Chaura PUNB0650100 Bhopa Bazar, Chauri Chaura
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
9. PNB Civil Lines Area, Gorakhpur PUNB0475600 Civil Lines, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
10. PNB CLPC Gorakhpur PUNB0652300 Bank Road UP, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
11. PNB Deahghat PUNB0160100 Barahi, Deeh Ghat, District t. Gorakhpur
Deehghat (distt-gorakhpur) , Uttar Pradesh
12. PNB Ekla Bazar PUNB0160200 Po. Bagha Gada, District t. Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
13. PNB Gajpur Mus. PUNB0990500 PNB Gajpur, S. R. Degree College, Po Gajpur, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
14. PNB Gida Gorakhpur PUNB0633200 Gida Sector 7 Purvanchal Dental College, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
15. PNB Gopalpur - Gorakhpur PUNB0211000 Gopalpur, District Gorakhpur ( UP, Gopalpur District Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
16. PNB Gorakhpur (rcc) PUNB0453200 Bank Road, Regional Collection Centre, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
17. PNB Gorakhpur Jubilee Road PUNB0187500 Jubilee Road, Agrasen Tiraha, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
18. PNB Gorakhpur Kunragat PUNB0191400 Po Kunrghat, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
19. PNB Gorakhpur R. S. D. C PUNB0504600 Gorakhpur
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
20. PNB Gorakhpur Ramgarhtal PUNB0299000 Post-new Shivpuri Colony, Ramgarh Tal, District t.gorakhpur
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
0551-2320231, 232406
21. PNB Gorakhpur, Bank Road PUNB0018300 Bank Road, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
0551-2337102, 233310
22. PNB Gorakhpur, Industrial Area PUNB0066600 Gorakhnath Temple Gate, Industrial Area,District Gorakhpur (UP)
Uttar Pradesh
0551-2251019, 225741
23. PNB Gorakhpur, Medical College Road PUNB0489400 Medical College Road, Rapti Nagar Chauraha, Gorakhpur, UP
Uttar Pradesh
24. PNB Gorakhpur, Urdu Bazar PUNB0018400 Urdu Bazar, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
0551-2531539, 253234
25. PNB Gulariha PUNB0842400 Gulariha Po Gulariha Gorakhpur - 273013
Uttar Pradesh
26. PNB Jungle Bahdurali PUNB0228500 Po Jungle Beni Madho #2, Moharipur, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
27. PNB Jungle Rasoolpur PUNB0820800 Jungle Rasoolpur Po Bazar Gorakhpur - 273203
Uttar Pradesh
28. PNB Kahala PUNB0279100 Post Shivpur, Kahla, District t. Gorakhpur (UP)
Kahla (distt. Gorakhpur, Up) , Uttar Pradesh
29. PNB Kauri Ram PUNB0608400 Kauriram ( District Gorakhpur, UP
Uttar Pradesh
30. PNB Khajni PUNB0620700 Gorakhpur, Opposite Block Office
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
31. PNB Kotha - Gorakhpur PUNB0212900 Bo : Kotha 9368312176, Teh: Sahashwan, District t: Budaun
Kotha (distt. Gorakhpur, Up) , Uttar Pradesh
32. PNB Kuri Bazar PUNB0169700 Kuri Bazar, District Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Kuri Bazar, Distt.gorakhpur(up
33. PNB Maniram PUNB0793800 PNB Maniram Vill + Post Maniram, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
34. PNB Manjharia PUNB0835500 Manjharia Po Ghaghasara Gorakhpur - 273209
Uttar Pradesh
35. PNB Nanda Nagar PUNB0157800 Nanda Nagar, Rajahi,District t. Gorakhpur
City For Upload , Uttar Pradesh
36. PNB Padri Bazar PUNB0594100 Padri Bazar Uttarpradesh Gorpu, Gorakhpur - 273014
Uttar Pradesh
37. PNB Pipiganj PUNB0794200 PNB Pipiganj, Vill + Post Pipiganj, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
38. PNB Pipraich PUNB0082600 Bhathat Road Ward-II, Pipraich , District t. Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
39. PNB Rudrapur - Gorakhpur PUNB0793700 Rudrapur Deoria Po Rudrapur Deoria - 274204
Kushmi Bazar , Uttar Pradesh
40. PNB Sahjanwa PUNB0719600 Sahjanwa, Sahjanwa Bazar
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
41. PNB Saital PUNB0279200 Po. Saital, District t. Gorakhpur (UP)
Saital (distt-gorakhpur) , Uttar Pradesh
42. PNB Shahabad PUNB0835400 Shahabad Po Brijmanganj Gorakhpur - 273157
Uttar Pradesh
43. PNB Sikriganj PUNB0826300 Sikriganj Po Sikriganj Gorakhpur - 273213
Uttar Pradesh
44. PNB Taramandal,gorakhpur PUNB0995300 Taramandal, Po Shiddarth Enclave Gorakhpur - 273017
Uttar Pradesh
45. PNB Tiloi, Gola Bazar (gorakhpur) PUNB0465800 Chand Chauraha, Gola Bazar, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
46. PNB Vikash Bhawan, Gorakhpur PUNB0475500 Vikash Bhawan, Gorakhpur UP
Uttar Pradesh

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