Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique or a set of procedures which is believed to utilize the energy of air and water to channelize positive energy in a individuals home and life. In its core, it essentially means arranging the elements of life and the things surrounding us in day to day life, so as to create a positive and harmonious flow of vitalizing energy.

There is immense popularity and following of Feng Shui techniques around the world and implementing Feng Shui methodologies at your home is believed to create harmony in life and bring good health and good fortune.

Before getting started with implementing Feng Shui, it should be kept in mind that Feng Shui is not only about changing or ordering your physical surroundings but it also involves changing of the individual from within. One should practice the techniques to make surenegativity is out of your mind and open it up so that positive energy can flow in and work effectively.

Tips for implementing Feng Shui at House / Home

  • Remove the clutter present in your house. Get rid of all the stuff from your home that you don't like seeing around. This may consume some of your time and effort but it will help channelizing positivity in your home. Pay attention to the main entrance of your home, there should not be any clutter of shoes or slippers, remove them as much as possible. It is believed that the positive energy (chi) rides the wind to enter the house and it might carry the negative energy(smell) of those shoes and slippers, and cause sickness in home.
  • Arrange your bedroom well. Avoid the presence of television sets in bedroom, but if it is absolutely necessary to have it there, cover it with plastic cover.
  • Avoid placing any mirrors opposite to the bed in your bedroom. It is believed that mirrors can invite a third person between a couple and may cause discord in the married life. Thus mirrors should be placed in some strategic positions in the house and not just anywhere.
  • There should be a solid wall behind your bed in your bedroom. A solid wall signifies good rest. You will have deep, undisturbed sleep in the night so that you can wake up fresh in the morning and feel adequately rested. This allows you to be able to concentrate on your workin a better way.
  • It is advisable to have a water fountain inside your house placed in a position to attract the things that you want most in your life.
  • If you have a fish aquarium at home, it can be beneficial for your fortune only if it is present in a strategically suitable location. A fish tank located rightly can bring in loads of good luck and fortune, but on the other hand if it is placed in a wrong position according to Feng Shui rules, it can cause you to have many problems like facing lawsuits, bankruptcy, work pressure and many other negative results.
  • Prevent young children, and in general anyone to sleep on mattresses on the floor, this may open a chance for them to fall ill frequently. The reasons in the positive energy (chi) does not travel below the bed. Also, prevent young children to sleep in double bunker beds. The child sleeping underneath will not have fresh positive energy and is likely to fall sick. If the situation is not avoidable, then use some Feng Shui products like the crystal ball to encounter the stale 'Chi'.
  • Ensure that there is no refrigerator, washing machine, wash basin or toilet placed opposite to your stove in the kitchen. The reason is the fire and water elements of the Feng Shui might clash causing disagreements within family members.
  • There should not be any metallic beam on top of your bed. The beam causes the Chi to be pressurized and thus creates pressure like situations in your life.
  • Avoid any marble table present in the dining room. This might cause a hectic work life with lot of work pressure.
  • If there is some younger member in the family who falls sick very often, then there is a need to look into his bedroom adjustments. Simply change the bed room of the child or alternately hand a six rod metal wind chime, which is a Feng Shui product to break all the negative energies in the room. The chime caused by the wind does the job for you and you will see positive results.
  • You have to follow some color management also to be Feng Shui compatible. E.g never use a red sofa set as it may bringwork pressures and other obstacles.