Branch names and IFSC of all Syndicate Bank branches in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 39 branches in Baghpat district. The table below shows Syndicate Bank Baghpat IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Syndicate Bank branches in Baghpat

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Syndicate Bank Asara SYNB0009308 P. O. Asara, Bagpat - 250623
Uttar Pradesh
2. Syndicate Bank Baghpat SYNB0008560 Meerut-baghpat Road, Baghpat, Baghpat, 250 609, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
3. Syndicate Bank Baleni SYNB0009424 Vill-Baleni Po-Baleni , UTTAR PRADESH India - 250626
Baghpat , Uttar Pradesh
4. Syndicate Bank Balochpura SYNB0008921 P. O. Balochpura, Baghpat - 250601
Uttar Pradesh
5. Syndicate Bank Baoli SYNB0008577 Delhi Saharanpur Road, P. O. Baoli, Baghpat, 250 621, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
6. Syndicate Bank Bara Gaon SYNB0008836 Baragaon, Baghpat
Baragaon , Uttar Pradesh
7. Syndicate Bank Baraut SYNB0008555 Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg, Opposite Anand Ganj Mandi, Baraut, Baghpat, 250 611, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
8. Syndicate Bank Baraut Digambar Jain College SYNB0008841 Digambar Jain College, Gandhi Road, Baraut, Baghpat, 250 611, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
9. Syndicate Bank Baraut J. V. College SYNB0008625 J. V. College, Baoli Road, Baraut, Baghpat, 250 611, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
10. Syndicate Bank Collectorate SYNB0008626 Baghpat Collectorate Saharanpur Road Baghpat, Bagpat - 250609
Baghpat , Uttar Pradesh
11. Syndicate Bank Doghat SYNB0008557 Doghat, Baghpat, 250 622, Bagpat
Doghat , Uttar Pradesh
12. Syndicate Bank Dola SYNB0008798 Dola Via Tatiri Vpo Dola Dis Baghpat Uttar Pradesh - 250601
13. Syndicate Bank Fatehpur Puthi SYNB0008627 Vpo Fatehpur Puthi Fatehpuri Puthi, Baghpat
Uttar Pradesh
14. Syndicate Bank Fulera SYNB0008922 P. O. Fulera, Baghpat - 201101
Uttar Pradesh
15. Syndicate Bank Ghitora SYNB0009491 Village & Po Ghitora Near Rajesh Pilot Junior High Schoo . BaghpatIndia - 250101
Meerut , Uttar Pradesh
16. Syndicate Bank Johri SYNB0008784 Johri, Tehsil, Baraut, Baghpat, District , Pin, 250, 345, Bagpat
Johri , Uttar Pradesh
17. Syndicate Bank Kakorkalan SYNB0009482 Vpo-Kakorkalan . - Kakorkalan KakorkalanIndia, Baghpat - 250617
Uttar Pradesh
18. Syndicate Bank Katha SYNB0008808 P. O. Katha, Delhi Saharanpur Road, Khekra Block, Baghpat, 250 609, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
19. Syndicate Bank Khatta Prahaladpur SYNB0008629 Khatta Prahaladpur, Po Khatta Prahaladpur, Baghpat - 250601
Khatta Prahalad , Uttar Pradesh
20. Syndicate Bank Khawja Nangla SYNB0008796 Khawaja Nangla, Baghpat
Khawaja , Uttar Pradesh
21. Syndicate Bank Khekra SYNB0008791 Jain College Road, Khekra, Tehsil Khekra, Baghpat District , Pin201 101, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
22. Syndicate Bank Kishanpur Baral SYNB0008574 Kishanpur Baral, Baghpat
Kishanpur , Uttar Pradesh
23. Syndicate Bank Kurdi SYNB0008873 P. O. Kurdi, Bagpat - 250617
Uttar Pradesh
24. Syndicate Bank Loomb SYNB0008805 Loomb, Baghpat
Loomb , Uttar Pradesh
25. Syndicate Bank Mojizabad SYNB0009483 Near Airtel Mobile Tower Vpo-Mojizabad Nangal . - Mojizabad UP India, Baghpat - 250625
Uttar Pradesh
26. Syndicate Bank Mukari SYNB0009829 Post Mukari Baghped - 250615
Uttar Pradesh
27. Syndicate Bank Pakharpur SYNB0008810 Fakharpur, Baghpat
Pakharpur , Uttar Pradesh
28. Syndicate Bank Palri SYNB0009885 P. O. Palri Tehsil Baraut Baghpat Palri Uttar Pradesh India - 250622 2600065
29. Syndicate Bank Pilana SYNB0008570 Pilana, Baghpat
Pilana , Uttar Pradesh
30. Syndicate Bank Ramela SYNB0008571 Ramela, Baghpat
Ramela , Uttar Pradesh
31. Syndicate Bank Ranchad SYNB0008636 Ranchad Village, District Bhagpath - 250345
Ranchad , Uttar Pradesh
32. Syndicate Bank Rataul SYNB0008794 Rataul Khekra Tehsil Baghpat Uttar Pradesh - 201101
33. Syndicate Bank Rathora SYNB0008633 Rathora, Post Rathora, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, 250617, India
34. Syndicate Bank Sarurpur Kalan SYNB0008832 Sarurpur Kalan, Taluk Baghpat, Baghpat, 250 619, Bagpat
Sarurpur Kalan , Uttar Pradesh
35. Syndicate Bank Sherpur Lohara SYNB0009823 C By O SH Shomvir Singh S By O Mehak Singh Sherpur Lohara Baghpat District UP - 250001
Uttar Pradesh
36. Syndicate Bank Soop SYNB0009425 P. O. Soop Tehsil-baraut Baghpat - 250623
Uttar Pradesh
37. Syndicate Bank Tatiri SYNB0008793 Aggarwal Mandi, Tatiri, Baghpat, 250 601, Bagpat
Uttar Pradesh
38. Syndicate Bank Tugana SYNB0009481 Village Tugana Po Tugana . BaghpatIndia - 250617
Uttar Pradesh
39. Syndicate Bank Vinaypur SYNB0009822 C By O SH OM Singh S By O SH Jia Ram Vinaypur Po Rataul Tehsil Khekra Baghpat District Up250101
Uttar Pradesh

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