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Follow these steps to set ringtones for your iPhone.

  1. Open the ringtone file you have just downloaded or drag it into iTunes.
  2. Sync your newly added tones in order to get them to appear on your iPhone.
  3. Set your ringtones in Sounds in Settings in your iPhone.
by Talif Khan on Jul 11, Dur. 00:29
Tik tok ringtone
by san on Jul 10, Dur. 00:29
by Rishikesh on Jul 10, Dur. 00:24
Huawei Ringtones by Aga
by A.A.Agassi on Jul 10, Dur. 00:47
Rajinikanth Mass
by Vsk Rajini on Jul 10, Dur. 00:47
Rahul ahirwar
by RAHUL Ahirwar on Jul 9, Dur. 00:30
Alan walker fance asociation /jgtmgt4
by Alan walker fance on Jul 7, Dur. 1:02
by Mushi on Jul 7, Dur. 00:42
by Pradeep on Jul 7, Dur. 00:26
Love for ever
by Muruges on Jul 7, Dur. 00:25
by Muruges on Jul 7, Dur. 00:30
by Pradeep on Jul 7, Dur. 00:29
Iphone remix
by ansh pandey on Jul 6, Dur. 00:29
Suraj Thakur
by Suraj on Jul 5, Dur. 00:29
English Pop Song
by x-at on Jul 4, Dur. 00:38
by Vivek on Jul 4, Dur. 00:40
by Arul on Jul 4, Dur. 00:20
Love background music
by Shivendra yadav on Jul 3, Dur. 00:47
Best Nokia Tone
by John on Jul 1, Dur. 00:37
Best i phone ringtone
by Vicky on Jun 30, Dur. 00:17
by Vicky on Jun 30, Dur. 00:30
by Drips on Jun 30, Dur. 00:07
by Rajesh Sreekumar on Jun 30, Dur. 00:09
Mohanlal climax tone
by Bibin on Jun 29, Dur. 00:34
Police sairen
by abhay porte on Jun 29, Dur. 00:16
by Rahul kumarmondal1 on Jun 29, Dur. 00:26
నువ్వు నేను ప్రేమ
by Nagendra on Jun 27, Dur. 00:27
Samsung shrip
by SHRiPRAMOD on Jun 26, Dur. 00:28
After hour superb ringtone
by Raghu on Jun 25, Dur. 00:29
Redmi childhood ringtone
by Redmi on Jun 24, Dur. 00:16

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