Indian-American and other Asian organisations have complained that Harvard University discriminates against applicants for admission from those communities and US President Donald Trump's ... Image Source: IANS News

Indian-American and other Asian organisations have complained that Harvard University discriminates against applicants for admission from those communities and US President Donald Trump's ...

The United States has one of the finest university systems in the world, providing outstanding programs in all fields. At undergraduate and postgraduate levels, excellent programs are available in traditional disciplines and in professional fields. The US is one of the prime destinations for international students who wish to reap the benefits of the top class education provided in US universities. The US universities are globally recognized for their excellence, diversity, modern facilities and the quality of teachers.

Education is Expensive

Education in the US is expensive for both US and international students. Paying for four years of college puts huge amount of financial pressure on international students. As for international students there is less financial assistance available, compared the US students. Non resident students have to think of cutting cost of education:

  1. Look for public institutions

    While many institutions charge non resident students more, there public institutions that treat residents and non residents alike.

  2. Consider living off the campus

    One needs time to adapt oneself to the environment. After adapting to the college environment, leaving off the campus can help international students cut costs. Sharing an apartment with roommate too can reduce costs.


A resident student need to pay only in-state tuition at colleges and universities where as a non resident student or international student has to pay out-of state tuition which is several times more expensive than in-state tuition.

Scholarship criteria

Scholarships have a number of criteria such as country of residence, age and academic major. The application process require the candidate to write an essay. The candidate can apply for it as a prospective or current student.

Apply for scholarships

Many international students are not aware of the scholarships available to them. Studying in the US is very expensive. The best way for them to overcome the financial burden is to look for the scholarships that suit them best and apply for them.

Develop leadership skills

The candidate have to polish their leadership skills. Universities encourage leadership among students. The candidate is advised to look for leadership positions on campus.

Improve your writing skills

The scholarship essay that the candidate writes is a dividing factor. Scholarship committee gives importance to the essay.

US scholarships for international students

Though scholarships are competitive generally, there are scholarships meant for international students alone.

  1. US government scholarships for international students

    1. Foreign Fulbright Student Program

      Fulbright Student Program offers full scholarships to students who wish to enroll for master’s or PhD program. This is also awarded to non-degree postgraduate students. It covers fees, living cost, books and health insurance. International students from 155 countries are considered for this scholarship.

    2. Humprey Fellowship program

      This fellowship program provides a year of professional enrichment in USA for experienced professionals from designated countries around the world. The candidates do not receive any degree as a result of their participation in the program. They are chosen on the basis of their leadership or commitment to public service. The candidate must have an undergraduate first degree and five years’ professional experience.

  2. Colleges and universities offering scholarships

    There are many scholarships offered in the US by universities and colleges. Some of the well-known scholarships are listed below:

    1. American University emerging Global Leader scholarship
    2. Cornell University Scholarships
    3. Arkansas University scholarships
    4. East Tennessee state University scholarship
    5. Michigan University Scholarships
    6. New York University Wagner Scholarships
    7. Iowa State university scholarships
    8. Oregon University scholarships
    9. York University scholarships
    10. Columbia College Scholarships
    11. Amherst College University
  3. Institutions funding international scholarships for study in the US

    1. Joint Japan world bank Graduate scholarships: This program is meant for students from developing, world-bank- member countries, who wish to pursue master’s degree in the US. They can study in selected Us universities.
    2. AAUW International fellowships: The fellowships are awarded to women. The fellowship is worth $18000 for master’s degree, 20000 for PhD and 30000 for postdoctoral program.
    3. Aga Khan Foundation International scholarship programme: This scholarship is given to postgraduate students from developing countries with out financial support for their studies. 50 percent of the scholarship is a loan.