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Follow these steps to set ringtones for your iPhone.

  1. Open the ringtone file you have just downloaded or drag it into iTunes.
  2. Sync your newly added tones in order to get them to appear on your iPhone.
  3. Set your ringtones in Sounds in Settings in your iPhone.
Best smartphone Ringtone
by bigbash on Oct 14, Dur. 00:06
Stylish ringtone
by bigbash on Oct 13, Dur. 00:14
Very cool Ringtone
by bigbash on Oct 12, Dur. 00:16
Godfather & Co [THaIKkudaM bRIdgE]♬♥
by LaTHu ALF-8129313334 on Oct 11, Dur. 00:25
Apple 6
by Ganesh Pawar on Oct 9, Dur. 00:30
by RIFAD SALIM on Oct 3, Dur. 00:49
by Imroz Alam on Oct 3, Dur. 00:39
Despaaacito - iphone
by Bixber on Oct 2, Dur. 00:24
Let me love you - iphone
by Bixber on Oct 2, Dur. 00:27
Asdfaf asd
by Vimal1 on Sep 26, Dur. 00:18
Nass entry
by Ash Creation on Sep 26, Dur. 00:18
Rock ringtone
by Abdulla Ibrahim on Sep 24, Dur. 00:09
Nice Flute
by Abdulla Ibrahim on Sep 24, Dur. 00:09
Cristal sound by Akash
by Akash Rana(parihati) on Sep 18, Dur. 00:04
Akash Rana image
by Akash Rana (Lobh) on Sep 18, Dur. 00:22
Akash rana(9800094218)
by ABIR RANA on Sep 18, Dur. 00:26
Pop ringtone 2014
by Viral Videos on Sep 16, Dur. 00:40
by Rishi Suññyin on Sep 15, Dur. 00:26
HD:ASHIK Please pic up the phone some one call you
by HD:ASHIK on Sep 13, Dur. 2:00
Very nice ringtone
by bigbash on Sep 12, Dur. 00:30
by Developer Admin on Sep 11, Dur. 00:04
by Abhishek on Sep 9, Dur. 00:40
Pop best ringtone
by Kamal jangid on Sep 8, Dur. 00:36
IDFC (Tarro remix)
by Tanusha on Sep 6, Dur. 00:26
by John Kovacich on Sep 6, Dur. 00:29
Most romantic ringtone
by bigbash on Sep 5, Dur. 00:30
by Kavuruanindrababu on Sep 5, Dur. 00:29
Vijay Sethupathi Sanchita Shetty movie bgm.
by Anand on Aug 27, Dur. 00:37
Akhil kd
by Akhil kd on Aug 27, Dur. 00:04
Samsung_whistle_ringtone_remix sumu malik
by SUMU MALIK on Aug 12, Dur. 00:20

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