Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 72 branches in Muzaffarnagar district. The table below shows PNB Muzaffarnagar IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Muzaffarnagar

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Ailum Kalan PUNB0101300 P. O. Ailum Kalan, District t Muzaffarnagar, UP
Ailum Kalan, Dt Muzaffarnagar, Up , Uttar Pradesh
2. PNB Babri PUNB0121100 P. O. Babri, District Muzaffarnagar
Babri (uttar Pradesh) , Uttar Pradesh
3. PNB Baghra PUNB0476400 Baghra ( District Muzafar NGR ), UP
Baghra (distt-muzaffar Ngr) , Uttar Pradesh
4. PNB Banat PUNB0798600 Town Banat, Block Shamli Shamli, Muzaffarnagar - 247775
Uttar Pradesh
5. PNB Bhopa . Muzaffarnagar PUNB0195010 Village & Po-Bhopa . - Muzaffarnagar, Bhopa, Distt-muzaffarnagar - 251308
Uttar Pradesh
6. PNB Bhur Khatauli PUNB0123500 Opposite Sugar Mill, Jansath Road, Bhur Khatoli, Khatauli
Uttar Pradesh
7. PNB Biralsi PUNB0115800 V & Po Biralsi, District t Muzaffarnagar
Biralsi (distt.muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
8. PNB Budhai Khurd PUNB0135600 Vpo Badhai Kalan, District Muzaffarnagar, UP West
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
9. PNB Budhana PUNB0056600 Budhana, District Muzaffarnagar, Budhana Muzaffarnagar
Uttar Pradesh
10. PNB Ccbo, Muzaffarnagar PUNB0711700 C/chest, Muzaffarnagar, New Mandi, UP
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
11. PNB Ccbo, Shamli PUNB0711800 C/chest Back OFF Shamli, UP
Uttar Pradesh
12. PNB Charthawal PUNB0485600 Jai Hind Inter College, Charthawal, District t. Muzzaffarnagar
Charthawal (distt. Muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
13. PNB Chausana PUNB0371800 P. O. Chausana, District t Muzaffarnagar, UP
Chausana, Dt Muzaffarnagar, Up , Uttar Pradesh
14. PNB Chhapar PUNB0058200 Roorkee Road, District Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
Chappar (up)
15. PNB Dadhedu Dhaterykhurd PUNB0137600 District Muzaffarnagar ( UP ), Dadhedu (District t.muzaffarnagar)
Dadhedu (distt.muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
16. PNB Dunda Khera Bangar PUNB0791100 Vpo Dunda Khera Bangar, Block- Kandhla, District Shamli
Uttar Pradesh
17. PNB Dungar PUNB0757400 Bo : Dungar, Vill Dungar, Block-kandhla, Tehsil-budhana
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
18. PNB Faloda PUNB0180100 District Muzaffarnagar, UP
Faloda, Distt. Muzaffarnagar , Uttar Pradesh
19. PNB Galib Pur PUNB0136000 Vpo : Galibpur, District muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
20. PNB Gangeru PUNB0191900 P. O. : Gangeru, District t: Muzaffarnagar
Gangeru (distt. Muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
21. PNB Garhi Pukhta PUNB0066800 Vpo Garhi Pukhta, Tehsil : Shamli, District t. Muzaffarnagar
Uttar Pradesh
22. PNB Hariakhera PUNB0534300 H #107 Vill Haria Khera Teh Block Budhana District Muzaffar Nagar Uttar Pradesh - 247771
23. PNB Harsoli - Muzaffarnagar PUNB0201500 P. O. : Harsoli, District Muzaffarnagar, Harsoli (District t.muzaffarnagar)
Harsoli (distt.muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
24. PNB Jallalabad PUNB0071000 Vpo Jalalabad, District t Muzaffarnagar
Uttar Pradesh
25. PNB Jansath PUNB0372100 Jansath ( District Muzaffarnagar ), Jansath (UP)
Jansath (up) , Uttar Pradesh
26. PNB Jasoi PUNB0103400 P. O. : Jasoi, District t. Muzaffarnagar UP
Jasoi (up) , Uttar Pradesh
27. PNB Jat Mujhera PUNB0117300 P. O. : Jat Muzhera, District t: Muzaffarnagar
Jat Mujhera , Uttar Pradesh
28. PNB Jhinjana PUNB0070600 Bus Stand, District Muzaffarnagar
Jhinjhana (muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
29. PNB Kairana PUNB0302300 Kairana, District Muzaffarnagar
Kairana , Uttar Pradesh
30. PNB Kairana Dehat (thana Bhawan) PUNB0402300 Thanabhawan District Muzaffar Nagar, (U.P.)
Thanabhawan Distt- Muzaffar Nagar (u.p.) , Uttar Pradesh
31. PNB Kaithora PUNB0160900 Vpo : Kaithora, District t:muzaffarnagar
Uttar Pradesh
32. PNB Kalyanpur PUNB0148900 Kalyanpur, Po : Toda District Muzaffarnaga, Kalyanpur (District t.muzaffarnagar)
Kalyanpur (distt.muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
33. PNB Kandhla PUNB0371900 Kandla, District Muzaffarnagar, U.P
Kandhla, Up , Uttar Pradesh
34. PNB Karoda Hathi PUNB0110800 Vpo Karoda Hathi, District Muzaffarnagar, UP West
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
35. PNB Kawal PUNB0231300 Vpo Kawal, Tehsil : Jansath, District t. Muzaffarnagar
Kawal, Dt Muzaffarnagar , Uttar Pradesh
36. PNB Kazi Khera PUNB0113300 Kazi Khera, District Muzaffarnagar, Kazikhera (uttar Pradesh)
Uttar Pradesh
37. PNB Khatauli G.t. Road PUNB0182300 GT Road, District t.muzaffarnagar
Khatauli , Uttar Pradesh
38. PNB Khatauli, G.t. Road PUNB0627100 Khatauli, Municipal Building Ghantaghar, District t-muzaffar NGR UP
Khatauli , Uttar Pradesh
39. PNB Kheri Karmu PUNB0745400 Kheri Karmu Kairana Road, Shamli
Uttar Pradesh
40. PNB Khudda - Muzaffarnagar PUNB0149000 Konch Gaya, Konch (bihar)
Khudda (distt. Muzaffarnagar , Uttar Pradesh
41. PNB Kukra PUNB0985900 Kukra, Blok Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh - 251001
42. PNB Kutba PUNB0148000 P. O. : Kutba, District Muzaffarnagar ( U, Kutba (District t.muzaffarnagar)
Kutba (distt.muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
43. PNB Kutub Pur PUNB0237700 Kutubpur Po Meerapur, Kutubpur (District t. Muzaffarnagar)
Kutubpur (distt. Muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
44. PNB Mansurpur PUNB0483200 DSM Sugar Mill Compound, Mansurpur,District Muzaffarnagar(UP)
Mansurpur,(muzaffarnagar)up , Uttar Pradesh
45. PNB Morna PUNB0255300 Vpo Morna, Muzaffarnagar U.P
Morna Distt Muzaffarnagar , Uttar Pradesh
46. PNB Mundet Kalan PUNB0757900 P. O. Mundetkalan, Block Kairana Tehshil Shamli District t-shamli
Uttar Pradesh
47. PNB Muzaffarnagar PUNB0058720 165/170 Civil Lines, Muzaffarnagar
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
48. PNB Muzaffarnagar (rab) PUNB0531400 Opposite Saharanpur Bus Stand, Muzaffar Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
49. PNB Muzaffarnagar (rcc) PUNB0421000 Regional Collection Centre, Shiv Chowk, Muzaffarnagar
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
50. PNB Muzaffarnagar Court Road PUNB0182100 Court Road, Muzaffernagar ( UP ), Muzaffar Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
51. PNB Muzaffarnagar Hanuman Chk PUNB0159100 Hanuman Chowk, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffar Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
52. PNB Muzaffarnagar Industrial Area PUNB0251400 Industrial Area, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffar Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
53. PNB Muzaffarnagar Kums PUNB0409400 Naveen Mandi Sthal, Muzaffarnagar
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
54. PNB Muzaffarnagar S.bhopa Road PUNB0372000 District Muzaffarnagar ( UP ), Muzaffar Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
55. PNB Muzaffarnagar, City PUNB0033200 Shiv Chowk, Muzaffarnagar City
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
56. PNB Muzaffarnagar, New Mandi PUNB0033300 New Mandi, Muzaffarnagar
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
57. PNB Muzzafarngr Gandhi Colony PUNB0395500 Gandhi Colony, Muzaffar Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
58. PNB Pachenda Kalan PUNB0372200 Pachenda Kalan, District Muzaffarnagar
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
59. PNB Phugana PUNB0104400 P. O. : Phugana, District t: Muzaffarnagar
Uttar Pradesh
60. PNB Pindora Jehangir PUNB0372300 P. O. Pindora, District t Muzaffarnagar, UP
Pindora, Dt Muzaffarnagar, Up , Uttar Pradesh
61. PNB Purbalian PUNB0294800 Purbaliyan, District Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
Purbaliyan,dist.muzaffarnagar (up)
62. PNB Purqazi, G.t. Road PUNB0081900 District Muzaffarnagar, U. P, Purqazi ,G.T.road (muzaffarnagar)
Purqazi ,g.t.road (muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
63. PNB Purquazi PUNB0138010 GT Road, Near Bus Stand, Puquazi. Muzaffar, Purquazi, Muzaffar Nagar, Up - 251327
Muzaffarnagar , Uttar Pradesh
64. PNB Rapc Muzaffarnagar PUNB0914600 Opposite Saharanpur Bus Stand Rurkee Road, Muzaffarnagar
Uttar Pradesh
65. PNB Shahpur - Muzaffarnagar PUNB0644600 Shahpur, District Jalandhar ( PB ), Shahpur, District t Jalandhar
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
66. PNB Shamli Mandi Maharajganj PUNB0182200 Mandi Marshganj, Shamli, UP
Uttar Pradesh
67. PNB Shamli, Budhna Bus Stand PUNB0042400 Palika Bazar, Shamli
Uttar Pradesh
68. PNB Shernagar PUNB0719700 PNB Shernagar Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffar Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
69. PNB Sujuru PUNB0757500 B46/ 6 A, Mustafa Colony, NR.dewan Hosp,sujru
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
70. PNB Tuglak Pur PUNB0136600 P. O. : Tuglakpur, District t. Muzaffarnagar (UP)
Tuglakpur (distt. Muzaffarnagar) , Uttar Pradesh
71. PNB Unn, Muzaffarnagar PUNB0646500 UNN District Muzaffarnagar, UP, UNN, District Muzaffarnagar, UP
Unn, Dist Muzaffarnagar, Up , Uttar Pradesh
72. PNB Vikas Bhawan, Muzaffarnagar PUNB0684800 PNB, Vikash Bhawan, Muzaffarnagar
Muzaffar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh

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