Students of Nalanda University which started its first academic session with 15 students and 10 faculty members in Rajgir, Bihar on Sept 1, 2014. Image Source: IANS

Students of Nalanda University which started its first academic session with 15 students and 10 faculty members in Rajgir, Bihar on Sept 1, 2014.

With university education knocking on your door, following the completion of school education, you must be all braced up to accept the challenges of degree course. Having yourself mentally attuned is one of the important aspects of such a preparation. Rather than follow the common herd, it is important to address yourself as you embark upon the prospect of cherry picking the perfect degree course.

Need for self analysis before picking on the course of study for degree

  • It is important knowing what you are good at, rather than know how good you really are.
  • You need to figure out respective sources of motivation, lines of interest, relevant areas of strength and those of weakness as well. As all these factors will play a part in deciding the most suitable degree course for you.
  • It is not necessary that you follow the latest trend. Do not opt for engineering degree, just because your peer group has opted for it. It may well be that you are better cut out for research oriented studies. In such a case, honors degree in physics or biochemistry will be more suitable than a degree course in engineering.
  • As you address yourself list out your knacks, passions with particular focus on areas of strength.

Weigh your career goals while choosing the most suitable degree course

  • It all boils down to the long term objective of career choice, as your choice of degree course is bound to be affected by the former.
  • Do bear in mind that professions of certain variety call for the presence of relevant degrees, while there are others which are more generic.
  • In case, you are passionate about fashion designing and have dreamt of making it big as a creative designer, then the most relevant choice will be to take up a bachelor's or associate's program in fashion designing.
  • It is also wise to create some alternate options. It may well be that you have your goal focused on being a computer engineer. But don't have ranking high enough to make it to some of the leading institutions offering degree programs in the same field.
  • In such an eventuality, it is important to see the alternate degree course options. Rather than going for underrated colleges lacking in credibility, it is advisable to go for an alternate course option.
  • Having failed to make it to the bachelor's degree in engineering, you can opt for the GNIIT course as one of the alternate options. It is offered by NIIT- a leading institute on information technology.

See the respective demands of different degree courses

  • Though it is always better to follow self instinct rather than go by general trends, there are many who are always in two minds. If you happen to be one of those, it is better to keep your options open and follow the latest in trend.
  • To go by some of the latest trends- bachelor's or master's degree in business administration, or specialization in information technology not only improves employment prospects, but makes way for lucrative career possibilities.

It is important to see the time limit of different degree programs

In case, you have your priorities set on earning money, and continue with studies thereafter, it is advisable that you go for a degree program or an associate program which involves a shorter time span. Many jobs do not call for specialized degrees and can be secured by means of bare minimum completion of graduation.

Consider the avenues of counseling, and online tools of choosing a suitable degree program

  • Professional counseling and parental guidance can also play a part in helping you locate the right degree program keeping in mind your inclinations and career options.
  • There are online methods to guide you as well. Having logged on to the relevant site, you need to fill in a questionnaire which in turn can guide you into the pertinent choice.

Scores of options & umpteen numbers of degree programs

  • Remember, that there exist far too many options as far as choosing the perfect degree course is concerned. Ranging from the commonly popular degrees such as B.Es, BBAs and MBAs, you can avail of wide array of unique options such as Bachelor's degree in legal & paralegal disciplines, associate's program in medical coding & physiotherapy amongst others.
  • For instance, if you couldn't make it to the prestigious realm of M.B.B.S degree, you can avail of an alternate source in associate's program in medical coding.