Malayalam is becoming increasingly popular as an online medium of communication among Malayalees, especially with more and more malayalees turning to social networking and blogging. Therefore, Malayalam fonts are becoming a necessity in order to read and write or type articles, e-mails etc... Several Free Malayalam Unicode fonts are available for free download. Most online newspaper websites have their own fonts to read Malayalam text.

Download Free Malayalam Fonts

Free Malayalam Fonts Download

Given below is a list of Malayalam Fonts including Malayalam Unicode fonts which are available for free download. For you convenience, the preview of each of these fonts are given here with a paragraph of text.

Malayalam Unicode Fonts Download

Non-Unicode Fonts

Also available are the 2 free Malayalam fonts offered by for free download. Feel free to download these Malayalam Fonts and install them on your computer.

When you open pages with Malayalam text and find boxes instead of Malayalam text on malayalam alphabets, its because there is no Malayalam font installed on your system. Download Malayalam fonts and install them on to your system.

How to Install Malayalam Fonts - To install fonts, copy and paste .ttf file to your computers C:\Windows\Fonts folder. In case of .zip files, unzip the files and copy the .ttf files to the fonts folder.

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