Students come out of an exam centre after appearing in NEET exam in Nagpur, on May 6, 2018. Image Source: IANS

Nagpur: Students come out of an exam centre after appearing in NEET exam in Nagpur, on May 6, 2018.

With the ever-increasing demand for an M.B.A degree, it is common having students making a beeline for differently named MBA entrance exams. Some of the commonly relevant MBA exams include- Common Admission Test (CAT), XLRI Admission Test (XAT), Management Aptitude Test (MAT). Indira Gandhi National Open University and universities of respective states also provide gateway to MBA program by means of entrance tests.

Important aspects of MBA entrance tests

  • Despite minor variations, there are some commonly relevant features marking each and every kind of evaluation.
  • Such common areas include evaluation of quantitative or arithmetical aptitude, strength of logical reasoning, comprehension of English language and that of general knowledge.
  • Written test is followed by group discussion and interview- hence they also play important role with regard to MBA entrance tests.

Purpose of MBA entrance

  • Entrance exam seeks to test your depth of knowledge, besides overall mental alertness, sharpness of delivery and ability for quick presentation.
  • There is a thorough focus on your verbal ability and power of words.
  • Candidate's ability to withstand pressure and react accordingly is also tested during the course of group discussion and interview.
  • Capability of interpreting data and faculty of coherent reasoning also separate successful aspirants of MBA entrance from the unsuccessful ones.
  • Provision for negative marking also seeks to differentiate the truly knowledgeable ones and those reliant on wild guessing.

How to prepare for MBA entrance tests

  • Distribution of time
  • Bearing in mind the constituting segments of MBA entrance tests, it is important that you divide your time evenly so that each and every element receives due attention. Do bear in mind the purpose of such an entrance. It essentially seeks to unravel your overall excellence and cognitive ability. Thus vocabulary building and taking care of rules of syntax are as important as those related to the development of fast calculation for the solution of arithmetical problems.

  • Practice yourself before taking mock tests
  • Be it the comprehension of an unseen passage or the solution of an arithmetical problem dealing with ratio & proportion, thorough practice is called for. Quick calculation, reasoning and understanding will only develop with practice. Thus self practicing has an important role to play in preparing for MBA entrance test.

  • Getting hold of question paper
  • It is important to know the syllabi relevant to your test type. If you are keen on CAT or XAT, it is important to locate the question papers relevant to the same. Separate the individual segments, so that you can have a thorough analysis of the same. It will make sense to allocate time individually (bearing in mind the different segments) before choosing to solve a model paper within a set time frame.

  • Concentrate on the area of deficiency
  • In case, you have shortcoming with regard to a specific area, try to give additional importance to the same for overcoming it. If you lack in the area of vocabulary, you can improve it by means of reading. Reading of books, journals and newspaper with particular focus on word building and synonym collection will help to do away the hitch. If mathematical brain teaser puts you in bother, concentrate more on aptitude enhancing number games and puzzles. Getting to solve figure based problems of school days will help you gain confidence.

  • No substitute for reading
    • Read any and everything under the sun because it will help you give a broad based perspective to general awareness. Be on your alert to record in your memory drive some of the recent happenings of the world. With special focus on the recent trends in science, history, economics and politics- try to enlarge your base of knowledge. Make it a point to watch interesting programs on quizzing. Reading the morning daily is as important as reading books on quizzing and G.K.
  • Develop the art of speaking
  • Remember, having made your way through the bounds of written round, your gift of the gab will be called into play. In case, you lack in confidence or are not too sure about the correct way of delivery, taking the benefit of a public speaking tutorial will not be a bad idea. Give yourself a try by having to orate before a friend or family member so that the problems of shyness can be countered.

  • Making use of training programs
  • There are effective coaching programs seeking to train up MBA aspirants. You can locate some of the best possible ones including- TIME, Elite and so on. Availability of skilled guidance in respect of the same, will give you a better access to curriculum, mock tests, anticipated question types, nature of group discussion and likely schemes of evaluation. But do not forget to help yourself while relying on coaching institutes and other forums of guidance.