Read this article on Feng Shui to know all about Feng Shui. Get information about various feng shui practices and learn how to feng shui your house, bedroom, office etc...

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced as "fung shway") is an ancient Chinese system of art or aesthetics which is believed to use the energy of wind and water to transform the life of an individual by receiving positive energy. "Feng" means wind and "Shui" means water. In Chinese belief, wind and water are supposed to carry positive energy and are associated with good health and well being. So, the individual following Feng Shui instructions is believed to welcome good fortune, uninterrupted good health and betterment of many other aspects of life.

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Feng Shui's practices and techniques are targeted at availing the enormous amount of energy carried by wind and water and convert them to positive energy flow in your life. At the very core, it essentially means arranging or re arranging the elements of life and the things surrounding an individual in his day to day life , so as to create a harmonious and optimal flow of vitalizing life energy.

In earlier times, this practice was mostly used to orient and structure the buildings which carry spiritual significance like tombs etc. Other dwelling places though were also oriented using this technique. This practice, though was suppressed in China during its cultural revolution, has seen enough interest and popularity later on.

Getting started with Feng Shui - Some Feng Shui Tips

Before getting started with implementing Feng Shui, it should be kept in mind that Feng Shui is not only about changing or ordering your physical surroundings but it also involves changing of the individual from within. One should practice the techniques to make sure negativity is out of your mind and open it up so that positive energy can flow in and work effectively.

It is better to start with simple and basic steps of Feng Shui and then gradually move towards the complex ones. Following are some of the basic Feng Shui steps for beginners:

  1. Good Quality of light and air in the house : This is very much important for the positive energy of Feng Shui (called chi) to flow into your house. Open the windows often and make sure that ample of natural light and air flow is maintained in the house. To enhance the richness of the fresh air that flows in to your house click here to read on how to start your own garden with the right feng shui plants for your home.
  2. Remove the clutter in house : Try to get relieve from all the clutter in your house , that you do not like straying around in there. This might take up your time and energy initially but later on you ll feel light and negativity generated by those stuff will go away.
  3. Define the Feng Shui energy map of your house : This is called the "Ba Gua" of your house. You need to define an energy map for your house by using one of the Feng Shui tools like compass or BTB grid. This will assist you to know which areas of your house connect to which areas of your life.
  4. Find your Feng Shui Birth Element: You need to know your own birth element of the five basic Feng Shui elements. After that you need to support your personal element with the presence of colors or articles supporting your birth element.
  5. Find your "Kua" Number : This number can be found by using your date of birth and gender and making some calculations on that. This number varies between individuals according to their energy needs. This number has significance in deciding the directions of certain articles like your bed so as to ensure best Feng Shui results.
  6. ยป Click here to find your Kua Number

  7. Be aware of the state of your home always : Be attentive how the orientation and placement of articles in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom affects the positive energy flow and well being of your home. It's a good practice to keep changing the things according to situation.

Combine these Feng Shui tips with green lifestyle tips to live in harmony with nature and yourself.

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Feng Shui Colors

We are well aware that the presence of certain colors at certain periods of the day affects our mood and activity. E.g. when we see a bright red rose in the garden, it invokes feeling of serenity and beauty within us and we feel good. Feng Shui utilizes this very fact and utilizes this energy flow to create a balance between environment and your energy which suits your personality.

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Yin Colors : Yin colors perfectly accordant with Feng Shui brings calmness, healing and relaxation.

Examples of Yin Colors are:

  • Blue color - This has a good implication in Feng Shui. This is believed to be color of love because it both heals and relaxes. Blue makes a feeling of peace and trust.
  • Black color - Black reflects power and money. Black color is generally a good luck for careers and income especially when mixed with certain metals.
  • Purple color - Purple color is associated with spiritual awareness. It is crucial for physical and mental healing.
  • White color - White represents calmness and poise. It also symbolizes purity.

Yang Colors : These are the colors which represent fire and wood element. Feng Shui believes that these are the colors which supply you with the energy, enthusiasm or motivation for proceeding to do something.

  • Yellow color - Yellow is believed to be a representation of warmth, motion, friendliness and cheerfulness.
  • Orange color - Orange represents organization. It helps you get energy when you feel low and down. It helps strengthening your concentration.

Feng Shui products

Many of the elevated forms of Feng Shui are not practiced by a wide cross section of people because of the cost involved in it. Hiring of an expert and making some major alterations in the architecture of a construction, for example, may lead to some good spending. Nonetheless, many people who believe in this technique use several products available in market to bring good fortune. These articles are easy to use and can be accommodated in the home quite easily. Examples are:

  1. Lead Crystal Spheres
  2. Laughing Buddha
  3. Amethyst stones
  4. Special Peebles
  5. Boading Energy balls
  6. Quan Yin statues
  7. Feng Shui coins

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The list is very long and different articles are available to suit your current needs. The products are often quite attractive and can add to the beauty of your interior design of your home if chosen wisely. The articles are available in store retailers in your city as well as many online stores.