Weapons Engineering

Weapons engineering is a specialty under mechanical engineering. Since prehistoric times, man has experimented with different weapons and has developed several varieties. The modern weapons are highly complicated and advanced. Weapons engineering is that branch of study that deals with the research, development, production, repair and maintenance of weapons and other artillery associated with it. As a weapons engineer, you will have to deal with collection of equipments, structures, vehicles and communication systems which are specifically designed for warfare. Such technology has no civilian application or use. However, bear in mind that a number of military applications have later been widely used in civilian life with little or no modification. Weapons engineers are also concerned with lifecycle management of different military weapons and the systems to operate them. The discipline draws heavily from a number of branches on engineering like mechanical, chemical, optics, electrical, aerospace, mechatronics and materials engineering.

Career possibilities in the field of weapons engineering

Since weapons are not the business of common people and their research, development, maintenance and repair are highly regulated, you can find a job in weapons engineering in the military alone. However, as more and more sophisticated weapons of warfare are being developed and the defense system has begun to rely more on machines than on individual prowess, the scope of employment for the weapons engineer have increased, though they still must remain confined to the military. As a weapons engineer, you can work in research and development of new weapons. You can also join as a maintenance engineer where you will be responsible for the day to day maintenance of the weapons. With some experience, you can advance to the post of weapons engineering specialist. Your job then will be to oversee the research and development of new weapons according to the needs of the army within the given time and budget.

Approximate salary to be expected at the entry level

Since it is a highly specialized field, you can expect very good salary even at the entry level. In addition, since the employment is necessarily in the military, you enjoy a number of perks and benefits as well.

Pre qualifications necessary to join the course

Weapons engineering is not a common field of study. It draws from a number of engineering disciplines and is a super specialization. In order to pursue this course, you will have to cross the following stages:

  • Complete your +2 level with good marks in physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  • Sit for the entrance examinations conducted by various private and public bodies. Then complete a four year degree course in mechanical, electronics, metallurgy, electrical or chemical engineering.
  • it for the post graduate entrance examination. You can specialize in the weapons engineering only at the post graduate levels.

In addition, you must be meticulous, logical, a quick thinker with natural problem solving ability to become a weapons engineer.

Best places in India to study the course

The best colleges to study weapons engineering in India are as follows:

  • Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Institute of Armament Technology, Pune
  • College of Military Engineering, Pune.

Best places in the world to study the course

The top places in the world to study weapons engineering are:

  • Cranfield Defense and Security, Shrivenham, UK
  • University of Leeds, UK
  • Taylor’s University, Malaysia
  • American Military University, USA
  • Naval Postgraduate School, USA
  • University of Wolverhampton, UK
  • Steven’s Institute of Technology, USA
  • United States Naval Academy, USA
  • United States Military Academy
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