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Follow these steps to set ringtones for your iPhone.

  1. Open the ringtone file you have just downloaded or drag it into iTunes.
  2. Sync your newly added tones in order to get them to appear on your iPhone.
  3. Set your ringtones in Sounds in Settings in your iPhone.
Samsung_whistle_ringtone_remix sumu malik
by SUMU MALIK on Aug 12, Dur. 00:20
Animal trance
by animal trance on Aug 11, Dur. 00:29
Basava raj
by basavaraj on Aug 10, Dur. 00:30
Toha ♥simran (love you more)
by Toha shaikh (toha) on Aug 5, Dur. 00:23
New Music Ringtone
by Noor on Aug 3, Dur. 00:16
Love nick
by Uric pargaie on Aug 2, Dur. 00:22
Most popular
by Rakesh singh on Aug 2, Dur. 00:28
Most romantic ringtone
by bigbash on Aug 1, Dur. 00:25
Best ringtone
by Hemraj meena on Jul 28, Dur. 00:15
Like a G6
by M ballard on Jul 28, Dur. 00:15
Eternal Wheel
by hellostranger on Jul 27, Dur. 00:28
Firefox OS
by hellostranger on Jul 27, Dur. 00:09
Very Best ring
by Hanzala on Jul 25, Dur. 00:27
Ring ring
by Hanzala on Jul 25, Dur. 00:21
Fly away
by Hanzala on Jul 24, Dur. 00:20
by Rahul bhatia on Jul 24, Dur. 00:24
Iphone ringtone best
by Abc on Jul 23, Dur. 00:07
Over The Horizon
by Akash Ravi on Jul 19, Dur. 00:44
Shiv ringtone
by omgiri on Jul 17, Dur. 00:28
by DS King on Jul 16, Dur. 00:20
DS weapon
by DS King on Jul 16, Dur. 00:16
Teja jsjns9 sa Zbwu8zbdjz9dbxn,ud ni 9hzBb9b b zo
by Teja teja on Jul 14, Dur. 00:29
Despacito real
by Sami Afridi on Jul 13, Dur. 00:15
by Md Noor Ansari on Jul 12, Dur. 00:25
Demi Lovato - Solo
by Tanusha on Jul 11, Dur. 00:26
Iphone 10 Ringtone
by Vijay Kumar Machhi on Jul 11, Dur. 00:29
Jhon wick 2 by rony
by Rony on Jul 10, Dur. 00:28
Best High Volume Ringtone
by bigbash on Jul 7, Dur. 00:14
Umair g
by Umair g on Jul 6, Dur. 00:20
Best romantic ringtone
by bigbash on Jul 6, Dur. 00:21

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