First batch of students with their degrees during the first convocation at IIT Kamand in Mandi on Oct.20, 2013. Image Source: IANS

First batch of students with their degrees during the first convocation at IIT Kamand in Mandi on Oct.20, 2013.

The world today is oriented more into technology. Every aspect of life and our everyday life is quite impossible without the help of technology. Mobile phones, gadgets, home appliances, television, computer, vehicles... everything and everything in life is completely or partially technological. It is the development in the field of technology that triggered the development of human life and betterment of lifestyle. Being the integral part of human life, the technology and technological education is important at today's context. Engineering has become one of the most promising career option in India.

Streams of Engineering

There are several streams of engineering education in India. They are namely aeronautical, agriculture and irrigation, apparel technology, automobile, interior design, bio medical, bio technology, ceramic, chemical, civil, computer science, electrical & electronics, electronics & communication, electronics & instrumentation, fashion technology, food technology, geo informatics, industrial bio technology, information tech, medical electronics, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical, plastic technology, polymer technology, printing technology, production, textile chemistry etc… Though there are quite a good number of streams of engineering, many students are not aware of the options in engineering education. The most common streams of engineering opted by students are few, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electronics and communication and Computer engineering. Let us see four of these in detail:

Mechanical engineering : This branch of engineering is focused on design, construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipments like power plants, mechanical engines and all sorts of machines. A degree in mechanical engineering enables a person to pursue a job in any manufacturing unit or mechanical industry. This is one of the leading branches in engineering in India.

Electronics and communication: Generally known as ECE, this branch of engineering offers multiple career options for the students. It covers all the electronic devices, communication circuits and equipments, digital electronics, solid state devises etc… are dealt with and studies under this stream of engineering. A degree holder in ECE can find a job in any of the electronics manufacturing, servicing or assembling unit or in the telecommunication industry.

Civil engineering : Civil engineering deals with building and structures. Construction of simple structures like houses and buildings and designing complex structures like dams, multistoried buildings, bridges, railway tracks etc… are the field of work for a civil engineer.

Computer Engineering: This may be one of the most sought after branch of engineering today. A computer engineer is a must to have person in any industry as computers are utilized in almost all the aspects of life and business. A computer engineer has to operate the systems, design software, maintain complex computer related equipments like servers etc… are the field of operation for a computer engineer.

How to Apply For an Engineering Degree Course in India

The study of engineering comes under the technological universities in India. There are several technological universities with number of institutions functioning India. These institutes offer courses on each of the streams of the engineering for selected students. The students selection is happening based on competitive exams conducted by the university level, state level or college levels.

AIEEE is the entrance exam that selects the candidates according to the scores for different streams of engineering. Any person passes the examination with other eligibilities can seek admission in any of the renowned colleges in India. Students who secure top scores can utilize the government subsidies in fees and can complete the course at the minimal expense.

Yet another option of joining a college for engineering is getting admitted in the management seats. Every college is allowed to reserve certain number of seats for students of own preferences. Only a few number of students get at the top ranks of AIEE exams. But for those who have passed the exam, but couldn’t get the required score or those who couldn’t appear for the examination, the management seats are great help. The fees will be high for such students as it is decided by the college management.

A student can pursue the course in any college of his/her own preference. There are quite a good number of renowned colleges around the country which offer quality education and placement assistance. It is important to get admitted into a well equipped and professionally renowned college as the institution of study is important to obtain a highly paid job in a firm.