Students at an exam centre during the Common Entrance Test (CET) in Bangalore on May 1, 2014. Image Source: IANS

Students at an exam centre during the Common Entrance Test (CET) in Bangalore on May 1, 2014.

As you find yourself in the exciting throes of a career oriented study, you need to brace yourself up sufficiently to accept the oncoming challenge. In the absence of a strategic plan for accepting the challenges of entrance examinations, you may either be hovering around like a rudderless boat or find yourself knee deep in anxiety.

Commonly relevant entrance examinations following 10+2

  • Following the completion of 10+2 modes, engineering and medical entrances happen to be the most sought after prospects. Obviously, there exist different forums of competitive exams. Like you may go for the entrance exam of AIEEE or the Joint Entrance Examinatino (IIT-JEE) conducted by Indian Institute of technology
  • Similarly in respect of medical entrance, you may go for 'AIPMT' or the one conducted by the prestigious 'Armed Forces Medical College'.
  • There are joint entrance exams conducted at the level of respective states and union territories as well
  • Besides engineering and medical streams, foray into the domain of law and that of fashion and designing is also guided by a string of competitive exams
  • Evaluation conducted by the public service commission to admit students into 'National Defense Academy', also happens to be one of the commonly relevant entrance examinations

Purpose of entrance exams

  • The most common purpose of competitive exams centers on the prospect of separation. Irrespective of the institution, you look forward to, do bear in mind that it is keen on extracting the cream from the diluted whole, because everyone looks forward to the best of the lot.
  • Besides being focused on the 'best', entrance exams serve respective institutions to conform to its seat limit. In order to realize it, there has to be a tool of elimination and the purpose of entrance exams is to serve as a powerful tool of screening.

Preparation for entrance exams

  • Get down to the grass root level
  • It boils down to your elementary knowledge and concept about the subject in question. Often, it is seen that students take specialized coaching for engineering entrance without having knowledge of elementary mathematics. Knowledge of the bare fundamental is necessary not only from the point of view of further studies, but also for the development of analytical thinking

  • Reasoning is important
  • Instead of mugging things up and rely on rote learning, it is important you arrive at a logical solution to the concept of study. First and foremost, have your base thoroughly cleared because even a complex problem will involve the bare minimum use of fundamental. Having understood the same, it is important to know why you are arriving at a given solution. In fact, development of logical &analytical reasoning is one of the requisites to the preparation for entrance exams. In order to develop that it is important to take note of the reasons leading to the solution of problems. Choose topics in order of priority and attempt solving at least 80 to 90% of the same by means of reasoning

  • Keep a tab on the syllabus
  • You need to gain a thorough idea about the syllabus at hand. It is also important that you keep yourself well acquainted with the course of study relevant for clearing out +2. Many students are found neglecting the studies relevant to board examination in search of greener pasture. Do bear in mind that board examination is as important as your search for a berth in engineering or medical

  • Effective management of time
  • There is no harm in availing of the facilities for specialized coaching centers, but it is important that you distribute your time in such a way that you get adequate scope for self study. Self studying so as to brush up the basics and have problems solved all by yourself are as important as the precious hours for playing or indulging in physical activities. Leisure helps refresh your mind whereas physical exercise helps improve your overall alertness.

Tips and tricks for clearing competitive exams

  • Get hold of sample papers
  • Having set your focus, it is important that you equip yourself with the necessary materials. One such material happens to be the sample question papers relevant to the specific competitive exam. Rather than throwing yourself at the altar of your tutor, it is important that you set yourself a specific time for solution of the same.

  • Problematic areas need necessary correction
  • In course of solving if you find yourself in a spot of bother, you need obviously to refer the same to your coach or tutor. But time bound practice should be aimed at before looking towards others for solution

  • Develop your analytical power
  • It is necessary to have an analytical mind as well as that sharp in reasoning, because both help in clearing of competitive exams. Time bound multiple choice question type of such examination will call for a quick interplay of reason and analysis. Interestingly, mental agility creates the fine line of difference between success & failure at competitive exams. Bear in mind that practice helps develop the same

  • Boost your mental power
  • Get hold of journals and magazines that include opportunities for mind racking games and puzzles. Try to boost your mental faculty and level of concentration by having them solved