Branch names and IFSC of all Punjab National Bank branches in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal. The bank has 69 branches in Purba Medinipur district. The table below shows PNB Purba Medinipur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of PNB branches in Purba Medinipur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. PNB Amritherya Midnapore PUNB0913600 Amritherya Tilattama Sabitri Girls High School VP Amritherya WB Tamlu, Purba Medinipur - 721628
Tamluk , West Bengal
2. PNB Belda - Purba Medinipur PUNB0121400 OT Road Po-belda, District t-paschim Midnapur (W.B.)
Belda (distt-paschim Midnapur) , West Bengal
3. PNB Bhagwanpur (gurgram) PUNB0281100 AT Po : Bhagwanpur, District Purba Midnapur
West Bengal
4. PNB Bhaudi PUNB0260800 AT & Po Bhoudi, Via Salboni, District t. Paschim Midnapore, WB
Bhoudi (distt. Paschim Midnapore, Wb) , West Bengal
5. PNB Bhimpur PUNB0165200 Bhimpur, Paschim Midnapore, Bhimpur (W.B)
Bhimpur (w.b) , West Bengal
6. PNB Bibhisanpur PUNB0201700 Vpo Bibhishanpur, District t. Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
Bibhishanpur (distt. Purba Medinipur, Wb)
7. PNB Bilaspur - Purba Medinipur PUNB0259300 Bilaspur, Po Bahitra Kuna, East Midnapore, West Bengal
Bilaspur (distt. Midnapore, Wb)
8. PNB Birsinghamore PUNB0217900 Radhanagr, Po-ghatal, Birsinghamore (W.B)
Birsinghamore (w.b) , West Bengal
9. PNB Borai - Purba Medinipur PUNB0260200 Borai, Via Gomunda, PS Mohanpur, Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal
Borai (midnapore, Wb)
10. PNB Boyal PUNB0147600 Vpo Boyal, PS Nandigram, District t. Midnapore East, West Bengal
Boyal (distt. Midnapore East, Wb)
11. PNB Buramala PUNB0259800 Buramala, Po : Keushi, District paschim Midnapur
Burmala , West Bengal
12. PNB Chaitanyapur Vivekanand Mission Ashram PUNB0443200 Vivekananda Mission Ashram Complex, Viveknahgar, Po: Chaitanyapur
Haldia , West Bengal
13. PNB Chakarasul PUNB0260000 Chakrasul Po Lalua, Purba Medinipur
Chakrasul, Purba Medinipur, Wb , West Bengal
14. PNB Chandra PUNB0260700 Vpo Chandra, District t Midnapore
Chandra, Midnapore, Wb , West Bengal
15. PNB Chilkigarh PUNB0166900 Po : Chilkigarh, P. S. Jamboni, District t. West Midnapore West Bengal
Chilkigarh,dist.w.midnapore (w.b.)
16. PNB Contai PUNB0141100 New Cinema Road, Po : Contai, Midnapur
Contai-midnapur , West Bengal
17. PNB Debra PUNB0150600 AT-po-debra, District Midnapur, West Bengal
Debra (west Bengal)
18. PNB Deolihat PUNB0155700 Deulihut ( District Pur. Midnapore, WB
Deulihat (distt-pur.midnapore) , West Bengal
19. PNB Ghatal PUNB0767200 Kushpata, District West Midnapore, West Bengal
Ghatal, Midnapore, W. Bengal
20. PNB Gobardhanpur PUNB0259500 P. O. : Gobardhanpur Via-haur, District Paschim Midnapur
Gobardhanpur (distt. Paschim Midnapur) , West Bengal
21. PNB Gobinda Nagar PUNB0117400 Gobind Nagar, District Midnapur, WB
Gobind Nagar (distt-pach.midnapore) , West Bengal
22. PNB Haldia H.p.c.complex PUNB0303600 Po : Debhog, Haldia, District Purba-midna, Pur, West Bengal
23. PNB Haldia, Khanjanchak PUNB0231400 Durgachak Super Market, P.O. Durgachak
City For Upload , West Bengal
24. PNB Heria (haludbari) PUNB0261200 Vpo : Heria, District t. Purba Mednipur, West Bengal
Heria (distt. Midnapore, Wb)
25. PNB Jamna PUNB0199600 AT & Po Jamna, PS Pingla, District t. Midnapore, West Bengal
Jamna (distt. Midnapore, Wb)
26. PNB Janakpur PUNB0260100 AT & Po Jankapur, District t. Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal
Jankapur (distt. Midnapore, Wb)
27. PNB Kalai Kunda PUNB0237300 Air Force STN Kalaikunda, West Midnapur, West Bengal
Kharagpur, West Bengal
28. PNB Kalikapur PUNB0320600 Kalikapur, Po - Banka
Kalikapur (w.b) , West Bengal
29. PNB Kamalapur PUNB0165100 Po : Manglapur, Via : Amlagora, Midnapur(east)
Kamalapur , West Bengal
30. PNB Keshiary PUNB0232200 Keshiary, District Midnapur, (WB)
Keshiary (distt-w.midnapur) , West Bengal
31. PNB Keshiary Road PUNB0320700 Keshiary Road Chota Tangra, Kharagpur
Kharagpur, West Bengal , West Bengal
32. PNB Khajra PUNB0148400 Khajra Po Kushgeria, District t Paschim Midnapur, West Bengal
33. PNB Khalina PUNB0259200 Vpo Khalina, Via Belda, District t. Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal
Khalina (distt. Midnapore, Wb)
34. PNB Kharagpur PUNB0028000 Malancha Road, Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal
35. PNB Kharagpur I I T PUNB0387200 Iit Campus Kharagpur, District paschim Midnapur,west Bengal
West Bengal
36. PNB Kolaboni (joykrishnapur) PUNB0259600 AT/po : Kalaboni, Via : Belda, District t. Paschim Midnapur
Kalaboni (paschim Midnapur) , West Bengal
37. PNB Kukra Khupi PUNB0320800 AT & Po Kukrakhupi, Paschim Mednipur, West Bengal
Kukrakhupi, Midnapore
38. PNB Kulboni PUNB0162900 Kulboni, Po Benadiha, West Midnapore, West Bengal
Kulboni, Midnapore
39. PNB Kultikri (laudaha) PUNB0261400 AT/po : Kultikri, District Midnapur West, West Bengal
Kultikri, Midnapore
40. PNB Macheda PUNB0252100 Po : Mecheda
West Bengal
41. PNB Mahapal PUNB0158900 Mahapal, Po Petbindhi, Via Tapshia, Paschim Midnapore
Mahapal, Midnapore , West Bengal
42. PNB Mangalmaro PUNB0213000 Po : Midnapur, East, Monglamaro
West Bengal
43. PNB Mawa PUNB0321000 Mawa, Po Barachu, District t. Paschim Midnapore, WB
Mawa (distt. Paschim Midnapore, Wb) , West Bengal
44. PNB Metaldoba (midnapore) PUNB0165000 Po Hoomgarh, West Midnapore, West Bengal
Metaldoba, West Bengal
45. PNB Midnapur PUNB0035000 Keranitola ; Midnapur, District Paschim Midnapur
West Bengal
46. PNB Mondalkupi PUNB0259000 Mondalkupi, District Paschim Midnapur, West Bengal
Mondalkupi (west Bengal)
47. PNB Mugbason PUNB0215400 P. S. Keshpur, District West Midnapore, West Bengal
Mugbasan,dist.w.midnapore (wb)
48. PNB Nachipur PUNB0163000 Po Nachipur, West Midnapore
West Bengal
49. PNB Nandigram (chowrangi Bazar) PUNB0320500 District Midnapur ( WB ), Nandigram (District t-midnapur)
Nandigram (distt-midnapur) , West Bengal
50. PNB Narayangarh (gopinathpur) PUNB0261000 Bahurupa P. O. : Narayangarh, West Midnapore
Narayangarh, West Midnapur , West Bengal
51. PNB Nona Kuri Bazar PUNB0206600 District Midnapur ( West Bengal )
Nonakuri Bazar (wb)
52. PNB Panchgeria PUNB0217800 P. O. Panchgeria, PS Debra, District t. Midnapur
Panchgeria (west Bengal) , West Bengal
53. PNB Panskura (udaipur) PUNB0280900 AT-po : Panskura, District Midnapur East, West Bengal
Panskura (west Bengal)
54. PNB Pindrui PUNB0259400 P. O. Pindrui, Via Haur, West Bengal
Pindrui, Midnapore
55. PNB Pingboni PUNB0147700 P. O. : Pingboni, Paschim Midnapur, West Bengal
Pingboni (west Bengal)
56. PNB Purushottampur PUNB0295400 Purusottampur, District t Purba Midnapur
Purusottampur, Distt Purba Midnapur , West Bengal
57. PNB Raghurampur PUNB0220320 Raghurampur Po DaruapscontaiPurba Medinipur - 721401
West Bengal
58. PNB Ratulia PUNB0301000 District Purba Midnapur, West Bengal
59. PNB Rogra PUNB0158800 P. O. Rogra, District Midnapur
Rogra,dist.w.midnapore (w.b) , West Bengal
60. PNB Rupadighi PUNB0217720 Rupadighi, Manglamaro Bazar, P. O. Manglamaro,, Purba Medinipur - 721434
West Bengal
61. PNB Sarberia PUNB0260300 P.O. : Hat Sarberia, Via-sekandari
West Bengal
62. PNB Shankarpur PUNB0214600 Po : Bodhra Via Balisai, District Purba Midnapur
Shankarpur, Purba Medinipur, Wb , West Bengal
63. PNB Shyamchandpur PUNB0260900 Vpo Shyamchandpur, West Midnapore
West Bengal
64. PNB Srirampur PUNB0317000 Po Srirampur, East Midnapore, West Bengal
Srirampur, West Bengal
65. PNB Sundergeria PUNB0259100 Sundergeria, Po Dobati, West Bengal
Sundergeria, West Bengal
66. PNB Tabageria (bhagabanpur) PUNB0281000 Po-marhtala, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal
67. PNB Tamluk PUNB0330500 Harir Bazar, Tamluk, Midnapur
West Bengal
68. PNB Taparpara (bulakipur) PUNB0259700 Po : Patashpur, East Midnapur, District t. Midnapur (WB)
Taporpara , West Bengal
69. PNB Tekhali Bazar PUNB0202000 District Midnapore ( WB ), Tekha, DT Purba, Midnapore
Tekha, Dt Purba, Midnapore , West Bengal

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