his photo released by Samsung Electronics Co. on July 5, 2017, shows its latest laptop computer equipped with an S Pen stylus, Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, which the company rolled out the same day. Image Source: Yonhap/IANS

Seoul: his photo released by Samsung Electronics Co. on July 5, 2017, shows its latest laptop computer equipped with an S Pen stylus, Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, which the company rolled out the same day.

Considering the fact that all universities are the forums of higher learning with facilities for research and inter disciplinary approaches to learning; An online university also happens to be a similar channel. With connectivity of the world to the mesh of web and enhanced pitch of web centric communications; options for online method of learning leading to online ways of knowledge transfer have come into being. Online universities as one of the results of widespread connectivity to World Wide Web facilitate different aspects of higher learning. Administrative as well as educational connectivity between students and university (or for that matter any forum of education) is facilitated through internet.

General features of Online Universities

  • Universities operating online generally do not necessitate the physical presence of students.
  • Consequently, students do not require campus attendance.
  • Modes of communication are ensured through websites.
  • Internet accessibility is one of its essential prerequisites.
  • As mentioned previously, it involves online transfer of inputs, skills and knowledge.
  • Online universities; for that matter online education relates to the use of software.
  • Essentially intricate by nature; the software centric knowledge transfer is still in its evolutionary phase.
  • Development of software pertaining to it will enhance its gradual development and stability.

Advantages of Online Universities - What are the Merits of Online Universities

  • In cases where students are unable to attend classes on regular basis for reasons medical as well as social online universities are there to offer a viable alternative.
  • Essentially flexible in nature; adults keen on acquiring university degree well past the permissible age can avail of its flexibility.
  • With widespread accessibility to online university; adult education can be duly popularized.
  • With relaxed scheduling and online mode; students are ensured freedom from stress.
  • Particularly advantageous to those preferring studying as well as earning.
  • It is also beneficial to those who had to discontinue their studies on account of familial or economic pressures.
  • With due access to earning; such candidates are able to pursue their dreams for higher studies by virtue of online universities.
  • Many innovative courses gearing to the latest development of science and digital technology or those centering on vocational training are ensured through online universities.
  • Such courses may not be accessible through traditional universities.
  • In case, one lacks access to traditional universities on account of situational or residential factors; he/she can avail of the benefits of higher education by means of online universities.
  • Consequently, it will solve the problems of those having to depend on hostel facilities.
  • For advancement in career; degree or certificate acquired through online universities may come in handy.
  • It is often seen; that due to the absence of certain technical or managerial degrees one may be susceptible to the prospect of stagnation. In order to move ahead in career; duly recognized certificates of online universities may prove to be helpful.
  • When criterion of admission impedes students from higher learning; online universities can offer the alternative solution; on account of their relaxed procedure of admission.
  • In the Indian context; due booster to the concept of online learning may prove to be advantageous saving many a prospective learners from the possibility of being duped by agents and touts.
  • In case; with due development of education software renowned universities create avenues for online learning; role of agents and that of touts in respect of higher learning may be minimized.
  • Finally, with the development of online universities learning is bound to become more resourceful and creative; calling for less dependence on tuitions and hackneyed use of notes.

Disadvantages or Demerits of Online Universities

  • However the process is not completely free from blemishes. One of the essential purposes of learning revolves around social interaction and adaptability to ensuing circumstances. Interactive aspect- whether it is the interaction between individual learners or that between teacher and the taught is not cared for by online universities.
  • Prospect of not having to go to college or university can create grounds for laziness, loss of focus and that of discipline.
  • On account of its essential flexibility; students may lose seriousness leading to the wastage of time and money.
  • Quite a few will tend to leave their course incomplete.
  • The concept of online university is yet to gain preponderance in India. Consequently, handful of learners depending on foreign universities for different online programs may not be suitably acquainted with relevant modalities.
  • The prospect of higher learning through online universities may prove to be pretty expensive from the standpoint of average Indian learners.