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While taking preparations for 10+2, you must be having your focus set on the career goals, because this is the opportune moment for career planning. If technology and career associated to it happens to be your cup of tea, you need to brace yourself up to face the challenges of competitive exams. There are far too many channels conducting entrance examinations for engineering.

Eligibility criteria for engineering entrance examination

  • You need to be an Indian resident.
  • Either you need to have cleared the bounds of 10+2; or you need to be appearing for it.
  • Students having Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics are generally eligible for engineering entrance examination.
  • Generally cut of 50% marks with Physics & Mathematics as mandatory subjects is the minimum requirement.
  • In case you are interested in architecture, you need to have the similar percentage of marks with Mathematics as the mandatory subject.

Major national level engineering entrance exams in India

  • All India Engineering Entrance Exams (AIEEE)
  • Popularly referred with its acronym of AIEEE, All India Engineering Entrance Exam happens to be one of the most sought after competitive forums. Making way for admission to some of the leading engineering & architectural programs; AIEEE is ideal for those aspiring for bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology. With performance based ranking system deciding entries to different engineering institutes of the country, examination takes place towards the end of April.

  • Joint entrance exam for admission to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-JEE)
  • For those keen on making it to the leading IITs of the country, it is mandatory to clear the bounds of Entrance examination conducted jointly by the Institutes. While you need to submit the application forms by December, one of the most challenging entrance examinations takes place around April. In this context, it is worth mentioning that selection to the IITs of Kharagpur, Roorkee, Kanpur, Madras, Delhi, Guwahati and Mumbai is decided by the common entrance exam of JEE.

  • Engineering entrance exam conducted by Birla Institute of technology
  • For its engineering campuses located in Hyderabad, Pilani & Goa; the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology organizes an online admission test. Generally held in the months of May and June; children topping council/board exams are allowed direct entry.

  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • The prestigious university also holds an entrance exam for engineering at the national level. While you need to submit duly filled forms by the end of January; the centralized university conducts the entrance exam towards the middle of May.

  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa conducts engineering entrance at the all India level towards the middle of April.

  • Engineering entrance test by Manipal University
  • Manipal University- one of the recently created universities existing for a period of fifty seven years also has facilities for engineering studies. It usually holds its entrance exam for engineering around April and May.

    Engineering entrance at the state level

    Entrance exams for engineering at the national level are marked by steep competition. With more and more students pouring in from regions far and near; the competition is on its upward swing. To overcome the effects of competition and accommodate greater number of students, several competitive exams for admission to engineering course are taken at the state level as well.

  • Joint Entrance exam in West Bengal
  • Relevant to the residents of the state, the competitive exam seeks to admit students to the various engineering colleges existent in the state. With its objective to selecting students in orders of merit; a joint board was formed in 1962. Examinations are generally held towards the middle of April.

  • Combined entrance test (CET) by the state of Jharkhand
  • To admit students for engineering degree programs in institutes based in Jharkhand; the board regulating entrance examination holds combined entrance test around the middle of May.

  • CET held by the state of Karnataka
  • The state government authorizes the “Karnataka Examination Authority” to hold Common Entrance Test for engineering. It is held generally in the month of April- towards its third and concluding week.

  • GCET by Goa
  • Conducted around the middle of May; it is one of the entrance exams for engineering at the regional level.

  • Engineering entrance exam by the state of Kerala
  • The state has its own commission to look into the process of admission to various technical courses. The same organization also conducts entrance examination for engineering. The entrance tests for engineering are generally held towards the concluding weeks of April