Students jubilant after receiving their degree at the 44th Annual Convocation of Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar  on May 31, 2018. Image Source: IANS

Amritsar: Students jubilant after receiving their degree at the 44th Annual Convocation of Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar on May 31, 2018.

There are two angles to consider as far as the option for Master's Degree is concerned. Theoretically speaking, Master's Degree chips in with its necessary bit to add to the base and dimension of knowledge. Practically speaking, it may well be a strategy to survive the recession prone features of the current economy. There is little to deny the role of postgraduate program in honing your area of specialty. This in turn can boost your employment prospects in a depression prone economy.

  • Master's degree courses broadens the prospect of job opportunities
  • There are facts and figures to confirm it. According to a statistical data taken recently, Master Degree holders are prone to better job opportunities than those without it. While only 4% of postgraduate students were found without employment, the other category had a higher rate of unemployment to the tune of 10.4%.

  • Post Graduate studies - A strategy to counter the storms of a tottering economy
  • There is a statistical figure to confirm the same. To go by the data gathered by United State's Educational Department, the phase around 2008 & 2009 saw maximum rise in the craze for Master's Degree program. Incidentally, around that time global economy was tottering under one of the worst hit recessions. Scarcity of job indirectly boosted the demand for post graduate education

  • Master's Degree-necessary for research oriented programs
  • In case, you are oriented towards research and development with a fascination for self study. In case your career oriented goals are based on that of research based postdoctoral studies, then Master's degree is one of utmost importance. There are provisions for postdoctoral studies without the necessary involvement of M.A/M.Sc. But in most cases master's program is one of the essential stepping stones to postdoctoral programs. So for passionate learners, unwilling to compromise on the devaluing issues of time and cost, Master's program can be an attractive option.

  • How and to what extent Master's Degree can enhance your job prospect
  • In case you are keen on rollicking rise up the corporate escalator, Master's Degree in Business Administration will fit your bill. Irrespective of brand and type of sector, an MBA program will fetch you senior posts in the managerial rung. Master's Degree program in the same can improve the possibilities of career growth with a prospective pay package of 109,000 US Dollars, as you reach the halfway mark. While Master's in Business Management boosts career prospect to the tune of 17%, Master's program in IT motivates growth by 29%

  • Master's program may be relevant to certain professions
  • Broadening the base of knowledge by means of Master's Degree may be relevant to certain careers such as teaching. Keeping this in mind it is common having professionals falling back upon online Master's Degree program. There are postgraduate certificate programs as well to serve the purpose of those interested in vocational advancement. But in case, you are choosing the program for professional advancement, it is important to find out if the organization you belong to certifies the chosen program. Choice of an unrecognized program for the heck of it may cause wastage of time and resources.

  • Master's Degree can add value to your C.V
  • Amid the common herd of applicants, additional bit of input in the shape of a Master's Degree can add a cutting edge to your CV. So in case you harbor under the given notion, you have justifiable reasons for going ahead with a Master's program. But then, before taking the plunge it is important to know the exact areas where an M.A or degree can come in handy. Though there is evidence to prove the relation between both, but for optimization of time as well as money do note down the subjects in which Master's Degree can be particularly advantageous. According to factual evidence, Master's in Computers can boost employment by 27-29%.

  • Master's Degree- often an alternate to unemployment
  • In order to dodge the inevitability of unemployment, it is common having pupils seeking refuge in Master's program. Those keen on dodging time and outcomes of reality, often fall back on the time consuming option for postgraduate studies. To avoid the fallout of unemployment, it isn't wise going in for postgraduate studies. Do not use your course as a time biding tactics. In case you go for it do it with a plan. Options such as buying time and feel of the campus should not guide you into the same, for there are better reasons other than these.