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Follow these steps to set ringtones for your iPhone.

  1. Open the ringtone file you have just downloaded or drag it into iTunes.
  2. Sync your newly added tones in order to get them to appear on your iPhone.
  3. Set your ringtones in Sounds in Settings in your iPhone.
by Md kaif on May 31, Dur. 00:28
Lets love me
by ali on May 30, Dur. 00:30
Ricsy ringtone
by Narendra Singh on May 30, Dur. 00:28
Daffrrii Sweety lovely Ringtone
by Asif Ali on May 28, Dur. 00:18
Hip.hop message
by Hanzala on May 27, Dur. 00:04
I phone x bell
by Hanzala on May 19, Dur. 00:29
Htc phone
by Hanzala on May 17, Dur. 00:29
Smasung galaxy 8
by Hanzala on May 17, Dur. 00:29
Huwai mate 10 lite orginal tone
by Hanzala on May 17, Dur. 00:29
I phone ringtone
by Maaz on May 16, Dur. 00:35
Fast and frious
by Maaz on May 16, Dur. 00:21
Ipone 8
by Hunzala on May 16, Dur. 00:30
Best ringtone by bhatt niraj
by Bhatt niraj on May 15, Dur. 00:22
Awesome ringtone...
by Muskan on May 6, Dur. 00:19
New Iphone6 tune. by Wizhasan
by wizhasan on May 5, Dur. 00:25
New Iphone_6_Remix. tune
by wizhasan on May 5, Dur. 00:22
Mr maity
by Priyojyoti maity on May 4, Dur. 00:30
I Phone Mix
by ALL IS WELL Islam RK on May 3, Dur. 00:24
Khani love
by Mahar mustafa on May 2, Dur. 00:28
Pick the phone Naresh
by Raj on May 2, Dur. 00:25
AYUSH please pick the phone
by Ayush kr. Gautam on Apr 29, Dur. 00:28
Budhraj Singh Dhaandhal
by Budhraj Singh Dhaand on Apr 28, Dur. 00:23
by Ameen on Apr 27, Dur. 00:12
by Bay Gyi on Apr 25, Dur. 00:36
Best i phone ringtone 2018
by Darasim on Apr 24, Dur. 00:21
I Phone 10
by RIZAWAN SHEIKH on Apr 8, Dur. 00:36
I phone x
by RIZAWAN SHEIKH on Apr 8, Dur. 00:30
Worldclass ringtone
by bigbash on Apr 6, Dur. 00:31
The best ringtone
by Praju on Apr 2, Dur. 00:25
Romantic Ringtone
by bigbash on Apr 2, Dur. 00:13

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