Branch names and IFSC of all State Bank Of India branches in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. The bank has 33 branches in Khargone district. The table below shows SBI Khargone IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of SBI branches in Khargone

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. SBI Baidia SBIN0030040 Sanawadkhargone Road, Khargone(west Nimar)
Baidia , Madhya Pradesh
2. SBI Barwah SBIN0010793 Barwah, 135, Narmada. Road, Hero. Honda. Showroom, District Barwahpin - 451115, Khargone
Barwah , Madhya Pradesh
3. SBI Bediya SBIN0010795 Bediya, Sanawadpipalgaon Road, Bediya, Bediya, Khargone - 451113
Madhya Pradesh
4. SBI Bhikangaon SBIN0010797 Bhikangaon, Khargone - 451331
Bhikangaon , Madhya Pradesh
5. SBI Bistan SBIN0030175 Bistan, Khargone(west Nimar)
Bistan , Madhya Pradesh
6. SBI Bus Stand Anjad SBIN0030028 Bus Stand, Barwani
Anjad , Madhya Pradesh
7. SBI Choli SBIN0030193 Choli, Khargone(west Nimar)
Choli , Madhya Pradesh
8. SBI Gogawa SBIN0030034 Main Road, Khargone(west Nimar)
Gogawa , Madhya Pradesh
9. SBI Jawaharmarg SBIN0012274 Khargone, 33 Jawaharmarg, Khargone, Khargone, District West Nimar - 451001
Khargone , Madhya Pradesh
10. SBI Julwania SBIN0030177 Julwania, Barwani
Julwania , Madhya Pradesh
11. SBI Karhi SBIN0030487 Vardhman Colony, Khargone(west Nimar)
Karhi , Madhya Pradesh
12. SBI Kasrawad SBIN0010796 Kasrawad, Khargone - 451228
Kasrawad , Madhya Pradesh
13. SBI Khandwa Road - Khargone SBIN0030027 Khandwa Road, Khargone(west Nimar)
Madhya Pradesh
14. SBI Khargone - West Nimar SBIN0003714 Khandwa Road, Khargone(west Nimar)
Madhya Pradesh
15. SBI Khargone Road Sanawad SBIN0030031 Khargone Road, Khargone(west Nimar)
Sanawad , Madhya Pradesh
16. SBI Khetia SBIN0030036 Subhash Chowk, Barwani
Khetia , Madhya Pradesh
17. SBI M. G. Road Barwani SBIN0030030 10 By 10, M. G. Road, Barwani
Madhya Pradesh
18. SBI M. G. Road Maheshwar SBIN0030037 Maheshwar, Khargone(west Nimar)
Maheshwar , Madhya Pradesh
19. SBI Maheshwar SBIN0010794 Maheshwar, Khargone - 451224
Maheshwar , Madhya Pradesh
20. SBI Maheshwar Road Barwaha SBIN0030029 Maheshwar Road, Khargone(west Nimar)
Barwaha , Madhya Pradesh
21. SBI Malwan SBIN0030312 Malwan, Barwani
Malwan , Madhya Pradesh
22. SBI Mandleshwar SBIN0030466 56, Dev Marg, Kasrawad Road, Khargone(west Nimar)
Mandleshwar , Madhya Pradesh
23. SBI Nagar Panchayat Building Bhikangaon SBIN0030033 Nagar Panchayat Campus, Near Bus Sand, Khargone(west Nimar)
Bhikangaon , Madhya Pradesh
24. SBI Old Maheshwar Road Kasarawad SBIN0030035 Kasrawad, Khargone(west Nimar)
Kasarawad , Madhya Pradesh
25. SBI Palsud Road Rajpur SBIN0030039 Alsud Road, Barwani
Rajpur , Madhya Pradesh
26. SBI Pansemal SBIN0030038 Main Road, Barwani
Pansemal , Madhya Pradesh
27. SBI Pipalgone SBIN0030176 Pipalgone, Khargone(west Nimar)
Pipalgone , Madhya Pradesh
28. SBI Racc Khargone R & DB SBIN0062604 Main Branch, . M P, Khargone
Madhya Pradesh
29. SBI Sainath Colony Barwani SBIN0030509 15 A, Sainath Colony, Anjad Naka, Barwani
Madhya Pradesh
30. SBI Sanawad SBIN0007138 District West Nimar, Khargone - 451111
Madhya Pradesh
31. SBI Segaon SBIN0005486 District West Nimar, MP, Khargone - 451442
Korba , Madhya Pradesh
32. SBI SpecialisedKhargone SBIN0030402 1ST Floor, 14, Ravindra Nagar, Khargone(west Nimar) - 451001
Madhya Pradesh
33. SBI Umar Khali SBIN0030291 Umarkhali, Khargone(west Nimar)
Umar Khali , Madhya Pradesh

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