Students of a Bengaluru engineering college showcase their creation on May 25, 2017. Image Source: IANS

Bengaluru: Students of a Bengaluru engineering college showcase their creation on May 25, 2017.

Life is all about a career and what all we do in life is to land in the right career. Starting from education which even begins at the early age of three, the life is oriented towards a career which is highly earning and socially respectable. It is the career that shapes the life by all means. There are so many careers to select from and depending on the mind set, skill levels and education; people can get into any desired career. In older days career was not very much selectable as getting into any job was important than opting the job which fits a person. Today, the opportunities are more; thus anyone can select a career which he or she feels the best for him/her. Let us see few of the most sought after career options today:


If you really feel that you possess a technical mind, then engineering can be the right career for you. The career requires you to be creative, curious, skilled, technical minded etc… The requirement for trained engineers grows on a daily basis. A degree in engineering is the basic qualification to become an engineer and possess a job as an engineer. There are several streams of engineering which can be selected by people according to the personal preferences. Engineering is a high paid job and they are socially ranked in top level. Once you come out of the college after pursuing the certificate, it would not be an issue to find a job as the demand for engineers is ever growing. Engineering is suggestible option if you wish to move abroad for few years. All the countries welcome engineers and an engineer can easily find a job in any part of the world.


A career in medicine is considered as a service not a career. Yet, when we perceive it from an outlook of education and job, medicine related careers are one of the ever sought after careers. There are multiple careers under the health care industry like Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Lab technician, Therapist etc… All these jobs are well paid and white color jobs. Each of the streams need specified education and certificates to enter into the job. Medicine is a career that fits only to people who are dedicated and passionate about this career as more than knowledge, the skills are important in careers in medicine. A bachelor’s degree from a medical college is the basis eligibility to become a doctor. Nursing and other medicine careers can be practices with a diploma or higher degrees.

IT related careers

The most booming industry today is the IT sector. The major share of the young generation workforce is acquired by IT sector. Software developers, web designers, programmers, hardware technicians etc… are the well known IT careers today. Information technology industry offers dreamlike payments to the employees thus people prefer IT careers than anything else today. A degree or diploma certificate in any of the streams of the IT is necessary to find a job in the industry. Computer Engineers are the back bone of the IT industry.


Being a scientist is a prestigious career. Many people dream of becoming a scientist, especially as the current era has witnessed an explosion of science and technology. The career of a scientist offers everything to satisfy the technical curiosity of a person. Being a scientist is not to invent a new thing, but to know the facts behind every happening and also to help the modern man to live better. Essential technical education, the passion top science etc… are mandatory to pursue a career as a scientist.

Teaching career

Many people opt to be teacher. Teaching is ever mentioned as a divine career. Teaching may not a highly paid job like an engineer or doctor, but the job is considered to be respectable. Teachers enjoy high level of social status. There certain courses that qualifies a person to be a teacher. Teaching today is not what it used to be. It is not just the transfer of knowledge to students, but, in fact, molding students to be skilled, responsive and better human beings. The career of a teacher demands high level of dedication and hard work from the aspirant.

Career in Aviation

At least in India, becoming a Pilot or flight attendant is regarded to be prestigious. The aviation industry has just begun its growth in India. Thus, the job of a pilot or flight attendant is highly paid. Becoming a pilot is not that easy as each candidate should undergo few years of training and should obtain a government approved license.