Students come out after appearing in NEET Exam in Bengaluru, on May 1, 2016. Image Source: IANS

Bengaluru: Students come out after appearing in NEET Exam in Bengaluru, on May 1, 2016.

Learning - irrespective of its medium of delivery is all about adaptation and changeability, with the necessary trigger of motivation. With all its pros and cons, online method of learning is no cakewalk for most. In order to clear its bounds successfully, you need self discipline, proactiveness and motivation. It isn't a wise option for those without the same. But here is a quick glimpse into the tips that can help brush up learning process in course of an online degree

  • Develop interest in online browsing before settling for an online degree
  • If you are in absolute darkness as to the bare fundamentals of computers and that of browsing, interest in online class will be hard to come by. But then with the availability of little or no alternative, you may be forced to gear yourself online. It is common having people with social or familial obligations going for it in their attempt to learn as well as earn. But then you can cultivate interest by learning the bare basics of computer, typing, and that of net browsing. Requisite knowledge will help you do away with traces of ignorance, lighting up your way to online learning. You needn't be a computer nerd in order to pursue it successfully. What is required is fundamental acquaintance with the concepts of technology.

  • Interact willingly with online classes/learning forum
  • Learning process can be duly improved with keen and enthusiastic participation. Just as you need interactive discussion in class rooms, you need the same in online learning forums. Many online degree courses insists on obligatory participation in schemes of interaction- including chatting, e-mailing, video conferencing and use of web cams to see co students. It is all possible in today's techno & gizmo savvy world. You can choose to improve your learning process by making use of the same. Even if you are unaware of their use, it does not take long to unravel the amazing possibilities of web centric world.

  • Sketch out a schedule as you plan for an online degree
  • Flexibility of online degree can be both a blessing as well as curse. So if you are one of those laid back kinds, with a tendency towards postponement, the element of flexibility might prove to be pretty hazardous. So in order not to be at the receiving end of failure, it is important that you maintain and conform to a schedule. Do not miss out on the facilities for interaction. Sticking to the routine of online classes or that of your course instructor is as important as maintaining the schedule of a conventional class-room instructor. Use up your leisure as well to locate other exciting possibilities on internet. Besides making time bound use of interactive sessions, it is important you set an hour or two aside as preparation time- wherein you will get the time for self study.

  • Bear in mind the deadline of tasks set as part of your online degree program
  • Give up the tendency of delaying and stick to deadlines so far as submission of online assignments goes. Other than preventing you from backlog, it will help you to be in focus. Do bear in mind that dilemma and procrastination might have you in spots of bother.

  • Be frank about your points of concern & those of confusion while pursuing an online degree
  • In the absence of the same, course instructor will not get a whiff of your difficulty. You need to simply type out your points of bother or have them thrashed out in course of voice chatting. Obviously, the instructor or the forum of online education will not probe into your difficulty. So, your initiative is needed in case you are keen on upgrading your learning process.

  • It is preferable pursuing an online degree with a purpose in mind
  • You should know the reasons behind opting for an online degree, because that will keep you in focus besides egging you on- the necessary incentives for motivating a learner. Just don't take a plunge for the heck of it. If advancement of career opportunities or that of promotion happens to be your incentives, try to perk yourself up remembering the same.

  • Do not think that online learning is simpler than conventional degrees
  • Do not mistake its flexibility or adaptability for simplicity. On the other hand, it requires increased comprehensibility, skill of self learning and analyzing. Do bear in mind the common elements of discipline, hard work and dedication- relevant to both forms of learning & you will surely come through with flying colors.